Orgasm Inc.

Orgasm Inc.

I was crashing over the lip of amazing orgasm and having my g-spot pounded mercilessly when my boss walked in on me...

Wait, wait, I'm telling this in the wrong order. I probably shouldn't start with the climax (ha ha), but with the beginning. I'll come back to that orgasm...


My name is Abby and six weeks ago I was finishing my Bachelors of Science in Nursing in Philadelphia PA. I was born and brought up in a small town in Maine and wanted nothing more than to get out of the state to experience life and learn to live on my own. I did a lot of both.

I learned that being pretty and petite meant that I never had to buy drinks for myself and never needed to go long between bouts of sex if I didn't want to. I learned that most girls are bitches and that if you can find a core group of real women to spend your time with that we had deeper conversations and more profound discoveries than I ever did with a man. I learned to work hard, play hard and to find joy where I could.

Studying to be a nurse is hard work, both intellectually and psychologically. The human condition is often scary, sad and unpredictable. As a nurse you learn to compartmentalize the part of you that wants to run away or say "Ewwww" and live in the part of you that can give hard news, clean up bad messes and sit with a patient without feeling all the emotions that crop up along the way. Don't get me wrong, you still feel everything, but a good nurse is able to have those feelings without owning them or holding them close to their center.

My last year of school I lived and worked and studied with a core group of friends, Matt, Kathy and Caitlyn. I had no time for distractions and since I had a healthy sexual appetite, Matt and I started scratching each other's itches and eventually became an item. Matt was smart and empathetic and had no problem being a man in a women dominated profession. We were monogamous for most of our last year and it wasn't until finals and the last push to completion that I found out that the monogamy was all one sided - mine. It turned out that all along I had been the side dish to a main course that was getting married to Matt next May in Delaware.

My emotional compartmentalization helped me through finals, I ducked my head, worked the problem and graduated with a BSN.

When I think back at that relationship, I see that Matt was partially responsible for my current predicament. I'd slept with a lot of men and I understood that all men were not created equal. I'd had fat, thin, short, tall, impatient, impervious and marathoners... And that was just their cocks :-) I like to think that I judge a man by his sense of humor and ability to hold my hair back when riding the porcelain bus rather than the size of his dick... Matt, however, turned out to be a total cock with a tiny dick.

I'm an attractive girl. I'm a redhead with a full head of flowing curls (yes, gentlemen... a natural redhead). I have a tight little body with tiny little breasts and perfect ass. I think my breasts feel perfect in my hands - but I have small hands - and I think my nipples are beautiful when they grow stiff between my fingers. I have flawless skin, almost no body hair and a smattering of freckles in places that most people don't get a chance to see.

Puberty hit long before I was ready for it, and my beautiful pussy was invading my dreams, wetting my undies and getting me in trouble at school. I learned to masturbate early and when I had ready partners, I preferred to have sex often and vigorously.

Here is the part that pisses me off... I can have any man that I want, I chose Matt because I was determined to see past his shortfalls (pun intended) and work on building a quality relationship (plus, he was close, convenient and uncomplicated). Matt's dick was short enough that when he stroked his length into me, not much more than his head got in and a passionate thrust was often accompanied by him pulling back too far and needing to be directed back into my wet embrace. I put up with that for most of a year to discover that Mister Short Stroke was sharing his best efforts with another girl.

If I had known, I'd have taken a whack at Kathy or Caitlyn - just to mix things up!

Long story short (yes, again), my little cunny had not been truly filled, stem to stern, in quite a while and even worse I might have forgotten where my g-spot was...

Fast forward to now... I've come home from school, a little fried from this last year and hoping to get a little parental nurturing while I get my next step together. Mommy and Daddy were glad to have me back while making it clear that life had moved on for them and my room was destined to be converted to my father's golf room. I knew that I wanted to work in a bigger city and perhaps specialize as a Family Nurse Practitioner, but I needed some time off before I jumped back into total independence and responsibility again.

