PATTERNS - what it is and how to use

PATTERNS - what it is and how to use


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➡️ Where it is

In the extensions for chats on,,

➡️ What it is

Patterns are your previously saved phrases in the extension. These are universal phrases that you most often use when communicating with men.

➡️ For what

To save time and effort and not to type the same thing every time

To quickly send the desired universal phrase to chat

➡️ Where to find it and how it works

1. In the extension for chats on the main page - click the button

2. Add as many phrases as necessary. Enter a phrase in the text field - and press then "save"

3. In the chat window with a specific man in the Patterns section, click on the phrase you want (it will go to the message creation field) and click "send"

Done! Two clicks and the actual phrase is in the chat

➡️ If not use, it means:

- type banal repeating phrases each time manually

- if there are few chats at the same time, do not have time to create phrases to all men. So while you type for one man, the second one may get bored and leave communication to look for active communication.

Pleasant and long communication!💚