Nicki Prince sat nervously in the corner of Dr. Nadlers office wishing for the life of her that she was any place but there!!! Momentarily lost in thought, she jumped a little when the doctors nurse burst into the room and offered, You must be Nicki, Im Meg Kean, and Im Dr. Nadlers nurse, so, what can we do for you today, Nicki!?! Nicki was a little taken aback at Meg Keans enthusiasm, but after finally regaining her bearings she replied softly, Well, uh, its a female problem!!! I see, the nurse replied while getting out her pen to make notes on Nickis chart, and what exactly are your symptoms!?! Nicki turned a bright shade of red, and while staring at the floor replied softly, Its kinda embarrassing, can I just wait and tell the doctor about it!?! Oh, come now, Miss Prince, Meg Kean replied with a little exasperation, Ive heard and seen just about everything in the book, so if you dont mind, please give me a brief description of your problem!!! Nicki swallowed hard a couple of times, and then in a very quiet voice whispered, Well, uh, you see, its like this, about four years ago I was in serious training as weight lifter, and well ya see, in order to bulk up I took some steroids, you know, injected them in my butt, and it had an adverse side affect!!! Nurse Kean stood patiently waiting for Nicki to continue until she finally prodded, And, you took steroids and the side affect was what!?! With her whole shest and face now flushing bright red, Nicki stammered, I-its my vagina, my labia and clitoris have grown to way larger than their normal size, and even after having quit taking the drugs they still remain extremely large and puffy!!! Meg Kean jotted down the pertinent information before asking quietly, Is that all, the only side affect is that your vagina and clitoris are enlarged!?! With tears forming in her eyes Nicki barely whispered, No, no its not!!!

And what else is there, dear, the nurse asked gently!?! I-Im always aroused, Nicki replied in a hushed voice, I mean sexually that is!!! Really, Meg asked, like right now even!?! While wiping away her tears Nicki nodded and replied, Especially now!!! Why now, the nurse asked!?! I-Im not sure, Nicki replied, maybe because Ill be exposing my vagina to you and the doctor, who knows for sure!!! Meg Kean stood thoughtfully for a moment and then offered, You know, Nicki, Ive been a nurse for over fifteen years now, and Ive yet to observe a clitoris that is out of the ordinary as far as size is concerned, so I think that the best thing is for you to remove your things and hop up on the table so I can see exactly what were up against!!!

Nicki stood up slowly, and while Meg Kean turned her back and filled in some more information on her form, she quickly slipped out of her clothing and hopped up on the examining table and after lying down on her back, carefully positioned her ankles in the cold steel stirrups!!! All set, the nurse asked while turning back around, now, lets have a look!!! After turning on the powerful overhead adjustable lamp, Meg Kean gazed in at Nickis crotch, and after giving it a double take, she gasped, M-my god, I-Ive never seen anything quite like it, it almost looks like a little penis, m-may I touch it, please!?! Nicki had her eyes closed tightly, while trying desperately to control her emotions, but in a small voice she whispered, O-okay, go ahead!!!

As she gingerly let her finger brush over the distended head, evoking a sigh from her frightened patient, she asked softly, Is it always like this, I mean all erect and everything!!! Y-yes, Nicki replied through clenched teeth, always, it never relaxes!!! Oh my, Meg replied thickly, how often do you orgasm!?! At least three times a day, Nicki replied with soft moan!!! Meg continued massaging the little cock with her index finger while commenting in hushed tones, Your lips are also incredibly engorged, is that a permanent condition, too!?! Nicki was now sweating profusely all over her bulging pubis, and as she began to reply to Megs last question, her entire body was wracked by a climax that shook her to the core while the stunned nurse looked on with a look of absolute incredulitly!!! T-that was truly unbelievable, Meg Kean whispered while massaging the trembling organ, do you have a boyfriend to help take care of you!?! Oh no, Nicki replied sadly, no man would want a woman with my condition, however I do have a girl friend that I share an apartment with!!! Does your lover have the same problem, Meg asked in a husky voice, I mean are her organs like yours!?!

Both Nicki and Meg were now breathing quite shallowly, and in an extremely strained voice Nicki replied, No, shes quite normal in every way, except of course for her propensity for oral sex, which Im eternally grateful for!!! She sucks you often, Meg asked with a small moan!?! At least twice a day, Nicki replied softly, she says she loves sucking my little cock!!! D-do you ever rub your clits together, Meg stammered while obviously in a state of extreme arousal!?! Mmmmmmm, yes, Nicki sighed, and she also fucks me with a large strap on dildo that rubs against my clit when she does me!!! Meg was now so turned on, that without even asking, she tore off her clothing, and just as she was climbing on top of Nickis firm young body, the door burst open and in walked a stunned Dr. Nadler!!!

Miss Kean, the doctor gasped, what ever are you doing!?! Normally Meg would have been mortified being caught in such a position, but with she was in such a state of sexual excitement that she merely glanced at the doctor before pressing her breasts and vagina into Nickis!!! Miss Kean, he snapped, have you lost your mind, this is no way for a professional nurse to act!?! With her pussy already dripping like a leaky faucet, Meg positioned her clit directly onto Nickis monster, and as the two women sighed contentedly, Meg began fucking the over sexed patient while kissing her passionately on the lips!!! Dr. Nadler sat down in stunned silence as his nurses tight ass bounced up and down while she simulated fucking the big clitted hussy lying beneath her on the table, and even though he knew it was wrong, he couldnt help pulling out his pecker, mounting Meg, and sliding his thick pecker deep isside of her hot pussy!!!

Meg was now trapped between Nicki and Dr. Nadler, and the feeling of having her clit masturbated by Nickis huge clit, and also getting her tight little pussy rammed by the docs thick pecker was much more than the poor girl could handle, and as her breasts pressed tightly against Nickis, her pussy and clit convulsed hard, while a climax of epic proportions slammed into her, leaving her shaken and stunned as the pulsations in her vagina slowly ebbed away!!! Even though Meg was totally satiated, Dr. Nadler was just nearing his own orgasm, and as if reading his nurses mind, he slid his dick out her now satisfied pussy, and without missing a beat slid it easily into Nickis molten fuck hole!!! Oh, god, she gasped, f-fuck me, give me your fucking hard pecker, screw me like a fucking whore!!! For Nicki this was a real treat, getting her pussy taken by a real pecker, and with Megs soft body still on top of her, she had the best of both worlds as her cunt was being ravaged by the doctors brutally thick erection!!!

Both Nicki and the doc were now completely in tune as he stroked smoothly in and out of her burning pussy with his big cock, and incredibly, the back and forth motion of Nickis cunt was arousing Megs pussy all over again, and just as Nicki and Dr. Nadler were riding the brink of climaxing, Meg joined them on the Orgasm Express as all three of their genitals spasmed hard, wringing vicious cums from each of them!!! When he was finally totally spent, the doctor slid off the two trembling women while plopping back down in his chair and wondering what in the heck had brought all this on!!!

When everyone was dressed and their blood pressures had returned to normal, Dr. Nadler opined, Im sorry we cant do anything for your problem, Miss Prince, but short of surgury, Im afraid that youre stuck with your situation!!! Nicki thought about it moment and replied, Well, maybe I could stop in periodically for more treatments, what do you think!?! The doctor looked seriously at his nurse and replied, Thats a good idea, mark Miss Prince down for two sessions a week!!! For how long, doctor, Megt asked softly!?! For as long as it takes, he replied with a small smile!!!


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