My mother informed me that she had heard that her Gynecologist had lost a nurse and within days I had applied and gotten accepted. I could live at home, work part-time, keep my skills up and search for jobs in Philly or Boston in my spare time. It seemed like the perfect respite.

The work was easy and my boss was a nice guy. He ran Martin, MD with his wife and a staff of rotating nurses... we often had three to six nurses on staff depending on the schedule and time of year. Dr. Martin introduced himself as Robert but pronounced it like Roberto... both he and his wife looked foreign, had dark hair, olive skin and the slightest accent. I learned from the other nurses that they both came from Spain, that he had gone to medical school in the US and that they had opened their practice in Maine out of love of the countryside.

Dr. Martin was a good doctor, but was hard to look at - his face was flat, his nose a lump, and he suffered from childhood pockmarks that scarred him for life. I would have said he was unattractive, but only when his face was in repose. When he spoke, his eyes lit up and his face took on a character of its own. I imagine that it was this second face that his wife fell in love with.

Connie, his wife, was not much bigger than me in size but seemed to tower in any room she occupied. She was capable, smart, decisive and walked around the office with the attitude of a lion tamer. I can imagine her with whip in one hand and chair in the other, nurses cowering and ready to do her bidding. She was always impeccably dressed... four inch heels, skirt, and belted blouse - often with the collar up. I have never seen her without being completely put together... makeup, jewelry, scent and attitude.

Truth be told, Dr. Martin did the doctoring, but Connie ran Dr. Martin and everyone else that walked in the door, from patients to staff to calendar and billing.

This afternoon I had some free time on my hands and decided to clean up one of the exam rooms. I noticed that the door to the Supply Room was not locked as usual and went in to get some spare supplies.

Tucked into the back corner I saw an exam cart, gleaming and ready. I opened the drawers to see if it was equipped properly and gasped when I saw what was inside - an assortment of dildos, vibrators, rabbits, clamps and restraints. I had no idea why this stuff was hidden away in the supply closet and could only assume that it all belonged to Connie - no nurse would bring in her private stash to hide it at work...

What did me in and caused all of this, was in the bottom drawer - a nice little rabbit with a curved tip that was designed to search and destroy g-spots. I laugh at that description, but I had one just like it in school before it walked during one of our dorm parties - Matt would have been a lot easier to tolerate if I could have ground that baby home once a week during our relationship...

This baby pink rabbit was almost exactly like the one I had and just seeing it felt like a hit in the gut. Since school let out I had been rubbing one out here and there, but I hadn't ventured out in my conservative little town to replace my lost toy.

Before I knew what I was doing, I had reached out and picked it up, my thumb rubbing up the rabbit and the curved head arching towards me. Some of the best orgasms I've ever had were a combination of grinding on my g-spot while the rabbit went wild on my clit. At that thought my pussy puckered open and a flush rushed up my chest and into my cheeks. It might have been a while, but my body responded immediately to the sight and feel of it in my hands.

During my four years in Philly I had had sex with a bunch of boys, but not many men. One memorable boy lost his load when I laid down naked on his bed and spread my legs. Another one could never recover from the blow job I gave him... he was hung like a horse and giving him oral was like eating an extra large ice cream cone.. I had to attack it from one side, then the other and then eventually sucked the head into my mouth to his immense and final pleasure.

One of the only "men" I slept with in school was the computer guy for our dorms. It took me a while to convince him that I would be a safe tryst and that no trouble would come from me and in return he treated me to a festival of orgasms. Before he had even taken off his pants he had raised a blush to my checks with an uncommon attention to my breasts and nipples and then moved down to the first of many oral orgasms... the fiercest of which had his lips sucking on my clitoris, his fingers buried deep in me, tracing circles around my g-spot and his thumb rubbing my cum juice around and around my butt hole. I kept cumming as he would move from one sensitive spot to the next, never staying long enough in one to over-stimulate it into pain.

