One Afternoon Pt. 02

One Afternoon Pt. 02

(Warning - includes male scat. If you're not into poo play, or trans women, you might want to skip this one)

April wrapped her legs around me and kissed me passionately.

"I hope you liked that. But I think I need to go to the bathroom... unless you don't want me to?" - April giggled, while playfully rustling my hair. "Unless... you prefer me... dirty?" She smiled, but I could see it in her eyes - trying to gauge my reaction. Was it just a burst of passion, an uncontrollable sex where everything was possible and nothing was beyond the limit of the imagination. Or was I indeed into some of the same fetishes she liked? So I decided to quickly level with her:

"Can't say I've tried this with anyone before... I mean, not on purpose, things happened, you know... But... This was something else. I liked it. I like you, April."

"Well, in that case" - she smiled like it was the best news she'd ever heard: "I will clean up later."

She kissed me again, working her tongue deeper into my throat and pressing my body closer to hers. I was still inside her, but began to shrunk and was going to slip out at any second. But she was still very hard, I could feel her dick pressing against me, her body moving, asking for attention. I didn't really know what to do with a girl like her, so I reached my hand down and squeezed her cock. April liked that. She started moving slowly up and down the bed, fucking my hand with her bursting cock. That was enough to make me slip out of her asshole. With a distinct fart, my dick was out of April. Still very full and stirred from my drilling, a few small farts followed my exit. April stopped kissing me, smiled and rolled me onto my back, positioning herself on top of my limp cock. I've just noticed that my socks were still on - how rude of me. I sat up, wrapped my hand around April, and started licking her nipple, while trying to reach my foot with my other hand to get the damn sock off. April noticed my pathetic charade, giggled and pushed me back into the bed. She reached out, grabbed my foot and quickly took the sock off. With her hand firmly stroking her cock, she took my foot into her other hand and started gently licking my sole. It felt a bit ticklish but I couldn't resist the warmth of her breath and the softness of her playful tongue. April nibbled on my big toe, and started sucking it hard. Moving from toe to toe, she was very thorough, making sure she didn't miss anything.

"You have very cute feet too, mister!" - she laughed while taking off my other sock. "Cute feet, and you're hiding them all day in these socks?" April moved on to carefully kissing my other foot. It was super hot. Such a beautiful girl like April, with her model looks and body, her gorgeous face and beautiful, straight blond hair, perfectly manicured hands, tiny little tits with good sized orioles, sucking on my feet like it's the best candy out there, trying to see how many toes she could get in her mouth. With a bit of an effort, the answer was five. She got all five of my toes into her slutty mouth and started drooling all over my foot, trying to push it even further.

After a few minutes of satisfying her passion for my feet, April started slowly kissing my leg, moving closer and closer to my shrunk, and very dirty member. "Looks like I made a mess here. Let me clean this up real quick." Without waiting for a response, April took my shit covered cock into her mouth. She clearly overestimated her abilities, and the dirtiness of my cock, as the gag reflex kicked in with a few quiet burps. She paused for a few seconds, but didn't let go of the dick. I could see the excess spit mixed with brown shit running down my cock and towards my ballsack. And then the tongue started moving again, cleaning my soft cock in her mouth. With a noticeable 'gulp', April swallowed the mess that was in her mouth. She looked up at me, slowly releasing my cock from her mouth, and smiled. Her luscious, large lips, were slightly covered in the brown spit. I pulled her in for a passionate kiss, trying to get all of the brown goodness from her lips. She tasted bitter, earthy, with a slight tang. Her breath smelled an interesting mixture of alcohol and shit. I liked it.

She pulled away and went back to sucking my sleepy member. This was extremely hot, and although I came just not long ago, I could feel my balls starting to swell up a little bit. In the mean time, April, clearly satisfied with her work, moved on to playing with my balls. Without waiting for it to happen, I pulled my knees towards my chest, exposing my asshole directly to Aprils face. "Lick it, please."

I didn't have to ask twice as April's tongue started gently working its way around my dirty hole. I absolutely loved having my ass eaten. Not as much as I loved sexy toes being wrapped around my cock, but a close second. And April was amazing at it. At first, she tickled my asshole very gently, giving it a bit of moisture. Then, she started rapidly licking me up and down the crack, until focusing her attention directly at my starfish. With her strong tongue, she started pushing her way into my asshole. I was completely relaxed and she got her tongue in without much effort. It was amazing to feel her tongue inside of me, licking my rectum from the inside. After a few moments, April pulled back and asked me. "Do you mind... do you mind if I fuck you?" I didn't mind. I haven't really played with my ass a lot, but April's dick looked relatively small, so I wasn't too concerned.

