Online Acting Classes For Beginners

Online Acting Classes For Beginners

Sanford Meisner

The academy hosts different courses for children, teenagers and adults

An image of children from the academy

Some of our children from one of the academic ballet classes

The academy therefore offers courses for children, classes for teens, and of course courses for adults, divided not only by age, but also according to the level of preparation. The training offer is wide and diversified, for all ages: the goal is to provide the possibility of a training as complete as possible and also to allow each student to seek and experience the most suitable dance for themselves and their own. natural inclinations

The little ones will be able to set foot in our school from the earliest years of age: we offer courses in creative dance, dance game and pre-dance able to accommodate children from the age of 2, and to help them in the development of skills. and creative movement and prepare them for the next steps in the wonderful world of dance.

Starting in principle from the age of 6 it will then be possible for children and then for teenagers, in fact, to access the various courses ranging from preparatory dance to classical dance, to modern and contemporary dance, from hip hop to breakdance, from salsa to Argentine tango, from theater to musicals and so on. The school is in fact concerned with providing a possibility of study, from childhood, both of the disciplines, so to speak, more academic - such as ballet or contemporary dance - and of disciplines such as hip hop - and in general the vast panorama of urban dances - ethnic dances, folk dances or oriental dances.

In the room a group photo of the school's hip hop kids

The guys from the advanced waacking and hip hop course

Therefore, not only those who want to follow a traditional path (which starts from the basics of classical dance and then specializes in the most related branch of dance) can turn to us with the aim of working for dance companies, theaters, bodies of dance and so on, but also those who intend to build a path a little less traditional, but no less fruitful: for example the goal - yours or your children - could also be to deepen the world of sports dance , with the aspiration to participate in national and international competitions. The Italian Institute of Art and Dance also offers adequate preparation in this regard: we have salsa courses, for example, also aimed at children!

We also specify that our Institute is the right place for those who want to prepare for auditions in national and international academies or auditions of any kind: preparation is possible both by attending the courses we offer and, if you request it, through targeted private lessons, with our teachers.

Before the performance group photo of the salsa adults

Our adults of the intermediate salsa session before the show performed at the Sistina Theater in Rome

Finally, adults will be able to range from many disciplines. Also in this case it will be possible to opt for a traditional type path, including classical, contemporary dance and modern dance. Or you can opt for a mixed academic-artistic path, including theater or musicals in your package.

Or even choose only one discipline and deepen it both with the annual courses and with the various seminars and internships offered.

Even if you are a dance professional looking for a place - physical but also human and professional - where you can keep yourself in constant training (very important aspect, we know, for all artists), our academy is at your disposal, with lessons aimed precisely to professionals in the sector. Furthermore, professional dancers who aspire to broaden their training, trying their hand at some less in-depth dance branch up to now, will be able to contact our Institute, which will be able to direct them to the most suitable course.

The Italian Institute of Art and Dance also opens its doors to disciplines related to dance, in the belief that the training of each artist is also nourished through the experience of different arts: in our academy it is also possible to attend courses in acting, theater , singing and musicals. These courses are also open to both children and teenagers and adults and promote professional training - whether you are a beginner or already have previous academic or work experience. Even actors and aspiring such, singers or performers will therefore be able to deepen, expand or continue their studies.