Our liberating holiday - Part 4

Our liberating holiday - Part 4


I grasp both her thighs and pull her down until she is squatting over my face, once I can reach I start to lick and suck her pussy.

She moans in delight at my ministrations as I suck the discharged cream from her cunt, slurping her delicious nectar into my mouth, savouring her wonderful flavour. I moan into her pussy, relishing in the wonderful attention of Maureen feasting noisily on my clit, doubly intense now I am eating out Alice.

Jo kneels beside me, taking one of my nipples into her mouth, drawing the tightening puckered teat between her lips and wiggling her tongue back and forth over it. She leans over to the other one, giving it the same blissful treatment. Feeling with my hand, I locate the apex of her thighs, stroking her large labia which are slick with her juices. I pinch each flap between first and second finger, sliding and pulling on the flesh and rubbing the back of my index finger over her clit on each downward caress.

Slipping my exploring fingers deeper between her folds seeking her cunt, I slide two fingers straight to the hilt knuckle deep. Her labia folding over my fist making slurping noises as my fingers pump into her cunt and my fist slaps against the wet folds of skin. She tightens her sucking of my nipples, grunting in pleasure as I finger fuck as had as my hand position will allow. Never in any of my fantasies had I imagined such a scene.

Maureen released my pussy from her awesome suctioning lips, I could not see what she was doing as I was still buried mouth deep in Alice, I could her a scraping noise in the sand, someone’s hands moving my legs until I could feel another sunbed underneath them. I realised Maureen had pushed another sunbed alongside the one I was laying on widthways, she manoeuvred herself until she was astride one of my thighs, her cunt touching my own. I moved my other leg, propping my knee up to allow my opening to fully come into contact with hers.

She started to grind herself against me, the wetness of our pussies sliding over each other’s making a loud slapping noise. The bell bar on her clit hood chafing back and forth over my very swollen clit, I was drunk on all the sensations my body was experiencing and my climax was not far away. There was no way to delay it, yet I wanted to hold this wonderful experience for as long as I could.

Maureen gyrated harder and faster chasing her own orgasm until we both exploded together, panting and crying out albeit mine muffled by my mouth being enveloped in Alice’s pussy. Maureen slowed our mutual clit masturbation allowing us both to enjoy our respective post orgasmic feelings, our bodies sliding together, our cum juices seeping out over each other.

Suddenly Maureen started to grind against my clit harder and faster again reigniting my need for a further orgasm. Jo left suckling my breasts and moved to lay her left arm and breast across my stomach and I likewise moved my fingers buried in her cunt, out and back in behind underneath her arse cheeks. Her right hand slid over my pubic bone and she sandwiched her index finger between mine and Maureen’s clits increasing the pressure and enhancing her friend’s mutual rubbing.

Maureen flowed and ebbed our pending orgasms, driving us higher and higher, I for sure was desperate to cum, chasing my orgasm made so elusive by her teasing. I did not know how much more I could take, my muscles tight, my toes curling, moaning into Alice’s cunt as I tried to continue servicing her. Alice pressed down on my face, rubbing herself against me, I could feel her thighs tensing, her own release imminent. She came on a wail, her body shuddering, juices flooding out or her cunt soaking my chin and dripping down. I eased off my sucking, lapping at her cream, hungry to savour it all.

Maureen’s mutual cunt massage became more and more frantic, our orgasms rushing upon us as our pussies sucked and slurped at each other. We both came at the same time, both squirting that mysterious clear fluid as well as copious amounts of slippery goo. Jo leant forward lapping up the mixed juices as they seeped over my pubic bone dripping and tracking towards my stomach as my hips remained in their tilted position enhancing our contact.

Despite being totally blissed out by my huge orgasm, I was aware that Jo still hadn’t cum, I continued to pump my aching wrist into her cunt. I felt Jo’s fingers start to rub her own clit as she helped chase her own climax. Her cunt muscles started to clench and grab tighter at my fingers fucking her as she orgasmed on a loud moan. I slowed down my actions, letting my fingers slide in and out slowly feeling her juices slide down her channel, past my fingers and oozing out onto my knuckles.

We all moved apart, flopping back onto the sunbeds, our rapid breathing from all the exertion eventually slowing. I brought my cum soaked fingers to my mouth and savoured Jo’s juices licking them clean. Eventually Maureen and Jo stood up, embraced and kissed us both deeply wandering away to their own area over the next dune.

‘My God, what happened this afternoon?’

I asked a reclining Alice.

‘Whatever it was, it was fucking unbelievable! I have never enjoyed such inhibited sex like that. Watching you being attended to, having you suck my clit whilst I watched……..’

Alice’s words dying off as her thoughts drifted to what had occurred as she absent-mindedly stroked her quickly budding nipples. Feeling a fluttering in my pussy watching her, I softly said,

‘Masturbate for me……here……now……spread your legs in front of me…….make yourself cum. I’m still so turned on, I want to watch you…..’

