Nurse Kate pt2

Nurse Kate pt2


When I met the person that I wanted to spend my life with I never expected that it would be before I left school, someone older, who was married and least of all a woman. When I left England with my mother at the age of 16 to live in Italy in an attempt to help me with the problems I acquired when my parents divorced. I never thought it would be the best decision of my life.

I had spent only a few hours in the care of nurse Kate after getting stoned on the roof of my new school an hour before playing field hockey and ending up in the nurses office but I was in love from the second I laid my eyes on her and to my surprise she felt the same for me. Only problem was she was married and only minutes after she had finished fucking me her husband turned up.

The door opened and I waited for the man who was married to the woman I had fallen in love with to walk into the room. Three seconds felt like a life time and I half wanted to get out of the bed even in my naked state and make him move faster. Finally a tall figure entered the room but he was not what I expected him to be. Yes I expected him to be tall but he was not a male model like I thought he would be, far from it. He was just a tall balding man, he was thin and looked like he was about 50 years old. When he walked into the room he took a quick glance around but did not make eye contact with me but that might have been due to the fact I was trying to pretend to be asleep and I was not doing a very good job staring at him with a shocked expression on my face. He was now looking to Kate and speaking to her in Italian his voice sounded strong like a business mans would sound when addressing potential clients in a business meeting. Their conversation did not last long after he kissed her on the cheek he left closing the door behind him. I laid there with now a look of confusion on my face. I could not understand what has just transpired they didnt act much like a married couple or at least none I had ever seen. I stared at my lover as she walked over to me with a look that made my confusion increase. is he coming back? I asked trying to control my voice. no, he is going on a business trip and came to say bye to me the look on her face changed and now she was smiling he is going to be away for 5 weeks she took my hand and kissed the palm all the while staring me in the eyes what is the matter? she asked when she saw that my face had not changed from its confused expression. I took a deep breath because even her kissing the palm of my hand sent my pulse racing. that is your husband? I dont get it……. Hes old……. And bald and cold……. And you…. You are warm, beautiful and most defiantly not old!! she looked at me now with sorrow in her eyes her hand still holding mine dropped into the lap and her eyes glazed over as she began to speak Yes that is my husband but we are not married because of love but because he wanted to… she paused to search for the right word collect me. He likes possessions and my father was his client and offered me to him as part of a deal. He does not like me working but it is the one thing I told him I would never give up. I do not love him and he only desires that I belong to no one but him with tears in her eyes she snapped out of her glazed state and looked at me in the eyes you are young, you are yet to discover the worlds true nature but know this I never belonged to him because he did not have my heart and I did not know I could feel for someone before even speaking to them but you could possibly hold my heart without saying a word I grabbed her and pulled her so she was laying on the bed cradled in my arms and that is where she stayed until the morning.

Two days later: it was Friday night and I had told my mother I was going to a friends house and would be spending the weekend as a bonding experience. It was not lie as such I was going to be spending the weekend with a friend except that friend was Nurse Kate and the bonding was going to be sex related activities. I spent two hours looking for the right thing to wear and packed a bag even though I didnt think I would need anything that was in it. I ran down the stairs shouting my good byes as I threw myself out the door and to the end of the road where Nurse Kate was waiting for me in her car. I opened the door and jumped in landing head first into her lap she smiled you know you are going to do yourself another injury if you keep doing that I looked at her with a huge smile on my face sorry…. Nurse Kate she rolled her eyes lifted my head and kissed me softly on the lips do you not think we are a little beyond the nurse formalities please baby dont be so formal at least when we are alone I sat up closed the car door yes….. Kate and with that we set off in the car.

We pulled up to an apartment building and made our way through the lobby and up to the 8th floor to where the doors opened up in front of her apartment in silence she opened the door and ushered me inside and closed the door behind us. Emma? I turned to look at but before I could say a word her lips met mine with a surge of passion her hands gripping my face tight. I dropped my bag and wrapped my arms round her pulling myself into her, my heart beating out of my chest. She span me around and pushed me up against the door I let out a moan and I could feel myself getting wetter by the second. I started to unbutton her trousers but she took hold of my hands and forced them against the door. She used her right leg to part my legs and then rub her knee against my extremely wet pussy and I moaned again this time louder. Kate released my hands, took my bottom lip between her teeth and let out a sexy little growl before then pushing away let me show you my home she said turning and walking away from me. I stood there unable to walk my legs feeling like jelly, my head felt dizzy and my heart was beating so hard I thought even the people in the street would be able to hear it. I took a deep breath and my legs felt a little less like jelly and I stumbled across the floor after her I could not really make out anything in the room and I hit my leg off the table. I decided I was not moving until I could at least take in the room and I laid on the floor. Kate turned around marched over to me and held out her hand to help me up in the dim light of the room I could make out her beautiful full lips and her hair draped over her shoulders. I took her hand and then pulled her on top of me Im not going anywhere right now and neither are you! she smiled straddled me and began removing her top.

