Oracle Apex cache

Oracle Apex cache

A few words about caching in Oracle Apex. This is primarily for high-loaded web applications, where every millisecond is important in the delivery of content.

Caching can be divided into 2 global types - automatic and controllable (logical). Automatically can by default cache browsers, servers and servers, and mostly static (pictures, styles, etc.) and this option is usually included from the box.

Another thing is with managed (logical) caching - this is when content caching is controlled by a pre-defined algorithm on the server. For example, for a product catalog, the price can change no more than once a day, so you can get this data once for the first request, and then issue the finished ones from the cache without recalculating each time.

Oracle Apex cache

As it turned out in Oracle Apex, since version 3.1 (!) A very convenient functionality for managing caching has been added.


Caching can be enabled for the entire page, as well as for a particular region, and since cache management is a "thin" process and depends on logic - you can control the caching of a page or region by all of our favorite methods (SQL, PL / SQL function, etc.). ). To control the caching of regions, it is even possible to set a dependency on a specific element on the page.

cache disable
cache enable

The caching tool is very steep and can significantly increase the performance of the application, but the other side of the coin is to carefully monitor the relevance of the data and the timely updating of the cache.