On Issue #2

On Issue #2

Denis | Template #49, svetandroida.cz

The issue

See the text in >bold<:

Pull quotes are short excerpts from the presented text. They are used to pull a text passage out of the reader’s flow and give it a more dominant position in the post or the article. The pulled out passage >should be mentioned somewhere in the text as this pulled out passage refers to the current text<, it's a kind of internal quote. Here highlighted blocks are independent blocks of text, not a quotations at all. Therefore it's inappropriate to use <aside> for ".box-note" blocks here.
Here is pretty simillar case: https://instantview.telegram.org/contest/informer.rs/template33/issue2/

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The answer

Short version:

The translation of the last pullquote on the page in my template

Long version:

I think that:

  • the text is perfectly separated from the article,
  • this is actually a pullquote and looks good like one.


  • this is not such a critical case, like in the linked issue,
  • I would call it a matter of taste whether these chunks of text are shown like an actuall pullquote or not - like in your case,
  • it could be a problem if I had this text formatted as a <blockquote>, because it is not that ambiguous what a simple quote is.

To sum up:

Therefore, I think that both variants are fine and that your variant can be used anyways even for a pullquote if the text we work with is bigger as we have here, because it becomes easier to read. But in this case, I chose to use <aside>, because this is actually a pullquote (I think so) and it simply looks good that way, centered and separeted.