The next morning when I woke up in the middle of possibly the most comfortable bed I had ever slept on. I rolled over to find Kate still asleep and my heart started to pound hard. She was pretty worn out but we had very little time together and I wanted her. The night before we spent all our time between rolling around on the floor passionately kissing and generally just touching every part of each others body apart from where we both really wanted to touch each other talking about everything. Proving to each other that it was not just about sex and now I wanted to be so close her and be so far in her that we became one person. I softly began kissing her shoulder. I moved her curled hair out of the way and softly kissed her neck. My hand moved from being round her waist and began rubbing her outer thigh just the once before moving to her inner thigh. She let out a little moan and rolled over to face me, her eyes blinking fast as if trying to focus on my face she smiled and I took her smile as approval to continue with what I wanted to do. I took my hand which was resting now on her outer thigh and pulled her leg so it was wrapped around me, this was going to be the first time I had fucked her and I was going to show her that though I had never done it before that I was a very fast learner. With her leg round me I moved my hand round her butt cheeks and quickly located her clit. I could feel she was already starting to get wet and that was making my heart beat faster. She was still half asleep but that was about to change. Once I found her clit I softly started rubbing it, slowly. She closed her eyes, bit her beautiful full bottom lip and let out a cute little moan. Then I pushed hard and her eyes flew open she didnt even think as she grabbed the back of my neck and began to kiss me wildly her hand moved to my back, digging her fingers into my shoulder blade I moaned loudly and winced as it was really painful she noticed and let go opps she giggled. My finger moved slowly to her pussy lips and I slipped easily between them. She was so wet now that I couldnt believe that I was capable of making her like that. I pushed two fingers inside her and she clung to them. Her tight pussy felt amazing and so warm. I wiggled my fingers inside her and she responded by moaning and trusting so my fingers went deeper. I rolled so I was now on top of her and her leg was over my shoulder so I didnt have to remove my fingers. I began to kiss down her body as my fingers played inside of her tight pussy, down her neck and I placed her hard nipple in my mouth sucking and nibbling it. She began to moan loud and she started trying to grab the sheets. She began to get extremely tight round my finger and she felt hot all of a sudden her moaning turned into almost screams and she started to push her arse into the air. Her muscles started to react violently around my fingers and then it was over. Kate collapsed back onto the bed she was breathing heavily. I slowly pulled my fingers out of her pussy as I did so she shuddered and let out a high pitched moan. I looked up to find her staring at me. I crawled up the bed to her head and kissed her softly for a second and just as I was pulling away her arms wrapped around my neck and forced me to stay. I didnt argue and we kissed for what seemed like forever. She finally let me go I love you she whispered as she stared into my eyes as I repositioned myself on the bed. I love you too I replied tears welling in my eyes.

Around noon Kate fell back to sleep and I got up and went into the shower. The shower was massive and could easily fit 5 people in comfortably. I finished my shower and put on Kates dressing gown and wandered into the kitchen to make something to eat. I planned on making Kate something to eat because when she woke up I was positive she would be just as hungry as I was. I opened the ridiculously large fridge and found it packed full of food. I pulled out some eggs, butter, tomatoes and some leeks for one of my favourite foods scrambled egg with leek and tomato….. Not all that inventive but it is extremely nice. I took enough out to feed ten and started to prepare it. I cut the leeks and tomatoes and lightly whisked the eggs. melted the butter and added the leeks to cook slowly. I had just finished cooking and was reaching up for some bowls when an arm went around my waist and pulled me close. I turned my head to see Kate as her other arm reached and grabbed the bowls. She kissed me I wanted to cook for you I said as I tried to resist the urge to spin around and start kissing her more passionately. She smiled good I appear to have acquired quite an appetite and she winked. She lat go of me and got some forks and I dished up the food.

Sunday night came all too quickly and when she dropped me off at the end of the street she looked at me I love you she said as went in to kiss her goodbye I love you too I got out of the car and shut the door I walked down the street to my house and went inside all of a sudden my phone began vibrating. I had gotten a text message……. It was from Kate and it read when you come see me tomorrow I wont be wearing any underwear and remember to be formal…….. XXX K I smiled and decided that school tomorrow might not be all that bad.

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