O.C. Ass Ch. 2

O.C. Ass Ch. 2


As I drove back to my rented house with my prize in trunk, I pondered just what I had here. A beautiful little slut with a tight wet pussy. On the other hand she was probably Amber Alert young. But I had gone too far to stop now anyway, may as well see it through now. I pulled into the driveway and cut the lights. After I killed the engine, I walked around back to the trunk, and opened it up, revealing my treasure. She was curled up in a ball, disheveled and beautiful. I reached in picked her up, she made a few weak noises as I carried her down to the basement. I untied her and fastened her arms together, then ran the rope to an overhead pipe, leaving her dangling with her feet barely touching the floor. Then I just left, went upstairs took a shower and went to bed. I spent the next day goofing off outside the house. At midnight I went down to check on my new pet. She was hanging from the pipe with her head down.

I gently removed her gag and asked her Are you ready to obey me now?

Fuck you she managed to stammer out.

I smacked her acrossed the face and walked over to the table where I kept my toys and picked up a long, thin, leather belt. I returned to where she was hanging and showed her the whip. I saw the fear flash in her eyes as I walked around behind her. SMACK! I whapped her ass with the belt. Youre gonna learn to obey me, because I will still get what I want in the end I told her calmly. WHAP, WHAP, WHAP went the belt, until eventually her screams turned to hoarse cries, then her head slumped, unconscious.

I went upstairs for the rest of the day, leaving there to her thoughts and pain. The next morning when I returned to the basement, she was hanging, unconscious. Her back was a mass of raw, red welts, some of which had been bleeding. I untied her bonds, and gently lowered her to the floor. I picked her up and carried her upstairs to the bathroom where i drew a bath for her. When i lowered her into the water her eyelids fluttered open.

What are you doing? she gently mumbled.

You need to be clean, and stay healthy. I plan to have you for a long time I replied. With that I began to gently bathe her, taking care not to hurt her wounds more, and still get them clean. Then I allowed her to dress and took her downstairs. I had a large meal prepared as she hadnt eaten in two days. I allowed her to eat and drink all she wanted. When she was done I led her into the living room, she was rather meek now, probably unsure of my intentions. I sat on the couch and motioned for her to kneel in front of me. She dropped onto her knees, almost as if against her will. Now undo my pants and take my cock out I told her, As long as you do as your told, there will be no pain, no punishment. But you will come to understand that you belong to me now, now and forever you will be my slut. Mine to use for my pleasure as I see fit

NO, I WONT YOU FREAKY ASSHOLE She shouted defiantly at me.

This one had some spirit, but I was determined to break that. I smacked her acrossed the face as hard as I could, sending her petite little body to the floor. I reached down and grabbed a handful of her hair and jerked her head up to me.

I leaned down to her ear and said very quietly I just told you, you belong to me now. There is no one to come save you, no one to rescue you. There is no one at all, only me. You will learn to serve me and you will only be happy when you are pleasing me

With that I drug her back down to the basement by her hair, thudding her little body painfully down the stairs. By this time she was screaming and squeeling pathetically, while I stripped her nude again. Once again I bound her hands and suspended her sexy little body just barely off the floor. But this time I also blindfolded her. She was begging and pleading with me not to beat her, please dont hurt me, blah blah, Ill do anything bullshit that they always scream. Too late though, I removed my shoes so that she could not hear me, then I walked in front of her. SMACK!, went the belt acrossed her little B-cups. She screamed her heart out, the sound of pure anguish tearing from her beautiful slender throat. SMACK!, on the back of her thigh now. SMACK! down her back, SMACK! up between her legs on her slutty little pussy.

That belongs to me now, you belong to me. If you would only behave and be a good little slut for me.... This wouldnt have to happen, but youll learn With that said I continued to methodically beat her gorgeous little body black and blue. All her pleading, screaming, and begging was falling on deaf ears. I left no part of her untouched by my belt, when I was done I simply walked away leaving her hanging, unconcious while I went upstairs and went to bed.

In the morning I crept downstairs to check on my most prized possesion. She was still hanging, unconcious just as I left her, but this time from exhuastion, not pain. I gently lowered her body, and cradling her in my arms carried her back up the stairs to the bathroom. She had wet herself at some point, so I cleaned her up again. She was absolutely silent as I ran my hands over her body, washing her, taking special care around the worst wounds. By now she was too weak to stand, so I drained the tub and wrapped her in a towel. I then picked her up and carried her into my bedroom and laid her on the bed.

