Older Man as a Lover

Older Man as a Lover


She had worried that she had done something wrong, and she remembers how firmly I held her wrist. What happened next would set the tone for our entire relationship. I had slowly laid her back, gripped her other wrist, pressed her hands above her head and held them firmly as I kissed her hungrily. She had tugged at her wrists, the strength of my grips had made her gasp. She had never been restrained in any capacity before, and had been slightly embarrassed at how much she enjoyed me holding her hands above her head.

She remembers how loud she moaned as she felt me put my knee between her legs, grinding my thigh against her tiny black panties under her skirt, which had ridden up to her thighs. Her cheeks had flushed as her body betrayed her, grinding against my thigh, moaning loudly as she felt the outline of my thick shaft pressing against her own thigh as I kissed her harder. She had wanted me so badly right then, most men she had been with would not have waited another moment to fill her soaking pussy, but I made her wait, struggle, and beg for me. She never would have thought that would appeal to her, but that night had changed everything.

Kait took a deep breath, slowly starting the car, glancing both ways before pulling onto the road. She tried to think about something else, but her mind kept drifting back to that night. She remembers me letting go of her wrists, and her nails instantly grasping my shoulders. She had never heard herself moan the way she did when my strong hand grasped down between her legs, grinding my thick palm against her wet panties, rubbing the soaking fabric down over her moist folds as she humped my hand urgently. She was not accustomed to having to wait for pleasure, and she had been looking forward to this since the day she had met me. She sucked in a deep breath, trying to relax herself as she drove, smiling as her mind drifted back to that day.

I had been invited to be a guest speaker at a seminar. She was sitting right up front. Since it was a Friday afternoon seminar, she had already been dressed to go out that night. She had gotten a kick out of the fact that I had been staring at her the entire time the first speaker was lecturing. She had given me a few looks, and shifted a few times to give me a better view, and to her surprise, I kept watching. She remembered thinking that I must be a very confident older guy. She chuckled to herself, realizing how funny it was that I turned out to be very confident.

She swore she could see a bulge halfway down my thigh, but there was no way I was that big, though it had definitely got her curious. She remembered when it was my time to speak, and she had tried to make me uncomfortable by giving me even better views of her fantastic breasts. I had suddenly turned the table on her by calling on her just as she was bending over towards me. She had turned bright red, unable to answer the question since she had not really been listening. She remembered being a little bit angry at me after that, and her teasing stopped, but I had cornered her after class to apologize, and likely to get a closer look. She had flirted lightly, and had gladly exchanged phone numbers with me, mostly just to tell her friends that she had been picked up by the guest lecturer. I had waited two weeks before calling the first time. They had talked for a week or two before finally going on that first date.

Kait cursed under her breath as she ran into traffic, checking her watch, pouting to herself as traffic slowed to a stop. Kait shook her head, as the car behind her honked. Traffic was moving slowly again, and she focused her eyes on the road. She glances down into her lap, eyes widening as she realizes her hand had slipped under her panties instinctively as she drove. She bit her lip as she thought for a moment, deciding to continue, I would not mind if she was a little extra horny tonight, and she had not had this much fun driving home from work in quite a while.

Kait gulped hard, continuing her drive as she feels her fingertips brushing over her buzzing clit. She loved thinking about that first night, but it had been a long while since it had crossed her mind. She hadn't even realized at the time that she had given total control to me that night, she just thought she had amazing sex. It was probably three weeks later that she realized that she was never, ever in control when she was with me...and, to her surprise, she liked it that way.

She turned down a side road to get out of traffic and get home a little sooner, Kait slowed down slightly, taking a deep breath as she made a turn. She had cum so hard that night as her ultra-sensitive pussy could feel the thick veins on his cock grinding against her clenching walls with each powerful thrust. She had wanted to tear at my back with her nails, but I held her pinned down tight against the couch as I fucked her.

She had never felt anything like it, and her relationship had officially begun that night. She slowly turns onto the road, making her way to the same house where it all began. She chuckles as she slowly tugged her wet fingers from her panties, panting softly, she should wait for me to finish her. As she pulls into the driveway, Kait parks her car next to mine, looking at it curiously, wondering why I got home before her...She walks into the house, glancing around curiously to see where I was...She peeks back out, nodding to herself as she sees my car, turning to shut the door when she suddenly feels a hand covering her mouth from behind as she is tugged back against a thick, warm chest, her body jerks back hard, her ass instantly feeling the thick bulge pressing tight against her ass...Her eyes widen as she begins to struggle, feeling my hand clutching over her mouth as she shrieks against my palm, free hand cupping her breast as I start to drag her backwards...she quickly catches a glimpse of me in the mirror, dragging her backwards and begins to relax a bit, then starts to fight again as I drag her to the living room.

I tug open the buttons of her top as she struggles in my strong arm, bucking back against me, trying to get loose as her full breasts plunge out of the top of her sexy black lace bra...she gasps hungrily as she feels my thick bulge pushing tight against her sexy ass as I rip off her blouse, pushing her forward over the back of the couch as her hands fall to the cushions, gripping them tightly as she tries to squirm away from me, her pussy suddenly soaking wet as the struggle excites her, her breasts bouncing as she bucks and writhes back against me as my strong hand grips her back, holding her bent over the back of the couch, bucking frantically as she struggles against me...she feels me yank her skirt down the back of her thighs as she pants raggedly, her legs tensing as she struggles, unable to move as I pin her over the back of the couch, her soaking swollen pussy lips quickly soaking the tiny thong as the fabric clings to her swollen lips.

