Normal Morning Routine_(1)

Normal Morning Routine_(1)


Annabelle was at her normal new routine with John in the morning. Every morning she loved to play with his cock, as it made her tingle a little of pleasure down south. She gripped onto his cock in his sleep. She tugged at it lightly, as he didnt awaken from his slumber. It was still dark outside, the sun has not even peeked into the window yet. Baby, Can i lick your dick?~ She said out of desperation as to try and wake him up, tugging a little harder as she did. He still would not budge, he could sleep through an earthquake. She tugged harder, squeezing violently to try to get him up and still no movement. What is she gonna do? She was desperately horny. The evidence was all over her panties, and all over Johns leg. She straddled him, grinding her lips against his thigh. She bit her lip on the side, giggling softly as she continued to play with his cock. She thought to herself, He hates it when i dont wake him up before i fuck him..but i am so horny..i need his cock..maybe stuffing his nose with my soaked panties? the scent usually wakes him up. Thirsting Out of last resort to take care of her issue, She went with the idea of sucking him off. Her cheeks flushed brightly in the dark, a small grin upon her face. She then gripped the hem of his boxers, slowly working their way off of him, side to side she went lower and lower, all until his limp cock popped out. It hit her face, twitching excitedly, and you could hear the little chuckle come from John. What is he doing? She thought in her head, a little pissed as he might be awake. She went on with it anyway, sitting in between his legs. Smirking, she took off her panties, her sweet moist scent rubbing off on them. She gently placed them on his nose, letting him breathe it in. His meaty member twitched within seconds, hardening as it went on. Soon, his cock fully stiffens, straight up and hard like a flagpole. Wow, he is always horny, no matter if hes asleep or awake. I wonder if he is thinking of fucking me. She said aloud, completely unaware he heard that. She winced, hoping he wouldnt laugh at her. She was always the shy one before she met him.

She grasped his phallic rod from the base, and stroked it up and down. Annabelle felt his cock throb with excitement the more she stroked him. She slumped back, lifting her entire bottom half into the air.She left her knees planted on the mattress. Again he chuckled, Making her blush even harder. Is he really awake or is he… She couldnt help but gulp in anticipation, waiting for his next reaction. She rubbed his shaft up and down, taking his balls into her small palm, massaging and scratching them, his favorite move he did on her. God i love his balls, always producing a big load. She moaned quietly wrapping her mouth on his tip, licking all around it slowly. She loved sucking his cock. It was the biggest thing that turned her on. A bright idea lit up in her head, and she with one motion flipped around, her ass completely in his face. She reached for the panties, tugging them away and threw them on the floor. Hes already hard. Lets see if he wakes up now. She once again gripped onto his cock, resuming her personal cock worship. She tilted her head sideways, pushing her lips against the side of his shaft, wrapping her lips fully around it. She then slowly but firmly, ran her head up and down, coating his cock in her saliva all around. A small moan escaped both of their mouths at the same time, alarming Annabelle. Of course, he must be dreaming of me.

Giggling out of excitement, she pulled away from his cock, and began to smack it against her hardened nipples. Mmmmf..fuck! She exclaimed with her mouth shut, examining his saliva soaked shaft. I need release..and sucking him off is not going to help but make me hornier. Fuck it. She flipped back around, her thighs pressing his together. Anabelle sat on her feet, leaning back with one hand resting her up. She then took ahold of his member in the other hand, gripping tightly and resumed her needy stroking. These moves excited her even more. She could not wait to put it in. But maybe she had other ideas. Annabelle knocked that stiff cock of Johns and rubbed it all over her sensitive nub. She moaned with excitement the more she rubbed, the feeling of his cock against her drove her crazy everytime. She whispered just enough hoping he would hear, Daddy, can i put it in? I need your big cock in so fucking wet, give it to me now.~ John she guessed said in his sleep with a low grumble, Yes baby, you may. Just when she was about to sit on him, pushing his member deep in her moist lips, he turned over onto his side. Even though it was dark in the room, a little bit of light helped her discover a light grin on his face. That bastard, Hes doing this on purpose. He is awake. Her face went from a smile to an angry grin, and decided to lay next to him, firmly pressing her big round cheeks wrapping them around his shaft. Annabelle wiggled her ass, clenching her butt together. This made his cock slip into her unexpectedly, and a hand cupped her breasts. Yes. I so fucking need this badly. Fuck me daddy! this time she did not care if she said this out loud. She needed him badly. She desperately wanted him to ravage her in that moment. Looks like someone needs some sexy loving, doesnt she? Alright princess. You can have my cock. He leaned up, kissing her lips softly, biting her bottom lip with his teeth. So you are awake. You asshole! She grew mad at him, letting go of his cock, throwing it against him. She scooted back, and hugged her knees, her face buried in them. The sheets shifted, and a head popped up in front of her. I was asleep, until you started pushing your pussy into my face. Now i want to eat it like a thanksgiving feast. Anabelles face now flustered redder than ever, even though she still was mad at him, decided she could not stay mad at her forever.

