P_S_trade - who we are, where from and why?

P_S_trade - who we are, where from and why?


Who we are?

In order to systematically make money in the financial markets, each person has a choice:

• Become a professional trader;

• Entrust one's money to an investment fund;

• Trade independently, relying on a qualitative source of analytical information.

For the first time, we faced such a choice in 2016. And we, armed only with inspiration, chose the first option, forgetting about time.

Time to learn:

- understand the market,

- see potentially profitable trading situations,

- control emotions,

- filter high-risk transactions, etc.

It took the most time to learn the discipline. It turns out that reducing the deposit to $0 is simple from both $100 and $200,000. Sometimes it is enough to break your trading strategy once.

Believe me, we have had such "experiments" in the past. And it is also time ... Time that throws back, but brings experience.

Where from?

Our trading path began with the BTCe exchange, the first large project which was closed by the US special services back in 2017. 

A week before BTCe closure, intuition prompted to transfer the entire deposit to another exchange.

Our finest hour had two phases - 2017 and 2019. The total profit during these periods can be seen in our portfolio.

What for?

"If you are so successful, why help others?" Good question. The answer is ambition! Trading is inherently boring work...

Is it possible to earn a million dollars in 2 years with only knowledge and experience?

This question prompted us to create a new project. Constant tone for us and a high-quality source of analytical information for you. Here are two birds that P_S_trade plans to kill with one stone. 

Therefore, let's help each other in self-realization and spend a fruitful two years together!

Project plan

As you already understood, our main goal is to earn $1,000,000 by 1 February, 2023. This global experiment is broken down into 3 stages:

Phase I. Choosing a trading style.

This stage took place from the middle to the end of September 2020. Upon completion, we showed the effectiveness of short trades and profit + 54% to the deposit. Statistics and details you can see at the here.

Phase II. "Deposit + 150%".

The purpose of this step is to increase the trading deposit by 150% in three months, while controlling the risks. This stage starts from 12 October, 2020 and will last until mid-January 2021. This stage is a training before the start of a real trade marathon, lasting 2 years. How to take part in this stage, read the link.

Phase III. "Marathon in a Million".

The target of the global experiment 3rd stage in two years is to increase our deposit from $50,000 to $1,000,000. Beginning on 1 February, 2021. The conditions for this experiment are at the creation phase.

What's next?

A final point of our self-realization in the crypto world will be writing a book of memories. Here we will gladly and with a tear of nostalgia share all our situations, emotions and decisions for 7 years.

Are we going to crypto-retire?) Apparently not, just turn down the turnover.

However, we suggest you focus on the present! Let's save our time by enriching each other!

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