Now are you going to cooperate while we have some fun? I asked her.

The fear in her eyes was answer enough, so I ran my hand up her thigh, slowly parting her legs. I began to rub her clit with my thumb. As I expected this caused her to squirm some, and she opened her legs wider for me. It was almost as if the concious part of her mind had left, leaving only instinct and reaction. I ran my finger down her slit, then back up again until I felt her begin to get wet. When she did, I slowly slid two fingers into her sweet little cunt, hooking them forward to rub her g-spot. I was still rubbing her clit with my other hand. I started out slowly, watching her face contort, her brown eyes closed tight. I continued until her body was writhing, working my hands on her and in her faster and faster. Suddenly moans were escaping from her hoarse throat. Thats when I took my hand off her clit and smacked her on the face, hard.

Youre MY LITTLE WHORE NOW, GOT IT? I screamed at her, then smacked her again acrossed my face.

She was so close she came anyway, fully concious and aware now, just like I wanted her to be. She looked absolutely horrified at how her body had betrayed her.

You see that? Youre a slut, and you belong to me now. I can make you feel that good, or as bad as I did last night on a whim. As long as you take care of me, Ill take care of you. From now on when I give you an intruction youll reply with Yes Jr., got that? I asked.

She nodded her head, then remembered and quickly stammered out, Y-Y-Yess Jr.

This time you are forgiven, I told her, Now stand up

Yes Jr. She meekly replied as she stood before me.

God she was beautiful, even bruised and covered in welts. Her perky little b-cups standing out, her dark hair flowing over her shoulders, and her big, brown eyes cast down at the floor.

Kneel down slut

Yes Jr. she said quietly as she dropped to her knees before me.

You know what to do dont you slut? I asked.

She nodded slowly as she unbuttoned my pants. She meekly pulled my dick out, 8 inches sticking in her face.

I gently slapped her face with it and said, now do a good job and you can have some more fun.

She took my dick in her hand and sucked the tip into her mouth, flicking over the head with her tounge. She started off slowly, working maybe half of it in and out, using her hand on the rest. She kept looking up at me with those big brown eyes, she was driving me crazy!

Play with your pussy I commanded, get yourself good and wet for me

She reached down and started to rub her cunt, working on my dick faster now. I couldnt take much more, I hadnt fucked her since I brought her here my aching balls needed a release, and soon. She began to take my dick further in, into her throat now. I noticed when I looked down at her that she was finger fucking herself at a furious rate. What a slut! It was too much to take, I shot my load right into her mouth, most of it going straight down her throat, but some ran out as she gagged a little, dribbling down her chin. She was still finger fucking herself though!

See, can I pick em or what? You like to be used dont you? You love to be forced to be a little whore, to do the things that just wouldnt be right for a good girl to do, huh? I said to my beautiful slut.

She stopped fingering herself, looking confused, almost like she hadnt realized what she was doing.

Dont you stop, unles you wanna head back to the basement... I told her ominously,Now get up on the bed Aran, and spread your thighs

She complied, spreading her silky long legs, showing me that shaved beaver. Which she immediately went back to pummeling with her two fingers. Fear in her eyes, she continued on and on as I watched. After about 10 minutes of that she was back to moaning and writhing again, and I was back to giving her my best 8 salute. I climbed up onto the bed, spreading her legs even farther apart, placing her calves on my shoulders. I positioned my dick just inside her pussy lips.

You want that dont you? And you better give the right answer Aran, you little slut! I told her.

Y-Y-Yesss Jr., please

Please what slut?

Fuck me, please...

She wanted it, so she got it. I jammed it all the way in, as hard as I could. A ragged moan escaped from her lips. I wasted no time, immediatly going to full tilt. Banging her little pussy like a drum. I slammed her pussy as hard as I could, the sheer forced of each thrust jerking her little body foward. I was mesmorized by the sight of her little titties bouncing on her chest, her eyes closed, breathing heavy while I furiously pumped my dick in and out of of her tight little twat. The sounds of our bodies slapping together filled the room. Finally her cunt tightened up around my cock as she screamed out her orgasm, her whole body thrashing around my cock. That drove me over the edge, I shot my load deep inside her cunt thrusting into her one final time. I rolled over next to her and pulled her close to me.

See, being my slut isnt all bad I told her.

Stay tuned.











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