Nora's Big Mistake Ch. 06

Nora's Big Mistake Ch. 06

Nora smiled. "Oh my god Miss Applebee," she said. "That would be great. Thank you so much."

"Not a problem Nora," Miss Applebee said. "Now if there is anything else you have to talk about, I'm here for you."

Nora smiled and looked down at her feet. "Well," she said. "There is." Miss Applebee nodded before she proceeded to turn right at the next traffic light. "Loriane, Chloe and Courtney are my daughters from the future. I mean, I can't really change their lives, but I don't know how to show them how much I love them."

Miss Applebee smiled as she rubbed Nora's hand. "I know what you mean," she said as she pulled into the driveway and parked the car. "Look. I understand that you want to make them feel special. Also you don't want to mess up the timeline. Maybe you should spend some time with them and learn more about their lives." Nora nodded before she proceeded to climb out of the car and stood outside.

Nora headed to the front door of her house. Before she could open the door or knock on the door, she felt Miss Applebee's hands up and down her body and felt them wrap around her.

"Oh Nora," Miss Applebee said as she unbuttoned Nora's pants and pulled them down along with her panties, revealing her cute little butt. "I've wanted to fuck you ever since I first saw you in my class." Nora smiled and began to moan as Miss Applebee slowly pushed her cockhead into Nora's anus. "Fuck. You're a tight fit. I don't think we can do this without any lube."

Nora smiled and looked back at her teacher. "I have anal lube in my bedroom," Nora said as she felt her body tightly pressed against Miss Applebee's.

"Well then," Miss Applebee said as she opened the door and carried Nora inside. "Let's go." She closed the door behind them. She proceeded to tell Nora all of the dirty little things that she was going to do to her.

Back at school...

Loriane, Chloe, and Courtney were all naked and getting fucked by their classmates. After a long time, Loriane, Chloe, and Courtney were sitting in the atrium of the library. Chloe and Courtney were both moaning in pleasure.

"This is a great school," Chloe moaned as she tousled Loriane's hair and then proceeded to kiss her own twin sister.

"You said it sis," Courtney replied as she tightly gripped Loriane's hips. They then pulled out and kissed their stepsister.

"Maybe we should head home," Loriane said. "Mom is probably waited for us." Chloe smiled at her sisters.

"Okay," she said as a charge of electricity surged through her body. "First one there gets to serve their meal first." With that said, Chloe took off, running at superspeed, towards the direction of her house. Courtney and Loriane sighed.

"That's not fair," the two of them said as they ran off to catch up.

4 hours later...

"I can't even explain of frustrated and disappointed I am in you three," Iris said.

She was standing in the livingroom, with Caitlin, Nora and Kara. In front of them were Loriane, Chloe, and Courtney. "Mom," Chloe said. "I'm sorry."

Iris turned to face her granddaughter. "That's all you have to say about this?" Iris was furious. "You're sorry. Not only did you display your powers in the open, you caused structural damage to the area. You are reckless and uncoordinated." Iris then looked at Nora, Kara and Caitlin. "These are your daughters, so I think you should be the ones that punish them. I'm going to get dinner ready." Iris shook her head and headed to the kitchen. Loriane swallowed and looked at Nora.

"Mom," she said. "We are really sorry."

Nora smiled and nodded. "I know you are sweetie," she said. "But your grandmother is right. Not only could you have injured yourself, you could have injured others around you. You have amazing powers, but you have to learn to control them. Otherwise, bad things can happen. Do you three understand?" Loriane, Chloe, and Courtney nodded. "Good. Now head to your rooms." The three women nodded and headed to their respective rooms. Nora smiled and looked at Kara, who gave her a little kiss on the lips.

"Well," Kara said. "I have to head back home. Willow needs some help with a assignment that she is struggling with. See you later." Nora nodded as she watched Kara fly off into the night. She then felt Caitlin's hands running up and down her body.

"She is a great person to love," Caitlin said as she swung Nora side to side. "Just like you." As they were about to kiss, they heard the sound of someone crying in the distance.

"Honey," Iris shouted from the kitchen. "I think Bailey is hungry again." Caitlin smiled at Nora and headed off to take care of Nora's baby sister. Suddenly, Nora heard her own daughter crying out for food. She smiled and headed to the room, where her daughter Natalie was screaming. Nora smiled as she lifted up her shirt revealing her big breasts. Natalie began to suck on the nipple and stopped crying and began to feed.

