Online Social Media Business

Online Social Media Business


Nowadays, Internet has become our part of daily life due to everyday necessity. In online, we can find basically everything we want. From anything which is related to our life to everything not related to our life. Not only that, through online itself, we can even earn a living. And there are many people in the world which has become successful and rich by doing that. The reason is that going by traditional offline method, the scale of business can only reach to certain limited area. But going through online Internet method, the probability of business can even reach the other part of the continent of the earth. Through the Internet, people may advertise their product or services in Indonesia and sell it to the buyers in Africa or America. In short it can be said that, through this Internet technology, everything is made possible. This article will basically discuss the matter of possible “Business Income” on the Internet.

Earning Income with Blogging

“Business” means an act of doing something to earn income for a living. Blogging is an act where someone writing an article or a story or even just sharing something on the Internet. Basically, it is a simple type of business. And Blogging is also one way to earn income in the Internet. In current era, there are already many successful bloggers in the world who have managed to earn even millions per month on the Internet. One of the blogging biggest advantages is that blogging can be done by basically anyone. Even a teenager can be involved in a blogging business. However, unfortunately that is also one of the reason that there are so many blogging competitors in the world. Therefore, the competition is enormous in the “Blogging” category.

There are many categories in types of business blog. Because basically in blog, the writer can share or write anything. However, many successful blogs which is popular in the world are of these categories:

· Tech Blog

· Humor Blog

· Food Blog

· Travel Blog

· Movies Review Blog

· Games Review Blog

Social Media Business

Apart from the blogging, there are also other number of ways to earn income on the Internet. Social Media sharing business is also one of the many ways to earn income. Here are lists of several current successful websites which have already made their name on the Internet world:

1. Imgur

Imgur is a website where it is focused on Image Sharing. People who join this Imgur Online Community are sharing their pictures and also have activities they can do with the communities. It is more like sharing your daily lives to the community than to the world. And Vice versa, the communities will also give feedback and the share their daily lives with you. The website itself as of April 2016, have managed to score a prestigious Rank of 16th in Top Sites of Alexa Ranking in the United States.

2. Slashdot.Org

Slashdot is a social news website for nerds. This website mainly focuses on news about the stories of Science Technology which are submitted and evaluated by the users. The stories are also can be commented by the readers on the comments section. Slashdot has also manage to achieve more than 20 awards. Even in 2006, the website already had approximately 5.5 million of monthly users. Many of the links in Slashdot stories would be visited by high surge of traffic which may have the possibility of even causing the server to break down because of overloaded reason. People even have their own name for this type of incident which is “Slashdot effect”. So, when a Slashdot effect happen on a certain website, people would say that the website has been Slashdotted. In 2017, this website managed to score a high Rank of 5509 in Global website rank and rank of 1932 in United States websites rank.  

3. MySpace

MySpace is a social networking website which offers the users to interactive with other users by submitting and sharing the profile on the website. Users can share their private video or pictures online. Or the user can just update their recent activities online. The other users might visit your profile online and submitted their feedback on your pictures, news, or videos. By June 2009, MySpace has employed more than 1600 employees. MySpace do not profited from their website user at all. The website gain revenue purely by the ads advertised paid by the advertisers. This website have a feature called behavioral targeting which selects the “related” ads for the users to see. This feature is one of the strong points which makes many advertisers want to advertise on this website. Finally in 2017, MySpace has managed to score the global rank of 3197 and 1340 in United States ranking.

4. Plurk

Plurk is a Taiwan website which provides social networking and micro blogging service for the users to share their messages via short messages or links which is limited to 360 text-character length. Even though it is from Taiwan, it is available in multiple Language. Plurk itself has managed to score the rank of 1740 in globally and the rank of 51 locally in its respective country. Most of the plurk users are from Taiwan itself and its neighboring country such as China, Japan, India and others.

5. Digg

Digg is a website which contains social news. Before, the basic function of this website is enabling people to choose their preferred story from up to bottom, that is one of the basic reason this website is called digg or basically it is digging and burying. The website is focusing on story submission and voting system to determine the best story submitted online. But up to version Digg v4, many of its previous features such as “Burying” has been disabled. A lot of complaints from the users and even on the 30 of August 2010 it was declared as the “Stop Digging Day”. And finally, in July 2012, Digg itself was finally sold for the better future. And as of now, In 2017 Digg has managed to score the high page rank of 1904 globally in Alexa ranking and 699 in rank of United States websites.