Mmmm...please..i need release.. I do not care how.. Her moans grew more needy hearing him talk dirty to her. That was the other thing she loved about him. He was not afraid to be a sexual freak with her. She was his personal slut. And his girlfriend. A slut is fun in everyones bed, but a good girlfriend is only a slut in yours. Then spread them. Open wide for daddy. She nodded and without hesitation, opened her knees, exposing her dripping pussy, the juices now soaking the sheets. She leaned back slightly more than what she was, pushing her feet out more. My my. You really are horny. Just cant get enough, can you? He leaned in, whispering into her ear. He placed a hand along her thigh, gliding it gently, pulling back and pushing forth, building anticipation. Dadddddyyyyyy! Please! Do what you want, just make me cum! He smiled at her, grinning profusely in her direction. Leaning in to kiss her deeply, he hovered his hand over her crotch, pushing his middle finger out. He tickled her clit with the tip of his finger, making Annabelles back arch. Her toes curled, and she pulled him in with her legs, locking him in place. Now eat the fuck out of me! I fucking love your tongue! She said out loud in her ear, her eyes pleading with desperation and need. He shook his head side to side, Rubbing her clit faster. He plugged her mouth with a kiss before she could say anything. Her moan was muffled by the kiss, her pussy throbbing with each stroke of her clit.

Her body quivered to the sensitive touch as she lay there limp. Daddy had her now, and she was ripe for the taking. He redirected her on her back, lifting one leg of hers onto his shoulders. He bent down to his knees, kneeling onto the floor. He left her legs onto his back, pulling her firm plump ass to the edge of the bed, making it easier to see her glistening soft lips. His cock twitched more and more the longer he stared at it. Eat my cream, you will have a surprise waiting for you, daddy! She grabbed his head forcefully, squeezing the sides. He stuck out his tongue effortlessly and without thought, nodding in agreement as he was too now horny. Licking up and down, stroke by stroke he danced her juices around, flicking them about. Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Oh FUCK YES! THIS IS WHAT I WANTED! GIVE ME MORE! DONT YOU FUCKING STOP! She yelled out in excitement, her pupils becoming open wide, her adrenaline making her heart pump faster. Her breathing raced, wanting more than just his simple tongue. She knew he wanted to fuck her and he knew she wanted him to make her cum. But why isnt he jamming his cock inside her? He licked slower, savoring her flavor, and began to wince his eyes at her. He grinned and let go with his tongue, how dripping are you? Jesus christ. Did you drink alot of water?!?!~ He resumed his slow licks, building up the lost anticipation. Gripping onto his head, she combed her fingers into his hair, grinding her pussy all over. She stayed silent to his reaction, completely disregarding his reaction. Her craving was for cock, not just his rough tongue. Yeah, you dirty boy. Lap it all up. Clean princess up. She writhed against his tongue more, her river continues to flow.

She could not wait any longer. Her need grew overwhelmingly, her pussy now a leaking faucet. Please daddy! I need your cock! Stuff me! Once again, crying out in desperate calling for satisfaction. A grin appeared on his face, and climbed up into the bed. Switching positions, he pushed her top half further to hang her upside down off the edge of the bed. She lost her composure, catching herself with her hands resting hard against the floor. John flipped Annabelle onto her back, sitting on his knees. His cock lay rested heavily upon her thigh as he began to writhe it against her. She attempted to cover her mouth with one hand, hiding back the teasing moans.

