Nude Beach Trip with Grandma Ch. 03

Nude Beach Trip with Grandma Ch. 03

^^^Ch 3^^^

I dressed, went to the kitchen, and I met up with the rest of the crew. We agreed we're too hungover to go to the beach. I ate some buttered toast, drank two strong cups of coffee, and Angie and I walked to our beach house. 

We talked, and she wasn't her usual bitchy self. I thought, "Note to self, your bratty, bossy older sister is nice after you fuck her and give her an orgasm." I chuckled.

"What are you laughing at?" she asked.

"I was thinking about the chicken fights and how badly I did. Do you think I should start working out? Bulking up?"

She squeezed my bicep and said, "That's not a bad idea."

We arrived home, went up the stairs, and into the house. 

"Finally.," Grandma said. "It's after noon. Where have you been?"

"Inside Angie," I said to myself and smiled. Out loud I said, "We partied hard with Karen, Ellie, and Bill. We slept over. Sorry. I should've called."

"Yes. Sorry," Angie said.

"Was there a full moon last night?" Grandmother asked and laughed. "Everyone had fun and slept over. Your mother hasn't gotten home yet."

"Wow! Good for her," Angie said. "She needs some fun in her life."

"Yes," I agreed. "I thought Kyle was a good guy. He was well-mannered and well-groomed."

The door opened, we all turned to see Mother walk in. She looked exhausted. Her hair and clothes were disheveled. Angie went to her and asked, "Mom, are you all right?"

"Yes. It's nice to be home. I had an interesting evening. Sometimes things aren't as they appear."

"Yesterday, I left the beach with Kyle, and he dropped me off here to shower and get ready for our date. He told me to pull out all the stops that we were going to a fancy restaurant and then dancing.

"I did my best to look nice. I hadn't packed expecting to go out to a club because your father and I hadn't been to a dance club in years. I did the best I could and wore my wrap dress. Angie, I borrowed a pair of your high heels."

She sat on the sofa beside Grandma, took off the shoes, and breathed a sigh of relief. She rubbed her right foot, smiled sheepishly, and said, "I'm too old for heels this high." 

Angie and I sat and listened to her story.

"Kyle picked me up for our date. He was impeccably dressed, and his car was new and expensive. He drove us to the restaurant. Everyone knew him: the valet who parked the car, the maitre d' who sat us at a table with a beautiful view of the ocean, and our waiter who knew what drink Kyle wanted and asked, 'Your usual, Sir?'

"Kyle nodded and said, 'Bring two." The waiter left, and Kyle said, 'Marie, you're in for a treat. Ricardo makes a magnificent martini.' The drink that was brought over was basically chilled vodka. Very potent. I prefer dirty gin martinis with lots of olives.

"We drank and talked and had a second vodka martini. After I had down half of it, Kyle leaned into me and said, 'I want you to go to the ladies' room, remove your underwear, and when you come back, give them to me.'

"I was a little shocked, but he was an attractive man. The idea scared me, but it also seemed fun, flirty, and sexy. I hadn't felt like that in years, so I did it. When I returned from the bathroom, I had my panties balled up in my hand, I slid into my seat and handed them to Kyle. He took them, gave them a quick look, smiled at me, and put them into the inside pocket of his suit jacket.

"I was red-faced. I was sure that everyone had seen me hand my panties to him and knew I was naked under my dress." 

She lifted both hands and said to us, "As you can see, I don't have a bra on." She looked chagrinned.

"Kyle asked me, 'How do you feel?' 'Naked and embarrassed,' I said. 'And alive and sexy?' he added. 'Yes. I'm tingling. I'm worried that people saw me hand you my underwear. I feel naughty and sexy.' 'You look sexy," he said.

"As I told you, our table had a great view of the ocean. We sat side-by-side on a curved bench seat facing a floor-to-ceiling glass window that overlooked the ocean. Kyle whispered, 'Spread your legs.' 'What! No,' I objected. 'What are you worried about? No one will see.' 'Yes, but...' 'But what? There's no one on the other side of the glass.'

