One Pager EtherWin

One Pager EtherWin

EtherWin team

Global online gambling market

Through the years, the gambling market has been steadily growing. In 2007 the global revenue amounted to $ 15 billion, and in 2017, it’s been estimated to surpass $ 100 billion (of which about 40% accounted for the online gambling).

Problem and solution

The biggest problem in the online gambling sphere is the lack of independence and transparency of the results.

With the development of IT and the blockchain technology in particular, we’ve found a solution to this problem. With the help of Ethereum smart contracts, we will be able to provide an honest, transparent and independent RNG (random number generator) to our users.

About the project

EtherWin is a project specializing in gambling development and building games managed by smart contracts based on Ethereum blockchain.

In addition to the already functioning instant lottery, several other types of lotteries with different gaming structures will be launched within the project. In addition, our team is in the process of developing blockchain-based roulette and slot machine games to be launched in the future.

Each of our products will be managed by an open source smart contract, to absolutely ensure honest and transparent results for our users.

As of now, our team has already launched instant blockchain lottery EtherWinX25.

EtherWinX25 lottery: how it works

EtherWinX25 is an instant game type lottery. You can partake at any moment, for unlimited number of tries.

The ticket price will be 0.005ETH ($ 2.5 on 04.2018). More than 91% of the funds collected from ticket sales will go to the lottery prize fund, which is a much larger percentage than in other lotteries, where up to 50% of the funds collected are allocated to the organizers.

Table of winning odds* (EtherWinX25 lottery):

* read the in-depth description in the rules of the lottery

As you can see, the odds of winning playing EtherWinХ25 exceed 37,5%.

Etherwin token (ETWIN)

Ethereum token standard — ERC-20

There are 10 000 000 issued Etherwin tokens.

Pre-ICO and ICO are planned for May, 2018.

Etherwin are equity type tokens. The owners of tokens will be receiving dividends from the profits brought by products launched within EtherWin project.

The purpose of fundraising is financing of the marketing and further development of external/internal infrastructure. The more users we can attract, the greater profits will go to the owners of tokens.

For more detailed information read the Whitepaper