"Of course I don't mind" - I replied while breathing heavily.

April looked excited. "Let me just get some lube so that it doesn't hurt."

"Your special lube?" - I asked, jokingly.

"Mmm, ok!." April stood up to her knees, and pulled her hand towards her ass. I couldn't see what was happening, but her face looked concentrated. And with a very distinct crackling sound, the air was filled with the aroma of shit. She gave me another cheeky smile, and proudly demonstrated a decent-size turd on top of palm. "Here we are!" - and with that, April rubbed her hard dick with her own shit, then spread some shit around my asshole, carefully fingering me with one, then two fingers... I was relaxed, the sensations of being fingered with her dirty fingers felt amazing. The 'lube' worked perfectly. After a minute or two of fingering, April spat on her own cock, and moved in towards my hole. In a quick second, she was in. Placing my legs on her shoulders, she started slowly filling my ass with her shit covered cock. She wasn't big enough to cause any discomfort, but also not that small that it'd feel like fingering. It was something in between, and it felt good. It felt nice being filled by this amazing, beautiful girl. My dick was waking up now, getting ready for another go. "You like that, mister? You like my dirty, shitty cock deep in your ass?" I liked it very much. April reached out and started stroking my dick with her still shit-covered hand. "You like being fucked yes?"

I did like being fucked, but it wasn't enough. I pulled at April's leg, trying to get hold of her foot. "What, you want to suck on my tootsies while I fuck your ass? Mmm, so dirty, I think I'd like that." April pushed me on my side, without taking her cock out of my ass, and stretched out her leg so that her foot was next to my face. This was all i needed. Her beautifully pedicured foot, with black, gel color on top of each of her perfect toes, still had a few shitty streaks from playing earlier. That got me going even more as I shoved her foot deep into my mouth, sucking ferociously. April continued pounding me hard, until I felt something moving deep down inside me.

"April, I'm sorry, stop for a sec." April stopped.

"What's wrong, everything's ok?" - she looked concerned.

"Yes, I'm really sorry but all that action... I need to go to the bathroom real quick." - I replied shamefully.

"Oooh, so you need to go..." - April smiled with one of her cheeky smiles. "Have I literally fucked the shit out of you?"

"Yes, sort of... Sorry."

"No worries." April took her cock out of my asshole. I felt like I was going to burst. "Second door on the left... Unless..." - she looked at me with her deep eyes. "You want to go here? We've already ruined the bedding anyway."

"Emm, ok, if you want to watch I guess that's fine."

"Not just watch... Can you... can you go on me?" - April's voice trembled a little bit. It was clear this was a fantasy of her's, a very deep desire, and she felt very vulnerable sharing with a complete stranger.

"Sure, I would love that" - I made sure my voice sounded soft, reassuring.

April gave out a happy 'yay!' and lied down on her back. I positioned myself around her flat chest and squatted down, so that my ass was towards her face. April started gently massaging my butt cheeks, helping me to relax. And even though I was ready do burst a minute ago, I was getting a bit of a stage fright. I'm about to take a dump on this amazing, beautiful, sexy girl. What if she hates it? This has been the best sex I have ever had, what if I'm going to ruin the night now? With all these thought rushing through my head, I just couldn't go. As if reading my mind, April said:

"Relax, I really want this. This is very special to me. Let me help you." With this, April pushed one of her fingers gently into my asshole. "I can feel it there, just relax..." She took her finger out, and shifter her body down a bit, positioning her face under my ass. "Relax" - said April, while gently penetrating my dirty hole with her tongue. All that fucking, then fingering, then the tongue action, as well as her supportive words, helped me to get over myself and I started to push. I felt my ass opening, with April under me, breathing hot and heavy right into my sphincter. That was it, there was no way to back out of this now. I could feel my hole opening and the vile, brown mass, the consistency of the soft serve, pouring straight into April's throat. I could see her beautiful, black-painted toes curling with what, I hoped, was pleasure. I could see her fully erect, shit covered penis, pulsating with all the blood getting to it. I could hear the crackling sounds as well as a light gagging sounds coming from below me. This felt weird, but good weird, and my dick was totally in agreement, fully erect and ready to go.