"He was right. I felt I was being needlessly modest. I thought, 'In for a penny. In for a pound.' I spread my legs and gave the ocean and moon a view of my pussy. 'Good girl,' he said. He tugged on my wrap dress so he could see the tops of my thighs.

"He ordered for me and insisted I try the bacon-wrapped fillet mignon. We had another drink. I was having fun and feeling more alive and sexier than I had in years. The waiter brought us our food. As he served me, I noticed that his eyes dropped to my lap. I looked down and freaked out, my dress had opened up, and since I wasn't crossing my legs, he saw my pussy! 

"I felt my face flush and snapped my legs together while Kyle laughed and winked at the waiter. He said, 'Calm down. Hundreds of people saw your pussy today at the nude beach. Why would this be any different?' 'Because at the beach everyone is naked, and I know they can see me, and in a sense, I'm giving them permission. Here, everyone is wearing clothes and I'm not expecting anyone to see my vagina. At the nude beach, it's no big deal. Here, it's embarrassing.' 

"We ate our meal. It was very good. I kept my legs crossed the whole time. He asked if I'd like dessert, and I suggested we share an appealing item that caught my eye. He said, 'If you want it, you have to masturbate. Here. Now.' He stared directly into my eyes. He wasn't kidding. I felt I had to do it. I wanted to do it for him, and I did.

"I didn't masturbate to an orgasm, but enough to get my fingers wet and so we could smell my arousal. 'That's enough,' he said. 'Give me your fingers.' I lifted them from my crotch, he grabbed my hand, smelled my soiled fingers as a sommelier would evaluate an uncorked bottle of wine. I must have passed the test. He smiled, mumbled 'Magnific,' and I got dessert.

"This guy is beginning to sound weird," Angie said. 

"Now, I see his controlling nature," Mother said. "But at the time, he was handsome, charming, and polite. His requests titillated me. I felt sexy and desired; not submissive and his playtoy. That feeling came later.

"What happened? Are you okay?" I asked.

Mother chuckled and said, "Yes, I'm all right, and if you hold your horses, I'll finish the story of my unusual evening.

"We went to the club. The music was good. We danced and drank and I had fun. Kyle is a good dancer. He twirled me, and my dress opened up, showing my boobs, a lot of my legs, and occasionally a flash of my pussy. I didn't mind this time. Everyone was partying and acting crazy, so it didn't seem out of place.

"He took me back to his place. I was looking forward to having sex. It had been forever since a man had paid me this much attention, and I hadn't orgasmed in nearly a year."

My jaw dropped open. Mother noticed, laughed, and asked, "Was that too much information?" Angie and Grandma laughed at my reaction. I smiled and tried to be a good sport.

"He fixed us another drink, we sat on the sofa and kissed. My body was on fire! I hadn't passionately kissed a man who wasn't your father in twenty-five years. I melted in his arms. Soon I was naked and sucking his dick. It felt empowering. Unlike the last time I blew your father, Kyle was appreciative and as hard as a rock. He was small. Probably less than five inches long and slim, but I didn't care. In fact, it made it easier for me to perform oral sex."

"Yes," Angie said, looking at me and winking. "Big dicks can be a bitch to fit in your mouth."

"I blew him, and he blew his load into my mouth," Marie stated. 

"Did you swallow?" Angie asked. Mother nodded proudly.

"That's a good move. Always get the first climax out of the way so the man will have the stamina for the main event," Grandma said.

I felt uneasy, being part of the post-coitus debriefing. My face felt warm. It probably was red.

"I washed his cum down with a fine merlot. He undressed. He looked good. You know. You've seen him naked. He's fit. He took me into the bedroom, sat me on the side of the bed, and said, 'I'm going to give you oral sex.'

"Woohoo!" Angie cheered. "That's my kind of man!"

Mother smiled and said, "Yes. I was very pleased to hear that. Then he added, 'I have something that will enhance your pleasure.' He opened a drawer and pulled out a box. He opened it. I asked, 'What are those?' He said, 'Nipple clamps.'