He had introduced me to my g-spot and within the week I had purchased my rabbit and put it to regular and often loud and vigorous use.

Seeing that dildo in the exam cart though was a low blow - a strike directly to my center with all the force that Matt could never deliver. I lost my hearing as the blood pounded fiercely in my ears and that steady thub thub thub was all I could hear. I could feel the heat in my checks and the burning at the tips of my ears in memory of what could be. I put it back, closed the drawers and slowly backed out of the room.

I went back to work and attribute my ability to function at all to the training and compartmentalization that I had learned in Nursing School. While one part of me was smiling or chatting with the staff another part of me was still reaching out with one hand on that dildo... one part of me was thinking about how long it has been since I had cum hard. My ears had stopped pounding and my flush had retreated to my chest, but my pussy was still throbbing to the beat of my heart.

Normally, my pussy looks sleek and hidden below the short crop of red, but when excited, my lips swell up with blood and my secret spaces start to bulge and pucker. My mind was reeling and my sex had definitely come out to play - my juices were soaking the spare fabric of my thongs.

I watched Connie from across the room and tried to imagine her with the cart of toys and stimulations. I had always been so intimidated by her presence that I had never looked at her as a woman. Now I could see her slim waist under her belted blouse, her voluptuous breasts gathered and held at bay behind her buttoned top. Her thin hips topped a shapely ass which melded perfectly with what could only be athletic thighs and well-defined calves.

I imagined Connie kneeling and sucking on a cock, and as I saw in my mind's eye her taking it into her mouth, my nipples shattered into nubs of ice and heat.

Connie snapped me out of my dream state with a cocked eyebrow and a once over look that took me all in.

"Abby" she said, "We'll need Exam Room Four prepped for next week. Why don't you take some time to get it ship-shape? We are OK up here for a while..."

I scurried from the room with a quick "Yes Ma'am" and moved down the hall, a little embarrassed at being caught thinking of Connie in that way while simultaneously aroused at the image.

Exam Room Four looked good at first glance. I started checking supplies in drawers and topping off items as needed when I noticed the cart sitting by the Exam Room door. It shouldn't be there... as a matter of fact there was already one tucked under the counter by the chair. I moved forward in both anticipation and fear... if it was the same cart, what was it doing in the Exam Room? Had Connie put it there? Even worse, could I withstand the temptation that was throbbing away between my legs?

I pressed my thighs together, pinching my lips together and shooting lightning into the rods that my nipples had become. I swooned a little and pressed again. The wet fabric of my thong started chafing my tender spots and I reached down into my scrubs to pull the tight fabric away from my body.

The heat down there was remarkable and I involuntarily reached past the fabric and cupped my entire womanhood in my hand. It throbbed under my hand and the wetness coated my palm and fingers. I cocked one knee to the side to give more room beneath and felt my middle finger slip past the fabric and into the folds below. I dragged my hand up and away, leaving my finger in my folds for as long as I could, stroking my nub for the entire length of the digit.

I was still staring at the cart, my heart pounding in my ears again as I brought my hand up to my nose and smelled the juices still coating my fingers. It smelled amazing and without thought I curled the middle three into my mouth and started sucking them clean.

I snapped out of my reverie and knew that a decision had been made... I moved forward quickly to the cart, open the drawer enough to see the sex toys inside and then stepped to the door of Exam Room Four to lock it from the inside.

In less time than it takes for most men to change a light bulb, I had my scrubs off, both top and bottom, that pink rabbit in my hand and a quick assessment of the exam table made. With precise motions, the back was tilted up, the stirrups were up, and I was sitting up on the table with my bra unclipped from the front and my ankles positioned in the stirrups, knees out and pussy throbbing and calling for release.

I felt insane and right then I didn't care. I checked to make sure that I could see the door was locked. I pinched hard against my nipples and as I tugged them down towards the floor I felt a streamer of juice drip past my taint and onto my rosebud. I reached down with my right hand and lay the dildo against my clit and slit from above. I bounced it a little and pulled it up then down again, destroying any reservations my clit might have and soaking the dildo with my own juices. I lined it up and started pressing against my opening, which was open and ready to devour the full girth.

