Cryptocurrency exchanges have been the targets of various hacking groups beginning in 2011, and since then security concerns have only grown with each new breach. In 2017 alone crypto exchanges lost over $266 million dollars to security breaches and in the first half of 2018 major exchanges have already suffered losses in the excess of $731 million dollars to various security breaches. Security experts predict even larger scale attacks, thefts, and fraud as cryptocurrencies become more mainstream in the coming years.

Project Description:

ONAM introduces a fully compliant platform, committed to their mission — led by professionals that are ready to take crypto exchanges out of murky waters of non compliance and welcome mass adoption. By launching the ONAM exchange, we want to resolve the shortcomings and other issues our competitors are facing and create scalable, and transparent exchange that’s able to handle future mass adoption.

ONAM’s collection of advanced tools and features will help boost the individual experience of novice and seasoned traders. Traders will have access to platform tools that leverage innovative technology through automated trading bots and algorithms, a customizable multilingual modular interface, risk management and robust technical analysis tools.

ONAM platform features, an exceedingly powerful trade matching engine that can process over ten million transactions per second and is further scalable.

Utilizing ONAM Advanced Threat Prevention and Intrusion Detection powered by machine learning to secure our platform. With the help of machine learning technologies, we will be able to detect any irregular activities and our Advanced Threat Prevention system will flag any potential problems in real-time, preventing breaches before it is too late.

ONAM has built a platform that is compliant with current and future regulations set forth by the SEC and other regulatory bodies. It is truly scalable, secure, feature packed, and is suited for current and future needs of retail and institutional traders alike.

Platform features: Crypto to Crypto Trading, Margin Trading, OTC Trading, Margin Lending, Composite Index Fund, Paper Trading, Advanced Order Types, ML Trade Assistant, Auto-Trading, 24/7 Live Chat Support, Push Notifications, Advanced Charting Tools.


The name of the token is ONAM. Standard ERC-20. Crowdsale Allocation is 195M. Total Tokens is 300M. Tokens exchange rate: 1 ETH = ~2,875 ONAM, 1 BTC = ~81,250 ONAM. Distributed in ICO is 65%. Soft cap is 2,500,000 USD. Hard cap is 15,600,000 USD.

Token allocation: 65%- Crowdsale, 20%- team, 10%- reserve, 5%- bounty.


Whitepaper is available for download in English. As of October 16, 2018 in telegram- 279 followers, facebook-35, twitter - 565, instagram -51, linked in- 14, medium, bitcointalk and reddit.


In Q1 2018 was market research, team recruitment, OME and Risk Engine Development. In Q2 2018 was regulatory compliance, strategic partnerships, tokenomics, concept finalization. In Q3 2018 was UI/UX development, company formation, initial product testing. In Q4 2018 was Whitepaper release, roadmap release and will be Crowdsale announcement, community building, bounty, third party Smart Contract Audit, Private Sale, Pre Sale, Public Crowdsale, MVP release, Token distribution, platform Beta release, platform stress testing, Third Party Code Audit, Asset Listing Registration Open. In 2019 will be trading pairs announcement, full platform release, trading pairs expansion, Fiat Pairings, custody, ONAM Token buyback, Quarterly Third Party Security and Order Book Audit.


The team consists of 17 people, which of them 2 co-founders and 4 advisors.

Alex Jumaev is co-founder and CEO. Experienced serial entrepreneur with a demonstrated history of working in the capital markets industry.Strong business development professional skilled in Strategic Negotiations, Sales, Management,Technical Writing and Lean Startups.

Otto Inagamov is co-founder and CFO. Experienced Co-Owner with a demonstrated history of working in the oil & energy industry. Skilled in Business Planning, Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A), Contract Negotiation, Start-ups, and Project Management. Strong business development professional with a Bachelor of Business Administration - BBA focused in International Business from University of New Orleans.

Vladimir Nadygin is CTO. He is Senior Software Developer at Braincrumbs.

Jay Darousse is CSO. Experienced Retail leader with a demonstrated history of working in the hospitality and telecommunications industry. Strong sales professional skilled in P&L management, Account Management, indirect sales, indirect sales Strategy development, Leadership Development, Marketing Strategy, Project Coordination, and Sales Operations.

Advisors. Munir Yakubov is founder and CEO at Portfolio Investments. He is general director - Brokerage, investment and consulting company for securities.

Robert Cornish is Securities Attorney at Wilson Elser LLP. He is securities attorney handling litigation, enforcement and compliance matters for industry participants and investors from the US and abroad, including EB-5 and cryptocurrency. Proud member of EB-5 Securities Roundtable and Wyoming Blockchain Coalition.

Ronald Spratt is CEO at Sprott Global Capital Consultants. A resourceful business professional with a focus to giving its clients the highest level of access toproblem solving, entitlement and ethical standards. Specialties: International Banking, CompanyEvaluation, Exit Plans, Capital Formation, Trade Analysis, Project Funding, Empowerment.

Jacob Terrell is Linguist, Editor. He is a well-travelled, multilingual/multicultural scholar and professional linguist with extensive experience in data collection and analysis, database management and corpus building, curriculum design, and teaching. I am seeking a position in the public or private sector focused on the many facets of language and its use.

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