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Paranoid Checker - $ 40 for EVERYTHING.

1. Facebook Adsmanager checks (Status_Country_Currency_Limit_Cost_Debt_Group), pulls out EAAB Token, takes a screenshot of Adsmanager.

2. Google Accounts (provides data on the presence / absence of 2fa, PSI - Phone Sign In - the status of the option to log into the account using a phone instead of a password)

3. Google Ads (valid, number of accounts, status, ban, spend, number of cards, 2fa, country, balance, statistics (clicks, interactions ...)

4. Gpay (number of linked cards on all accounts)

5. MegaNz (the number of files that are in the storage of this account, their names and file size)

6. Discord (badges, nitro, boost, number of cards)

7. YouTube. (monetization, the number of videos on the channel, the number of subscribers, Id, email, title, creation date - on all accounts and brand channels)

8. Search for keywords inside email (Gmail)

9. Twitter checker (checks for validity, followers, ADS, balance and account verification)

10. ROBLOX checker (robux and inventory)

11. MASS CHECK (consecutive check of selected services)

12. The sorter is integrated. Search and sorting of logs by key. Very high speed of work.

13. Doesn't kill logs. Constantly the freshest user agents, fingerprints and the option to “build” a user agent from the log data

14. Maximises your performance. Determines the maximum number of threads depending on the number of processor cores (for VPS users).

15. Mass offline proxies deletion.

16. Night mode

17. Cpanel checker (site, users, emails, domains)

18. TIK-TOK checker

19. Instagram checker

Best performance with browser Chromium 98.0.4696.6

In the following updates: cold and browser wallets check, grabber, discord spammer, Youtube uploader, Cpanel checker.

We are actively developing. Frequent updates. Moreover, we collect feedback and modify the software for greater user convenience. The build for crypto and other services will be ready soon.

For more info pm @Checker_support

Our main channel:

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