She gasps loudly as I wrap my strong hand between her legs, squeezing possessively as I grind the fabric down over her quivering swollen pussy lips as she writhes frantically, feeling the soaking fabric clinging to her swollen clit as jolts rip through her with each movement...her hands clutching at the couch cushions as she lets out a hungry moan " oo
ooh..ooooh..aaaaah," as she hears me pushing his pants down, feeling my hard thick cock plunging out against her sexy ass, then she starts to fight again, throwing her hands back, trying to push my hips away as she feels his thick, throbbing cock rubbing hard against the back of her ass...she shrieks as my fists suddenly grip her hands pinning them to her lower back as she struggles frantically against me, my hard thick shaft rubbing harder up and down against the back of her tiny thong as she feels the veins pressing out against the tender skin of her tight ass.

I slide my arm underneath hers, clutching them both behind her with one strong arm as she struggles back against me, panting and gasping for breath as her arms flex wildly against my grip...she shrieks, her eyes darkening as she feels my free hand dragging her soaking thong down the back of her thighs as she tries to clench her legs together as tightly as she can, crossing her legs as I bend her deeper over the back of the couch....her eyes widen as she arches her back, letting out a wild moan " oh god..ooooh."
as she suddenly feels my thick, hard cock grinding between her crossed legs, slowly stretching her pussy so tight as I feel so thick with her legs crossed...my thick shaft stretching her wildly as it slides slowly into her soaking, clenching pussy as her body instantly tenses in a wild arch, her breasts heaving as she bites her lip, trying desperately not to cum as she feels every single tortuous vein grinding slowly against her clenching walls as she grips my thick shaft so tightly, squeezing her legs together tighter as I entire, her body instinctively tensing.

Her hands opening and closing frantically as she tries to grasp anything she can as I clutche her hands behind her back, her head tossing from side to side as her moans come flowing out uncontrollably " aaaah..aaaah..aaaah..uuuuuh..uuuuh...uuuuh..aaaah..aaaah,"
as she feels me dragging my thick cock back out, veins tugging against her clenching walls as she lifts herself onto her tip toes as they curl wildly...she shrieks out as she writhes frantically, " OMG..JOHN...OH GOD..OOOOH..OOOOH..UUUUH..UUUU,"
feeling every single movement as I slowly pop my thick swollen head in and out of her clenching, soaking entrance as her mind races, back arching as hard as she can as her breasts thrust into the air. She hears herself screaming " AAAAH..AAAAH..AAAAH,"
before she realizes her explosion is ripping through her as my free hand suddenly squeezes her swollen clit tight as I slams my thick shaft deep inside of her, impaling her tight pussy as I grind her spasming clit wildly between my thick fingertips.

She squeals and shrieks as her body thrashes ferociously in my arms as her orgasms rip through her body violently, lifting one leg and kicking wildly as she feels her body tear in half with the wild, frantic orgasms as my thick cock slams roughly into her spasming pussy, her arms flexing so hard as her breasts bounce wildly, her screams increasing in pitch as she feels my swollen head start bouncing rapidly against her cervix as her entire body jerks and spasms hard with each powerful stroke, thrusting her body back against me instinctively as she feels my thick cock tensing wildly inside of her, stretching her so tight as she clenches her legs together again, her eyes rolling back in her head as the impalment of her tight pussy is so deep, she clenches every muscle around my hard cock, screaming out as she suddenly feels my hot cum blasting against her cervix without warning. " OOOH..YES..YES..FILL ME BABE..AAAAH...AAAAH..UUUUH..UUUH."

My animalistic grunts hot against the back of her ear as she feels me suddenly slamming into her roughly as hot cum shoots powerfully against her deepest walls as she starts to cum wildly again, orgasms tearing through her body ferociously as she fights and bucks back against me, shrieking frantically as her screams echo through the house, her body jerking back hard, impaling herself over my hard cock as she bends hard over the couch, unable to stand anymore, she lifts her legs in the air behind her and lets me fuck her roughly as she balances herself on the back of the couch, shrieking with each powerful thrust as my hard cock impales her spasming pussy, her orgasms ripping through her body violently as she screams my name, " OH..JOHN..JOHN..OH..GOD..JOHN,"
her toes curling wildly as she kicks her legs frantically through her furious orgasms....milking my thick cock, gasping out as she feels the last of my hot cum flooding into her tight pussy as she milks me dry, panting and whimpering as she collapses heavily against the back of the couch...

I release her arms as her hands drop to the couch, instantly clutching at the cushions as she feels my thick cock throbbing and jerking deep inside of her tight, spasming pussy as her breasts heave wildly against the leather couch....she hears me letting out a deep groan " aaaah..aaaah..aaaah," as I slowly drags my thick shaft from her tight pussy, dragging my hands slowly up and down her back as I whisper...." That was an incredible start to this week's date night."...her body quivers and shakes hard as she relaxes against the back of the couch, her cheek pressed tight against the leather cushion, unable to move her exhausted sore body, she simply nods against the leather as we pant hard and gasp hungrily for breath.









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