Our first time.

Our first time.


Our First Night.

Im a nurse and had just got a new job in a new office. Everything was going good,I liked the people and the doctors I worked with, and the work I did. Everythingwas going great in life.

Im about 5 foot 8, average build, large breasts, fair skin, and brown hair just below my shoulders. I have always loved attention from attractive men. Even love a good challenge to get their attention too. I am married, and my husband is ok with me having a lover on the side.

Over the next year I grew closer with one of the doctors I worked with. He was always teaching me and explaining stuff to me, expanding my nursing knowledge. He is a few years older than me, a smidge shorter than me, has a shaved head, and a athletic sexy body. We were always joking with each other and having a good time at work, but kept it professional. I began to look forward to when he was in the office or when he would call, and began to feel an attracton toward him. He is confident, smart, and has such charisma when he talks. He is so kind and humble. He is a great teacher and pushes me to be a better nurse, and I love that a lot. Not only is he physically attractive to me, his personality is so attractive too. I knew someday, somehow, I would let him know about my attraction to him, and hoped he would want to have some fun with me.

One night a co-worker was having a going away party at a bar.I wasnt planning on going, but another co-worker convinced me to go. I texted the doctor and let him know we were going out and he should stop by for a drink. I was elated to see him already at the bar when we walked in. I was wearing my scrubs from work, as I had not been home yet. He was dressed nice, as he had some dinner banquet to go to. He was looking handsome and smelling so good. I am a sucker for a good smelling man, one of my weaknesses, it makes a man so much more attractive if he smells good. He bought us a shot of something top shelf, then abruptly left for his banquet. My co-workers and I stayed there drinking, talking, and having a good time.A couple hours later someone mentioned that I should text him to come back and buy more shots. So I did, and to my surprise he said he would stop back by.

It was just about 2 hours later he showed back up. By this time I was pretty buzzed. I had already had 6 or 7 drinks and a couple shots. He ordered more shots,I had one or two more, and was felling pretty good. Others started to leave. He said he was hungry and wanted to get something to eat, since it was late the kitchen was closed where we were, and we couldnt eat there. It was decided we were going elsewhere to eat, and since I was in no condition to drive, I told him he had to drive me where ever we went. This also gave me a little time to be alone with him. We talked the whole way to the restaurant, about nothing specific or personal. Meeting a few friends at the restaurant. He sat next to me at the table. I wanted to reach out and touch him, and kiss him, but we werent alone, plus I didnt have the courage to at that time.

It was toward the end of the meal, I was sobering up... a little. The restaurant was near closing time, and we all started to leave. As we were leaving I was looking forward to being alone with him again. I wanted to talk more with him, to see if I could get a feel for if I should tell him about my attraction to him. I got in the car with him, and off we drove back to my truck.

He would tell me from time to time to tell him something, something he didnt already know, something interesting about myself. Well this time I asked him to tell me something, something no one else knew about him. He told me a very deep and personal story. I felt honored that he shared that story with me and trusted me with it.

Then as we pulled up to my truck, he asked me to tell him something.I was so nervous, but the alcohol left in my system gave me some courage. I told him about the open relationship I have with my husband. That I am allowed to have sex with whom ever I want, and that my husband is ok with it. He asked if I had anyone in mind, I said yes.He said who?, I was nervous to say it was him, so I said someone. He insisted again who?. I thought wow hes not gonna give up and well its now or never, so I said you.

There was an moment of awkward silence. I kind of feel that was the answer he wanted to hear,but was shocked to actually hear the answer that it was him. He told me he was flattered, followed by some more awkward silence. We then talked a bit more, I dont remember what about because I was in shock I told him I wanted to sleep with him, plus the alcohol still had me feeling some type of way. Then he asked me if he could kiss me, I couldnt believe he asked me that. I had so many emotions going through me. I was nervous, relieved, and excited all at the same time. I shook my head and nervously yet excitedly said yes. We leaned toward each other and kissed. His lips are so soft, he kissed me so passionately, havent been kissed like that in forever. He is a great kisser, I could kiss him for hours.

Then his hands started to touch my body.He touched my breasts,then between my legs. I touched him,felt that he was hard for me. I couldnt believe this was happening. In the middle of all this I heard people outside the car,so he moved the car to the back of the empty parking lot. Once parked, everything happened so fast. My seat got leaned back, our clothes came off,and he was on top of me.He entered me, fitting so nicely and feeling so good inside me. The whole time we never stopped kissing. Our faces touching, our breath on each others lips. He told me he could do this all night, and I sure wanted him to. I let him know how good he felt inside me, and he agreed. He kissed my breasts, telling me they were gorgeous. I was so turned on and he felt so good, I could feel my body nearing its release. He filled me with so much warmth and pleasure.Before I knew it I was climaxing. Then touching his body, feeling his tight ass as he thrusted into me, he came too. To my surprise and pleasure he stayed hard and kept on fucking me.

Time seemed to stand still, we were oblivious to anything else as we were intertwined in each other. His touches and kisses were amazing. With him thrusting between my legs, our faces touching, our lips enjoying each others, hands above our heads with our fingers interlocked, he came again. I told him I wanted to get on top and ride him, I love being on top, having control. He moved to the back seat, making room. I climbed to the back, he told me to suck him back hard.I learned over,grabbed his shaft and took him into my mouth. I am not one to love giving head, but I loved sucking, licking, and kissing him. He tasted good, and I loved the feeling him getting hard in my mouth. I hope to be able to do that again someday. Once he was hard I moved to climb on top of him. I tried and wanted to so bad, but there wasnt enough room. The space in the car was not working in our favor. I turned over and before I knew it he was going down on me. It felt so good, his tongue and lips on my clit, then he then stuck his fingers in me, which drove me crazy. I asked for him to fuck me more, but the backseat did not provide the space we needed. He told me that this was too be continued...I hoped it would be.

I laid there across the backseat with him sitting between my legs.He ran his fingers up and down my body, telling me I had a beautiful body. This man is something else. I felt totally comfortable with him. I love the way he looks at me and touches me. After a little while we got dressed and back to the front seats. He drove me over to my truck, he kissed me again, and as I got out he told me to keep this between us, I agreed, and have kept him my favorite secret ever since.

I got in my truck and drove away,heading home. I replayed the last couple hours we spent together in his car, in disbelief. With each thought of him, how he touched me, and how he felt inside me. I got butterflies in my stomach, and a tingle between my legs. There is so much more I want to do with him, and so much more fun to be had with him. I want to explore his body, to find what he likes, ways to to please him, and myself with him. I want to go down him again, to feel him get hard for me, and to watch his face as I go down on him. I want him to touch my body and tease me, to kiss me all over. I want to ride him, for him to take me from behind and pull my hair, smack my ass, pinch/bite my nipples, maybe choke me a little, tie me up, just fuck me till I cant walk no more. Not asking too much... just hope he wants to have more fun. I knew things would be different between us from now on. I hoped he didnt regret it, and that he would want to continue having fun with me. Time would tell.