October CMS: An Emerging Alternative for WordPress 

October CMS: An Emerging Alternative for WordPress 

WordPress often introduces updates & modifications to their CMS & UI. Whether sometimes it fails to impress the website designers & developers, sometimes brings a groundbreaking solution that is long time awaited. However, the users gradually manage to accept such modifications & have experienced better output in the end. WordPress itself doesn’t want to complicate your online business planning. Rather it focuses on improving your website building standards as per the Search Engine Protocols that keep on emerging. But you can really go for another solution. 

Before jumping to another alternative you must ensure that your designing goals & objectives are crucially met. You should also evaluate the practicality of your decision & feasible dependency of the CMS you’re going to make use of. The web designing & development operations you’re going to execute can complicate the overall circumstances for you. The reason being poor strategies & inappropriate alteration in the CMS. 

This article is dedicated to the famous October CMS that’s a likewise open source & free alternative to WordPress. Another root of similarity is the use of PHP language accompanied by MySQL for database maintenance. There are also certain differences between the two that can make you decide effectively for your website building approach. Through this post we want you to think smart & choose wisely among these 2 fine CMS. You’ve got a business vision to accomplish so you can’t go for an inappropriate website building technique.

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About October CMS

This post is not about promoting either of any of the aforementioned CMS. Both the CMS share the same business objectives to accomplish. Moreover, the foundation of both websites in terms of backend structure is also very much similar. But there are certain factors that differentiate between the October & WordPress CMS. Considering your business model you can decide which one to go with. October is a free & open source CMS just like WordPress.

The CMS strongly encourages dynamic website creation & essentially focuses on user interactions & action. So, it is more of a responsive approach of website building. It shakes hand with Laravel i.e., a framework for contemporary application building. The CMS was officially released in May 2014 and comes with varied features like- Permissions, Users, Themes & Plugins. Here are the proceeding characteristics of the CMS:

  • Offers configurable building “Components” that you may attach to any of your web page
  • Website information structure is based on Flat File Database
  • Provides you the facility of combining your Javascript & CSS assets 
  • Consists of a “Package Manager” that carries major updates & plugins for web designing operations
  • The backend of the CMS is translated into 36 languages
  • Consider minimal programing practices for building UI
  • The CMS consists of Ajax framework that could manage your website backend & frontend exceptionally

So, there’s a lot to inspire you to go for an october CMS. In the approaching segment we’re going to discuss the foremost differences between WordPress & October CMS that will give you a detailed insight into what stands perfect for your business objectives. So stay with us!

Factors that Differentiates Between October & WordPress

WordPress has been serving innovative web designing & website building vision for over a decade. However, many other renowned platforms took birth to offer users with alternatives that are unique & focused on varied user prerequisites. Apart from October, you’ve got Joomla, Magento, Drupal, TYPO 3, etc for proceeding arguments. The point is we don’t need to promote an argument at all. We just need to see our requirements & choose the tool accordingly. 

Here are some important aspects of distinction between WordPress & October that could make you draw the right decision for your website building plan:

Vision & Target Audience

The initial basis of distinction is the vision both CMS dream of capturing. Where WordPress has always focused on bringing smooth UX to all its users, whether from a technical or non-technical background, the October CMS is slightly inclined toward website developers. Where WordPress needs everyone- A marketer, designer, writer, blogger, etc to make their websites, October CMS focus on providing for developer convenience for greater extent. Though the company’s mission statement says- “making website is no rocket science” it still addresses the mainstream developers who consider contemporary website making as rocket science. 

CMS Installation

Both the platforms are popular for faster installation over the database hosting. However there are certain differences. October CMS is slightly faster than WordPress supporting Wizard Installation & Console Installation as well. You can set up the database configuration thereafter to avoid a flat file CMS. Talking about WordPress, the CMS may take 15 minutes or more to install the primary database along with the plugins & other supporting programs collectively. In addition, WordPress provides you with the Multisite feature which lets you install multiple domain databases on the same server as an aggregate. So what would you prefer to go with?

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The Data Ecosystem

The data ecosystem usually addresses the technological infrastructure or we can say the foundation of the website. Both the platforms here follow the same language stacks that are CSS. HTML & JavaScript. Nevertheless October makes it easy for the developers to use SASS & LESS files as well. We may call it a Flat File CMS as such. It makes the CMS run without a database but you have to skip many essential functions such as blog posts & user functionalities, etc. However you may proceed with the website pages. So that’s the definition of a data ecosystem for both CMS. 

Role of JavaScript Libraries

JavaScript Libraries often help you to execute your content creating & editing strategy. We may also call them the framework for content management on your websites. The JavaScript Library associated with WordPress these days commonly refers to Gutenberg Content & Block Editor that came into existence in 2018. On the other hand, October CMS is based on jQuery that’s associated with the AJAX framework responsible for content editing & maintenance accordingly. Though WordPress could also be regulated with jQuery even today, Gutenberg has emerged as an efficient framework for website content creation. 

Themes & Plugins

The distinction between the management of website themes & plugins is directed by the web page standards of the two CMS. In simple words, web page organization for both the CMS is quite different. So the application of various themes & plugins is different too. Where in WordPress web pages are defined as content & stored in the database accordingly, October CMS has got a different story. Here the web pages are considered as static files stored in their theme directories. The same principles follow with plugins. 


We can further differentiate between the two depending on the Plugin Functionalities, Core Functionalities, Content Creation, Events, Programming Model, etc. You can either proceed with 2 different websites if required to evaluate both platforms for future consideration. There’s a market of CMS out there & your aim is to see for whatever fits your web designing expectations well. At SFWP Experts we also want you to create the best for your online business appearance. Let us know about your Custom Coded WordPress Web Designing Concern so that we could suggest where you need to be heading! 

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