Odessa girls and their religious beliefs: nuances you didn’t know 

Odessa girls and their religious beliefs: nuances you didn’t know 

Marie K. Dougherty

For some men, it's very important that a girl possesses the same beliefs and spiritual views in life. It's a kind of guarantee of mutual understanding and a happy life together. You will be surprised how diverse the list of religions in Odessa is. If this information interests you, just keep on reading!

The most part of girls in Odessa are Orthodox Christians. But if you ask them how often they attend church, it might be only for Easter and other biggest Christian holidays. The Orthodox churches in Ukraine belong to the Moscow Patriarchate with anti-Ukrainian propaganda included so it's less welcomed lately. The quantity of Catholics grows though because Ukrainian church is actually Catholic. That's why there are more chances recently that your sweet Ukrainian penpal celebrates Christmas on the same day as you do, and not on the 7th of January.

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Catholic girls have stronger moral values. They admit, that their church is quite strict and one cannot take it lightly. A lot of time should be spent on reading the сathehism, penance in church, and so on. If you want a girl who doesn't cheat and doesn't say any lies, you should probably go for a Catholic girl and make sure she is religious enough.

In fact, the girls who are Orthodox Christians, are usually skin-deep believers. They follow the religious traditions without giving them too much meaning. Such girls are open-minded and very liberate in their actions. However, it's important that you congratulate them with those holidays and have at least a basic knowledge about their customs.

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You must know, for example, that an Orthodox Christmas is celebrated only in a small circle of closest relatives. For some reason, probably as a Soviet times heritage, New Year's eve is much more massive and involves many people and lots of dishes. The most traditional dish for the Orthodox Christmas is kutia. Almost every girl in Odessa knows how to make kutia. Since Odessa people are in general great cooks and appreciate delicious dishes, kutia is tastier there too. It's in fact a cold soup made of wheaten, poppy seeds, walnuts, raisins, and honey. Many add spices like cinnamon and vanilla.

Other than that, Ukrainians just drink red wine bought or sanctified in church, and burn the candles. So if you're lucky to be invited by a girl to such a Christmas party, you'll taste some good wine together with her and find her more open after a glass of it. Not talking about a high degree of trust that will be established between you and her during such a ceremony.

A girl who is into fraud in any way, is just wearing a mask due to her circumstances or because of someone’s bad influence. Behind this mask, is just a lady who respects her traditions and wants a good man and a happy house, usually with a baby or two in it. A key to her heart is in these traditions that she follows since her youngest years and would share only with some very special person. Try to be this person, if you’re interested. Doesn’t matter how materialistic people become with years, they always have this spark of sentimental sincerity and non-spoiled memories deep inside. 

Buddhism, Hinduism and New Age are also becoming popular among the youth in Ukraine. Many girls in Odessa have already experienced the “meditation” although they don’t really care to understand which teaching they are into exactly. Because of the availability and the quantity of beaches, the open-space meditation happens once in a while and attracts quite a bit of people. Don’t get involved with this kind of girls unless you practice those teachings yourself. Otherwise, it will be hard for the two of you to understand each other and your values. Plus, this kind of girls doesn’t tend to look very glamorous and feminine, in a way that you would like it to be. They are also less committed to meet a foreign man.

There are girls atheists in Odessa too. We are sorry to say that but it’s the most dangerous kind. Even if you’re an atheist yourself, don’t get involved. There are big chances this girl is into fraud as she has less moral principles and ideals. Atheistic girls can be very rational and career-oriented of course, in this case they don’t need your money, but are too busy for a qualitative relationship. 

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