Again, like I'm flirting with my own sex, I started to rotate the dildo, changing the shape and feel of it as I gently pushed it into me. As the rabbit got close to my clitoris I switched it on and felt the entire length of it vibrating through me. I pressed the rabbit close to my clit and inhaled at the sensation. As my entire body exhaled I tilted the head up and searched for the spot that takes me to Neverland. Finding my g-spot, I coordinated both rabbit and head and ground them into me, starting the buildup to the biggest release I will have had all year. My entire body felt like it was plugged into an electrical socket... my chest, my legs, my scalp the entire surface of my skin felt like it was building up an electrical charge that was going to coalesce into a discharge centered on my core and lips.

I ground and it built, and I ground and it built. My eyes were shut and the entire universe had shrunk to a small spot at my center. I ground and it crested, releasing all the pent-up charge through my clit and core. I didn't let it wash though, but continued to grind with intent, one hand pulling with purpose down below while the other rolled my nipple between tightly pinched fingers.

I didn't realize that I wasn't alone until I heard the door shut and the lock reengaged. My eyes popped open and there in front of me was Connie with that cocked eyebrow chased by a lopsided smile.

I was paralyzed. I was paralyzed by the sight of Connie and I was paralyzed by the sensations that were coursing through my body as I twisted the dildo back and forth, rubbing both my g-spot and my engorged clitoris. I turned my look from Connie to down between my legs and was paralyzed by the sight of my lips sucking at the pink length and my clit's frothy greed. I was determined when I started to make this orgasm count, but having Connie stand there, staring at my most private ecstasy was more than I could stand.

My toes curled uncontrollably, my hips kicked up and down and my hand was acting with a mind of its own, twisting, pulling, pushing and driving me harder and harder to the largest and longest orgasm I have ever had.

I looked up again and saw Connie standing next to the table. With an angelic smile on her face she placed one perfect finger across my lips like she was trying to shush me and at my look of confusion she ducked her head and sucked my free nipple into her mouth.

Like a switch had been thrown, my release washed over me again and I lost myself as she swirled her tongue around and around my nipple before pinching and pulling it into her mouth with soft sucking motions.

I almost screamed as my orgasm notched up another rung and I felt her hand over my mouth, coaxing me to be quiet.

The situation was beyond surreal. I was at work, naked and legs spread, soaking the exam room table with my juices with a rabbit buried in my depths, and my boss - who is normally all business and no nonsense - was sucking one of my nipples into her mouth, shushing my moans of ecstasy and I was having the most intense orgasm of my life. This could not be happening!

At the point the sensation was almost too much and I was considering it may be time to remove the vibrator and call it quits, Connie slipped her dainty hand past my active grinding and dipped a well manicured finger into my rosebud.

I reacted like lightning had shot through my body, back arching, head pressed back into the recliner and pussy shaking and jerking. I had lost all control. My hand ground the vibrator into and out of me, the orgasm coursing through me like electric shocks. Connie held steady and I felt myself impaled on her finger as I pushed and pulled my hips down on her and my rabbit. I lost control of my bladder and wet the table and the floor beneath. I didn't care... I fucked myself over and over and over again. Riding it until I lost all physical control.

I woke up to Connie's soft lips on my forehead. She stroked my hair as it lay sweaty against my face. The vibrator lay on the f

loor by the exam table and Connie had the most gentle expression on her face. At that moment she was not my boss, nor a lion tamer, she was so beautiful and in her eyes, I felt beautiful as well. She leaned in close and whispered intimately in my ear.

"Abby... come see me when you get this all cleaned up. Take your time mi amado, no need to rush."

She kissed me on the cheek, slipped out the door and locked it from the outside with her key.

I have nothing but time to think about what will happen next.