Open Coast SFW Rules

Open Coast SFW Rules

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 •GENERAL: Any group not labeled as 18+ or NSFW should be considered as Safe For Work (SFW). Any and all topics in a SFW group will be strictly PG-13 and safe for all minors. All groups that are not SFW will be private and only allow verified adults (18+) in and enforce reasonable moderation to prevent any minors to have access. Additionally all SFW groups will prevent and moderate all content to provide a PG-13 environment.

•SPAM: There should be no more than five consecutive messages before a warning may be issued to cut down on said spam. If after a warning has been issued and continues, a mute of 24 hours may occur. Additionally any messages that can be condensed into one message or a smaller amount of messages should be done so as to prevent creating unnecessary spam. (ex. Posting multiple traffic updates when a live location would be sufficient.)

•ACCESSABILITY: This chat is primarily English, generally all conversations should be in English. Further more, all messages that can be should be in text to allow for participation of all members with possible disabilities, with the exception of media and music etc. An example is sending a message in text will be prioritized over a voice message.

  •RELIGION/POLITICS: While general discussion on religion and politics are allowed, religious/political statements that condemn/belittle/dehumanize people or groups of people are not. Presenting your religious or political beliefs as facts is also not allowed.

  •HARASSMENT: Any form of communication targeting a specific individual or group with the intent to cause significant stress, anxiety, or discomfort is not allowed.

  •DEBATES: Attempts to “bait” or “trigger” a specific individual or group into an argument is not allowed. Engaging in a lengthy debate/argument that monopolizes/clogs up the chat is not allowed.

  •GRAPHIC CONTENT: Any content (text/images/video/audio) depicting/celebrating/promoting graphic violence is not allowed this also includes racism, & illicit content. If you would feel uncomfortable presenting it to a police officer you should abstain from posting it in any chat.

  •IP POLICY: Open Coast is not responsible for resolving copyright disputes involving its members. Additionally all sub-groups/groups/etc using the Open Coast name, iconography, logos, or association with Open Coast will follow Open Coast rules and guidelines. Additionally any group, sub group, or etc under the Open Coast IP will have all recognized blocked users additionally blocked for safety reasons.

•COMMUNICATION: If for any reason an admin or mod is blocked by a member without proper justification, the member will be removed until the admin/mod's are unblocked. This prevents admins/mods to view messages from any member who may have blocked them resulting in the inability to moderate them. (If a member has reason to block an admin/mod due to them breaking rules or harassing a member please inform another admin as listed above and the situation will be resolved promptly.)

•JURISDICTION: Unless any of these rules are broken within the confines of OPEN COAST chats or any of our meets/sponsored meets, we will not be able to take administrative action. Exceptions would be made for members with current or past documented behavior that would pose a danger to other members of the community. This does not include any public records such as court documents or etc, when suspected public records may be pulled for the safety of the group.

•DRAMA: Open coast strives to be a positive and inclusive space for its members, therefore talking about discourse - whether it be personal issues, group matters, or problems with another member - is not allowed. Posting or sharing emotionally charged content to insinuate a negative reaction is also forbidden. General rule of thumb: if you wouldn’t go up to a stranger and tell them a bunch of negativity about yourself or another person, then it shouldn’t be done here either.

•INACTIVITY: Every so often a sweep of the chat for inactive members who have not been "seen" on telegram for 6+ months are removed. Members removed for inactivity can re-join at any time.

•ADVERTISING: Artists/Fursuit makers are allowed to post 1 ad per 24 hours in Open Coast groups. For courtesy please wait at least 5 minutes between ads and refrain from posting them during active conversations. Emergency advertisements MUST be approved by an admin before posting. We will not pin or boost advertisements within the chats.  Attempting to delete and repost an ad is considered an new advertisement, additionally replying to and forwarding are considered advertisements if they are a post regarding ones services.

•ILLICIT TOPICS: all communications should fall within the Florida, Alabama, and Louisiana laws in addition to the United States Federal laws. Any talks of illicit actions, materials or etc. may be subjected to report to law enforcement’s or punishment in the local groups. This will be determined on a threat or harm basis.

• PII/PHI ( Publicly Identifying Information / Personal Health Information ). All Discussion's of PII/PHI should be avoided for ones own personal safety. All discussions of someone else's PII/PHI is explicitly to be avoided. Any discussion of information of a identifying nature that is not explicitly provided by the owner is not permitted. (Ex: first name, last name, address, family information, health information ( outside of allergies or critical information ). Basically if its not your tea, don't spill it unless its a life or death situation.



•OUR PHILOSOPHY: Our job is to ensure you have a safe, friendly environment to connect, form friendships and share ideas.

•STEP 1 (Verbal communication): In most cases, if you're violating the chat rules, we'll let you know what you did wrong and answer any questions you may have without restricting you at all. Whenever possible we will not call you out publicly in the chat. Instead, we prefer to contact you via a private message and we see it as a more respectful way to resolve problems.

•STEP 2 (Timeout): If the behavior continues after our verbal communication with you, your account may be temporarily muted for a period lasting anywhere from 1 to 8 hours. However, if there is an established pattern of behavior, you may be muted for an extended period of time or banned from the chat entirely. For example, picking a fight with someone may get you a timeout - but if the chat history shows you picking fights with people consistently on multiple occasions, we will adjust your restrictions appropriately.

Please feel free to reach out to an administrator if you have any questions or concerns!

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