Norton Security Installation Procedure Suggested by Experts

Norton Security Installation Procedure Suggested by Experts

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Norton security is developed by Symantec, which is the current computer software security. You can operate it on Mac OS X, MS Windows, Android, and iOS platforms. It can be accessed in 3 editions. Norton Security can work in single device. On the other hand, Norton Security Deluxe is used for safeguarding threats around 5 devices and Norton Security Premium fits for 10 devices to prevent the further arrival of virus. So, you ought to apply below steps to install Norton security easily. For getting the full-length benefits of this software suites, you will get to know how to access Norton product activation key, download the software and steps to reinstall Norton software regardless of devices. It is suggested to visit for correct download and installation process.

Either you need to Uninstall earlier Norton or any other security software

In Windows

·       You have to opt this step provided that there is any earlier security software installation in your current working device.

·       Nothing needs to do except open your computer your computer and thereafter, you do reach on the control panel section.

·       Having reached on control panel section, you can do the following steps according to your operating system.

1.      As you reach on the start icon on your system, you screen out programs and features sections. You can apply the same procedure irrelevant to your operating system.  The high probability of widely used names are Windows 7, 8, 10.

2.    For Windows Vista, you have to go to Uninstall a program option.

3.    If you access Windows XP, you have to hit the ‘Add or remove programs’ option.

·       By doing so, a directory of programs will open. In that menu, go to the Norton program which has remove, and at last, hit the uninstall or remove option.

·       Now, you can tap on the option Norton Complete Uninstall.

·       When you click on that option, a window will open on the screen which is known as Subscription Waiting Period Warning window. Tap on the next option.

·       Lastly, hit the Restart Now option. You have to restart your computer to completely uninstall the software.

In Mac OS X computers

·       You can remove the app by performing either one of the following steps:

1.    Uninstall it with the help of Launchpad. When you do so, the next step you can perform is to hold all the icons until they jiggle. When they start to do that, hit the delete button (X).

2.    If no delete button is there in the Launchpad, you can remove the app with the use of its uninstaller. If uninstaller is not available, the relevant thing that you can do is to take the app in the Trash, and after doing that remove it.

3.    In Mac, restart is not required.

Install the Norton Security

·       Using you will readdress to your Norton Account.

·       In that login page, you have to type in your email address and password related to your account.

·       Now, you can navigate to sign in textual link to leverage from inherited key features.

·       In case, if this is your first time after the purchase to operate this software, you have to choose one of the two possibilities. Either to Install on this device or to Install on another device.

Now, hit the option ‘Agree & Download’ to allow the software to download and installed on your current device.

·       In case if by mistake you have closed the window by performing the aforementioned step, you can get back to that window by redirecting to the Device tab.

·       As you download this antivirus software on your computer, you will be offered Norton's downloader program. When you execute it, the security software will start to download and install. Now, perform the on-screen instructions. When you perform these instructions, you are blessed with the best antivirus.

You can Install this antivirus software on any of your Device

If you are capable to install your Norton security software on your other devices such as computer or mobile, you have to perform the given steps.

·       Visit and sign in there access your Norton software.

·       In the Management Home page, you will see a button stating Download Norton. And above this button, another option is there which says "Do you want to add more devices?"

·       Now, you have to click on that button. When you click on the button, you will see a menu where you have to click on Install on another device option. When you do this, your screen will be full of prompts. Perform all the on-screen instructions. By doing so, they will send an installation link through your email.

Get Your Product Key

·       To get the Product key, Sign in to your Norton Account.

·       Hit the Devices tab.

·       By doing so, you will see a number of options on your screen and there you have to look for your desired device for whom you want a product key. After selecting it, note down the number. Or you can also highlight, copy or paste it. You can also access your product key from the Services tab.

Download the Norton Security by Installing and then Activating it

·       Visit to download your Norton Security Software.

·       Go to to download your Norton Security with backup

·       When you have done this, double click on the file and start the Norton Security install.

·       When the installation is done, an agreement will display on your screen. If you wish you can read it and after reading close it.

·       When you close the agreement page, an option ‘Agree and install Norton Security’ will pops-up. Click on that option.

·       Now, type the activation code which you have noted down earlier. When you write it, your antivirus software will be installed.

You can visit to know more about this software. For technical assistance, you can contact our experts round the clock.

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