Optherium's China Roadshow 2018

Optherium's China Roadshow 2018

Optherium Team

Shanghai, 3th July

Shanghai is the absolute finance center of China, with super dynamic economy and intensive cluster of head offices of all quality finance and investment companies.

Hangzhou, 5th July 

Hangzhou represents one of the most dynamic and innovative center of blockchain, with strong governmental support and community vitality, and outstanding startup spirit.

Beijing, 7th July 

Beijing is the capital and politic center with all the top resources from each industry, from the standard making supervision bureau to the HQ base of multiple national companies and domestic giants corporate.

Shenzhen, 9th July 

Shenzhen is the south gate of China, the symbolic special administration zone by the central government, iconic center for hightech companies and IT industry, with dynamic blockchian community and favorable local policy.

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