"They were standard alligator clamps with the sharp metal teeth. They had rubber guards over the teeth so they could apply pressure without tearing into my flesh. I said, "They look like they will hurt and could bite my nipple off'.

"He said, 'They will hurt, but not too much. See this screw.' He pointed to a screw on the clamp and said, 'This controls the pressure. It can lightly clamp or, when you're in the mood, bite more forcefully. The clamps don't go on from the side and only grip the tip of your nipple. They go straight in so they grab more flesh'.

"I'm relieved to hear the clamps didn't have sharp metal teeth, but still... doesn't it hurt to have your nipples clamped?" Angie asked.

"I asked the same question because I had the same fear," Mother said. He assured me that I would love them and that they would enhance our experience. I have very sensitive nipples, so I was concerned, but I'd done many things outside my comfort zone that night, and he was so eager, so I let him put them on me. 

"At first, I felt a pinching sensation that faded to a dull ache which I forgot about when he went down on me." 

She laughed, and the other women did too.

"He ate me, and it was great, but the ache in my breasts was always there in the background. He asked, 'Are your nipples okay?' I answered yes. The compression was light. Most of the sensation came from the weight of the clamps and chain hanging down. He adjusted them, making them fit tighter. It hurt, I gasped, he said, 'The pain will turn to pleasure.' 

"He resumed giving me oral sex, and the pain again faded into the background until he reached up and pulled on the chain. 'Fuck! Ouch!' I screamed. He looked into my eyes and saw my pain and fear. 

"He removed the clamps, blood rushed into my nipples, and they became hard, felt alive, and were super sensitive. He stroked them gently with his fingers. He licked, kissed, and lightly pinched them. It was wonderful! I may have had a small orgasm! The newfound sensitivity yielded extraordinary pleasure.

"He said, 'See, my pet. The clamps did everything I promised and more. The pain turned to pleasure as endorphins flooded your bloodstream, and the sensitivity of your nipples went through the roof.' 'Yes!', I gushed and kissed him.

"He put the clamps back on and said, 'We can do this again and again. Trust me. Now?' 'Yes.' We got in the center of the bed. He was on his back and had an erection. He ordered me to suck it, so I took his little prick into my mouth. He screamed, 'Suck it, Bitch! Gag on my cock.'

"I laughed because his cock was never going to make me gag. He struck my bottom with the palm of his hand, the sound rang out in the room, and the pain shocked me. He repeated over and over, 'Suck my dick, Bitch! Gag on my cock.' And he slapped me on the ass.

"I finally caught on and began gagging and whining about his huge cock. He thrust into my mouth and said proudly, 'Most women have trouble taking it all in.'

"He instructed me to get on my hands and knees, and he knelt behind me. He slammed his cock into my pussy. Luckily, I was wet, and he was small, so it didn't hurt me. We played the same game as if he had a monster cock, and I was having trouble handling it. He said stuff like, 'Can you handle me?' 'I'm going to split you in two.' 'Am I the biggest and best cock you've ever had?'

"The truth was I didn't feel much, and if he hadn't been shouting and crowing, I would have asked, 'Is it in yet?'

We laughed. Angie said, "Been there. Done that. A sad feeling comes over you when the dude answers, 'Yes. I'm in.'"

The women laughed again.

"So Kyle is banging me from behind. He reached around and fingered me. That was nice. Sometimes he reached around and pulled on the chain connected to the nipple clamps. That hurt like a bitch, and I screamed. He'd finger me, and the pain would subside.

"I don't know where he got it, but the next thing I know is he's striking my butt with a wooden ruler. Thwack! I screamed in pain, and he hit me over and over again. I flattened out on the bed and told him to stop because it hurts.

"He dropped the ruler and crouched over me. I'm crying, and the next thing I know is the bastard has shoved his dick in my ass! Now, I'm not asking is it in? I know it's in me. I'm yelling, 'Get off me.' Get it out!' 'That's the wrong hole!' Thank God he had a little dick! He didn't hurt me.

"He pounded my ass, cried out, and climaxed. He pulled out after putting a couple of shots inside me, and he stroked his dick and shot the rest of his load on my back.