John caressed her soft wet lips with his hand, rubbing in an oval like shape. He then turned his hand upside down, wiggling her sensitive nub back and forth. Aaaahhh! She yelped in surprise, Her legs quivering in response. This feels good! Please! More, Daddy! Breed me! Her voice shakily reacted to her trembling body. Chuckling softly, John wanted a different approach this time. His shaft begin to toy with her clit, coating the tip in her lubricating juices. John slightly lifted up Annabelles lifted ankle, making her lower back raise up higher. Annabelle pleaded with need, reaching rapidly for the sheets. She attempted desperately to thrust her warm flesh angrily, aiming to impale herself with his bulging erection. John fought her squirms of arousal, pinning her back to the bed on the edge. Annabelle frustratedly gave up as she was not strong enough to accomplish her mission. She became limp, accepting her fate, letting him to bed with her however he so chose. John adored her attempts and reaction, his cock now fully erect and drenched in her secretion. He then began to slowly gyrate his tip in her tight tailhole, moaning at the traction between both surfaces. He pulled back out, toying with her rim. Annabelle gasped at the sudden surprise, blushing crimson red.

N-n-ny-nyaaa! S-s-soft at least..please? I have never h-had it back t-there.. She whimpered in a pleasantly aroused manner, knocking her head backwards. He nodded even though she could not see his response. His activity intrigued her, prompting her curiosity for the longing sensation. John without delay slowly drove his phallic member deep into her tailhole, consumed by her internal lining. Working his way back and forth, he pelted her mildly with pokes deep within her. Annabelle writhed against his waist, yelping savourly. Her eyes began to tear, but not just out of pain but out of happiness. I-i love you! Dont stop! P-p-please! I beg you, Daddy! Dont stop! Her response almost immediately within seconds of him initiating her lustful first anal experience. She began panting, her breathing becoming heavy with ecstasy. Huh! Huh! Huh! Fucking hell! Your pussy! Is not nearly! As tight! As your ass! John panting as well, found himself twitching in exhilaration. He struggled to keep his breath at a normal pace with his thrusts.

Annabelle felt a slight stinging sensation swallowing his cock with her interior. It was not good or bad, but mildly pleasant. Still hanging upside down off the edge of the bed, she took her finger nibbling her finger aiming to muffle her upcoming moans. They both grew silent, not being able to not say a word, their bodies both being pleased. They both came close to climax and Lohn was not ready to break just yet. Annabelle packed her lips with her fingers, her moans still lightly escaping from her mouth. Mm-mm-mmmm! Her body began to vibrate uncontrollably, engulfed and too busy with her own pleasure. Johns thrusts began to become relaxed, easily slower. Both Annabelle and John writhed against the other, their warm bodies exhilarating their lust. Kiss me and blow your juicy load into my ass, Daddy. I want to feel it fill me up and escape my body, covering our thighs. Her face grew a grin as she regained oxygen, a reassuring exchange of the need of release.

John nodded, pulling her up letting her prop up into his lap. Annabelle squirmed and wiggled viciously, his length now completely devoured by her asshole. She began to flail her thick bottom back and forth up and down, moaning intentionally and directly into his ear. She grew impatient, steadily increasing their speed. She needed his cum desperately. Her entire body required him to quench her thirst for satisfaction. Cum in me, daddy! Fill up your princess! John nodded in agreement, he too his cock could not bear to wait no longer. He held her in place, leaning back pitched her arms to rest up against his chest for support. Annabelle pinned him down, now malevolently bobbing her entire warm hot body vertically atop his lap. Each thrust she teased his shaft, wiggling her rump side to side. John now infuriated, Forcefully thrusted himself into her repeatedly, attempting to lace her insides with his thick seed.

She leaned into him, passionately laying down a kiss on his soft tender quivering lips. She bounced all around, devouring his cock beneath the surface of her backside. She aggressively moaned into the kiss, her body close to that lustful orgasm she has been craving. John too felt it uprising, and pounded her tender meat faster. His head leaned back gasping for air from the kiss, his last strokes now making him limp. Annabelles body now sore and aching for release, shook hard, climaxing all over his shaft. John blushed, her secretions now running down to his cock, teased him. He was ready. John gave her his last few pumps, halting to an exciting stop as he buried his sticky thick load inside her, the white essence leaking out. His orgasm now all over the edge of the bed, ran down their thighs. Annabelle blushed and came a little more from the excitement, giggling and eventually laughing. His cock lay limp inside her asshole, now throbbing with relief. It was over. She did it. He was the man she wanted after all. He was the one to be destined with, and she loved every second she had with him. She leaned down, kissing him, her saliva trailing off before they both drifted off to sleep, laying there sore and content.

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