I stood up from my squatting position and turned around. There she was, the beauty queen, lying on her back, with my shit on her face. There was a lot of shit, I clearly had to go pretty bad. It filled her mouth, curled and caked on top of her full lips, and towards her slightly pointy nose. April was choking her dick like never before - a second or two, while I was still observing my work, she came and came hard. With moaning, that sounded a bit muffled, toe-curling, bed-sheets grabbing, mother of all orgasms. Slightly watery sperm covered her breasts and her stomach. A few moments passed before April opened her eyes. Some of the shit started slowly slipping down her cheeks.

But now I was hard again and wanted more. I swiftly got on one knee, and moved my dick towards April's face. I wanted to feel that messy, warm mess around my cock. Without thinking twice about it, I pushed my cock into my own excrements, all the way down April's mouth and into her throat. She started gagging, trying to breath and swallow some of the sticky mess sliding down her throat. The soft shit bubbled up from her gag and to the top of her mouth, spraying on my stomach with a muffled cough. But she didn't push me away. Instead, she firmly placed my hand on the back of her head, showing me what she wanted, without being able to speak. I took the cock half way out of her mouth, and shoved it right back in, pushing the shit down her throat. She was ready this time, and didn't cough as much. With my hand behind her head, I pushed her hard towards my cock. A moment of resistance, and I went in a few more inches deeper, fully submerging my cock into her throat. I was deepthroating April with a mouth full of shit. I was pushing my own shit down her throat with my cock, and she liked it. I could feel the warmth of my own shit covering my cock, spreading all over my stomach, dripping onto my balls. I was holding her firmly in place, enjoying the sensations. However, mother nature took her toll, and with another gag, April pushed back. I let her go, concerned this was getting a bit too extreme.

"Are you ok?" - I asked.

April spat out some shit onto her tits and hurled a little bit. Then she wiped off her mouth and replied: "Yes. I'm fine." - she smiled. "I'm great, actually." Her face was a shitty mess. The bottom of her nose, the mouth, her cheeks, her neck - everything was covered in chunky brown. She smiled again, showing shit on her white teeth. "So I can see you're ready to go again?"

I was more than ready. I sat down on the bed and pulled April in for a kiss. In the back of my mind I realised I was about to kiss someone covered in my own excrements, but I didn't care. As a matter of fact, I found it even hotter that way. With no hesitation, April leaned into my kiss. When our lips touched, I could barely control myself. My tongue rushed into action, exploring the shitty insides of April's mouth. The bitter and a little bit sour taste wasn't as dominating as the smell. With my nose literally pushed into April's face, still by large covered in my shit, the smell was strong. But I didn't care. We were kissing passionately, rubbing our faces against each other, touching our bodies, sucking on each other's tongues.

While still enjoying our dirty kiss, April shifted her body, and I felt her foot on my hard dick. With my dick being completely covered in shit, both mine and hers, it was too slippery to get between the toes of her foot, so she just pressed it hard against my stomach and started moving her foot up and down the shaft, while still applying pressure. That felt so good, I even slipped out a little moan.

"You like that? You like my foot on your dick?" - teased April. "How about both of them?" She moved her other foot and grabbed my dirty member in between her toes. I could tell she did this before. She knew exactly how much pressure to put on the dick. Her grip felt strong, yet agile and always shifting up and down the shaft. The black toes, now partially covered in our excrements, still looked perfect while she moved them around, playfully. But I had something else in mind.

I wrapped my hand around the back of her neck, and gently pushed her head towards my cock. She got the idea straight away. With her feet still wrapped firmly around the base of my cock, she bent her body and took my shit covered dick into her mouth. With a slurping sound of the shit mess that was my cock, mixing with the hot saliva of April's mouth, she started sucking my dick. Shit mixed saliva started drooling out of her mouth and onto her toes, still holding my dick firmly in pace. With another push, April took my dick deeper into her mouth, reached her tongue out, and started playfully touching her own toes with the tip of her tongue. With her feet working as the best cock ring ever, choking out my hard dick, I grabbed April by her head and started swinging my body up and down, fucking her feet and her head at the same time. April shifted from holding my dick with her toes, to pressing it in between her ankles, taking the dick even deeper into her throat, pushing her nose into her own shit covered toes. For a second there, she shifted her attention from my dick and onto her own feet completely, licking up her adorable, shitty toes. Completely loosing any control at this point, I started pushing April's head onto my dick faster and harder. I could hear her slurping and gagging, but I couldn't stop anymore. With another push I could feel her warm vomit trickling round my cock and onto my stomach and between my legs. That was enough to push me over the edge as I came hard and deep into April's shitty throat.