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Due to inactivity

An elderly person says, "Know your enemy." If you want to get inactive with the right equipment, then you first have to know about inactivity and in which area it is. For example, if members of your tribe rarely visit your site communities and forums, by organizing an internal ladder, this is not the best option to avoid: You will not be able to read advertising for this. Fortnite names It would be better to contact some randomly selected members in the immediate chat program, HMSN, ICQ and its like, and to see their personal interests. With this knowledge, you can group your descendants according to common interests. Normally, the forum disables the inactivity of many disciplines by launching topics related to some common issues. The fact is, you have to be creative to find the cause of inactivity. It is possible that a member will come with a message: "Hello, you can fix my inaction by setting up a blog for me." It was just so easy ... ;-)

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10 tips to keep your clan active

This is probably part of the lesson you are actually looking for. However, I would advise to read the entire article because I can not guarantee that the following 10 tips will work if you use them incorrectly as a rocket.

1. Configure internal tournaments or CDs

Generally, only direct CDs can be used by members as preventive measures against inaction. It keeps both clan activity in the game and on the site - D. H Calculus Slideshow - Fixed This is because the members rank in the game, upload games as a recorded game and express each other's achievements, strategies and so on.

2. Meet with members on weekly basis

Many clan leaders underestimate the power of ordinary communication. In a chat room, weekly or buyback meetings with members of your race can do a good job of ethics - not to mention the feelings of unity. Clan Names Of course you should invite your descendants voluntarily. Try to publish an invitation for such a meeting, where your descendants often come. That is, if they do not often see in the forum, use the verb word instead: A member whom you call a meeting arrangement, and who will call it other clan members, they face it. The chat program or the Teamspeak program is such a meeting - I personally like chat windows with my colleagues on chatman because this text creates a sense of "completely communicating with someone else" in the chat window. Reads.

3. Do you have current topics in your forum, like B "Forum Game"

If you have one, if you want, some up-to-date topics in your tribe forum, both site visitor and clan members usually come back. For the words "forum games" simply Google and you should find yourself an example. Fortnite Clan Names The lazy people to choose one: a never-ending story. A person writes several lines of search, the poster continues the story with its own line. This is going on and running. This action by forum junk and spammer is not only -d. H people who are considered very much, but give their clan members the opportunity to work together.

4. There are surveys and discussions

The leader of each clan is not talented as your aunt. For those people who can not start communicating with their family members in the chat program, there may be a survey answer for them. You can use voting or surveys to know what you like, dislike, love, hate and what your members like. You just have to make voting and voting options. If you are not familiar with effective surveys, then I recommend keeping it simple. Give your components three options: black, gray and white Black is a hate or change for something, Gray is respectable in relation to this subject, and White is a fan or according to a particular case. For surveys, you can usually start a discussion to find out why you voted on a particular option. Deepens the survey and as a clan leader, you can provide valuable information about the likes and dislikes of your family members.