Alice sat back on the sunbed, me sitting at her feet, she spread her legs, exposing her beautiful tight dark pink gash to me. Her pussy lips are so tight, very little inner or outer labia, as she pulled her lips apart and upwards, exposing her clit hood with her already fast swelling clit poking out. Dipping her fingers into the already pooling globs of juice pushing from her cunt, she massaged the shiny cream up and over her sensitive node. Her finger slid back and forth, rubbing over the knot of nerves, slipping down into her cunt to collect more juice to rub onto her clit.

I watched her hand intently, reaching up to stroke my hard nipples, the attention insufficient as I started to pinch and roll the buds between my fingers and thumb. Alice likewise watched me all the time, her fingers smeared in her juices she brought them to her mouth to enjoy her flavours. Laying out in the sunshine, completely inhibited, not bothered who saw or came to watch was a powerful aphrodisiac, I for sure had never generated so much pussy juice before, I was addicted to it in whatever shape or form, be it from my own cunt or another female, it didn’t matter who it was, I had to taste it.

A crazy thought came into my head, I leaned forward rummaging into the beach back to retrieve the unopened bottle of wine we had brought with us together with a banana. Rolling the wine bottle towards Alice saying,

‘Fuck the bottle…..stick it up that delicious cunt of yours, slide it in and out as you stroke your clit….’

Early on in the holiday, I would not dared to have made such a suggestion, Alice bit her bottom lip at my sexy request and reached over, picking it up. Upturning it, she slid the slim neck up and down her pussy, twisting and turning it, coating the smooth dark green glass with her fluids. She gasped at the cool glass as she stroked it against herself watching me as my eyes sparkled with excitement.

She tipped down the bottle so it was horizontal with the seat of the sunbed, moving the corked end to the entrance of her cunt. Slowly she slid the neck into herself, I watched transfixed as her cunt absorbed the intrusion deeper and deeper until the neck of the bottle was buried.

‘Slide it in and out, I want to see the glass covered in your juices.’

She did as I asked and slid the bottle back out. Oh what a sight, the dark nearly black glass, adorned with streaks of her creamy cunt juice, her flesh surrounding her opening gripping the glass as it exited her. Back and forth she slid the makeshift cock as she moaned pumping it in and out of her slippery cunt. The flared end of the neck squelching against her labia as she pushed the bottle as deep as she could.

One of my hands had migrated to my pussy sliding my fingers up and down my slick folds, spreading my goo all over my labia as I watched my horney friend fuck herself.

‘Your turn….’

Alice nodded to the banana laying by my side,

‘I want to see your cunt swallow it deep, fuck yourself with it until you cum.’

I toyed with the end of the banana against my clit, the rough end of the skin scratching my button deliciously sharply, my pussy thrummed at the pleasurable torture. Rubbing the phallus shaped fruit through my folds, smothering it in my cream before I inserted the end into my hungry cunt. My cunt accepted the intrusion easily, I gasped as the cool fruit cock slid past my grasping cunt muscles, until I had just the stalk end to hold onto.

By now Alice was fucking her cunt with the bottle hard and fast, her moans mingling with the slapping of the bottle against her, her copious juices oozing down the main body of the bottle. The tableau was such a turn on as I started fucking myself, the curved head of the banana scraping at my g spot making the whole experience a delicious, tingling, dirty sight.

We rammed our ‘cocks’ into our ever hungry cunts, watching each other as the objects plundered us, the sensations and excitement of witnessing our respective masturbations pushing us closer and closer to climax. Alice orgasmed first, her groans loud as her cunt clamped on to the bottle trying to milk it, she slowed her frigging, her cum pushing past the dark glass, dripping onto her hand. She withdrew the bottle, leaving her cunt gaping open and closed missing the invasion, she brought the bottle to her mouth and licked her juices from it.

Watching her devour her cum pushed me over the edge as I came, twisting the banana side to side scratching at my g spot. My body shuddered, nipples so tight and hard, cunt clenching against the fruit, trying to grip it as I slowed down my pumping hand.

Alice had licked the bottle clean but remained watching me silently as my breathing subsided.

‘Take the skin off of the banana, slide it back into your cunt and then feed it to me!’

Alice’s assertive demand shocked me somewhat but I barely hesitated as I peeled the banana slowly, discarding the cum slicked skin and sliding the flesh into my cunt, enveloping it in my juices. Bringing it up to her mouth she slowly ate my special banana sundae complete with cum, such a provocative sight.

We laid on the sunbeds for the rest of the afternoon, sated, dosing in the warm sunshine, our thoughts mulling over the day’s events. We returned to our apartment, showered and ventured out for some dinner both quite quiet, It was our last day tomorrow.









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