"I'm lying there in shock. He got up, went into the bathroom, and got into the shower. I stumble into the bathroom in a stupor, piss, and poo his jism out of me. He gets out of the shower and as he's drying, he said, 'This was a great evening. The sex was great. Shower if you like. The concierge will call you a cab.'

"I got off the toilet with his cum dripping out of my ass and I decked him."

"You hit him?" Grandma asked. "Good for you!"

"I laid him out. My fist caught him on the chin. He got this surprised look on his face, his legs buckled, and he fell to the floor. I wiped my ass and pussy with his towel, got dressed, and came home."

"Wow!" I said.

My mother stood, opened her wrap dress, showed us her nude body. She laughed and said, "I left so quickly that I forgot my underwear and forgot to take off the nipple clamps."

We howled.

Angie inspected the nipple clamps. She gently removed them from Mom's breasts. Our mother closed her eyes, sighed, rubbed her tits, and moaned. When she opened her eyes, she said, "I'm glad I kept the clamps. They hurt while you wear them, but the rush and increased sensitivity when they come off is worth it."

"God! I need a cock!" Mother said. "The bigger the better. The bastard teased me all night: in the restaurant, with the oral sex, and the nipple clamps. He came twice, and I never got off."

Angie laughed, "How desperate are you?"

"Very. Did you bring a vibrator?" Mother asked.

"No," Angie said, 'but the biggest and best cock I've had in my life is right in front of you."

"You too?" Mother asked.

"Me too what?" Angie asked warily.

"I know Grandma and Eric have had sex. I saw them one night. I got up to use the bathroom and saw them doing it in the hallway. You and your brother...?"

"Yes," Angie admitted. "I could try to claim I was drunk, but that isn't the reason. Scott and his buddy used me and left me unsatisfied as Kyle did to you. Eric had an orgy with Karen, Bill, and Ellie. The women raved about his skills and his dick. I asked myself 'Why not? I deserve a good fucking and great orgasm, and he delivered.'"

"I love you, Mom. Whatever you need," I said.

My mother looked at me and said nothing.

Grandma stepped forward, undid my pants, and pulled them down. My dick was partially hard. She stroked me to a full erection.

"Damn," my mother said softly.

Angie reached out and pinched our mother's nipples. She tugged on them. My mother shouted, "Damn! That hurts." Angie let go and with a feather-light touch brushed her fingers against our mother's stiff nipples.

"Ohhhh," Mother moaned. 

"How long has it been since you've orgasmed," Grandmother asked.

"Nearly a year."

"Why wait another second?" Dawn said. She grabbed Angie's arm and said, "Come upstairs with me. Let's give them some privacy." They left the room.

My mother stood there. Neither of us spoke. I don't know what she was thinking, but I was thinking here is someone I love that's in pain, and I can help her. I embraced her and kissed her cheek, neck, collar bone, and breasts.

"Ohhhh," she moaned. I took that as a sign that I had guessed correctly. She needed a man, and I was the only one in the room.

I led her to the sofa and did what my grandmother had taught me. I kissed, caressed, and sucked on her breasts. I found that the lightest touch brought her great joy.

My fingers found her sex, and I warmed and made her sex wet.

"Oh, Oh," she moaned.

I slid to the floor. My mother spread her legs, and I performed oral sex. I didn't stop until she climaxed.

After a brief respite, I laid on the floor and said, "Get on top of me. After an evening with a man who controlled and manipulated you, you deserve to be in charge."

She smiled, grasped my erection, and said, "This is a nice cock." She mounted me. She rode me for her pleasure cooing, moaning, and complimenting me and my cock. She orgasmed, moaned happily, and I filled her with my seed.

I stayed with her and held her tight. 

She kissed my cheek and said, "Thank you that was exactly what I needed."

When I went to bed that night, I wasn't doing cartwheels or shouting, 'Woohoo! I fucked my Mom!'. I was thinking I'm glad after a terrible day I was able to bring my mother some joy.


Note from the author - Readers, I wonder what happens next. Any suggestions?