Nora smiled down at her daughter and combed her hair. She moaned softly as her daughter suckled on her nipple, flicking it between her lips with her tongue.

"My beautiful little girl," Nora said as she kissed her daughter's head. "You are my greatest gift. I love you Natalie Snow-West-Danvers." The rest of the Snow-West house was silent. Even the street was quiet and peaceful. Iris, Caitlin and Nora were all in bed together and fast asleep.

In the Zor-El House...

Meanwhile Kara, Alura and Willow were all laying on the couch and were caressing each other. They kissed each other and then began to slip their hands down each other's pants. Willow leaned back against Kara's body while Alura pulled down Willow's pants. Alura smiled as she delivered a spank to her daughter's butt. Willow rolled over on her knees and looked back at her mothers. She let out a soft moan as she felt her mothers' fingers enter her young Kryptonian ass. Willow lowered her head down onto the couch as her mothers fingerfuck her butt while they kiss each other. As she whimper in pleasure, Kara and Alura smile and laugh.

"That's it baby," Kara said as she tousled Willow's hair with her other hand. "You have a great ass that I love to fingerfuck." She and Alura smiled as they watched their daughter's body tense up. Willow was going to come soon. As she came hard spraying her own climax, her mothers continued to fingerfuck her butt well into the night.

In the Danvers House...

Meanwhile, Alex and Eliza were both sitting on the couch together with their daughter Naomi. Eliza smiled as she thrusted her cock into her daughter's butt, while Naomi was sucking on Alex's shaft, coating it in saliva.

"Good girl," Alex moaned as her daughter slurped on her cock. "You're such a good girl." Naomi popped her mom's cock out of her mouth and smiled.

"I'm Mommy's Little Cocksucker," she said before she proceeded to suck on her mom's cock. Alex smiled and nodded as she tousled Naomi's hair and then pushed her head down on her cock. Eliza smiled and began to hump her daughter slowly. The two mothers began to kiss each other as they spitroasted their own daughter. "Mmmmphfffff," Naomi moaned as she felt her own cock firing jets of cum. A few seconds later, Alex and Eliza came, spraying their daughter inside her young holes. The three of them then proceeded to laid down on the couch and fell asleep.

In the Lance House...

Star was getting assfucked by her mom Sara. The two of them moaned in pleasure as they fuck. "Oh Mom," Star moaned softly as she wrapped her arms around her mother. "Do you love my little hole?"

Sara smiled and stroked her daughter's head. "I love all of your little holes," she said. "But I love your little brown hole the most." They began to fuck harder and faster. They both heard a soft moan and looked over. Sara's sister, and wife, Laurel was stroking her cock, watching her sister fucking their daughter.

"Fuck her sis," Laurel moaned. "Fuck our little girl." Sara smiled and nodded as she pumped her cock in and out of her daughter's ass. Star laid her head back against the bed and continued to moan as her mother fucked her harder.

Sara moaned as she pounded her daughter's backdoor deeper. "Fuck baby," she said. "You have a great ass." Sara then felt Laurel's hands on her hips and her wife's cock rubbing against her own backdoor.

"You do too honey," Laurel said as she pushed her own cock into Sara's backdoor. The three of them moaned together in pleasure as they fucked and got fucked. As they fucked, their respective orgasms began to build.

"Oh Mom," Star said. "I can't hold it back any longer. I'm gonna come." Sara smiled and nodded in agreement.

"Fuck," she said. "Me too baby. I'm gonna come inside your young ass."

Laurel smiled as she pounded Sara's backdoor deeper. "I'm gonna come too," she said. "Let's come together." After a while, Star, Sara and Laurel hit the peak of their respective orgasms and came together. Laurel pulled out and continued to cum, spraying her wife and daughter with her creamy white fluid.

After a long time, the three of them were now completely exhausted and, without any words, fell asleep, completely covered in Laurel's cum.

In the Arias House...

Sam and Ruby were both laying in bed together with Rena between them. The three of them were all stroking their respective cocks. They moaned softly as they were all heading towards their own orgasms. With a slight moan of pleasure from the three women, they came, spraying each other in their own cum. After a while, the three women laid back in the bed and fell asleep.

In the Horton House...

Cecile and Jenna were both moaning while their daughter Kathy was sucking and stroking their cocks. Kathy slurped on Cecile's cock first, then proceeded to suck on Jenna's cock. While their daughter was sucking on their cocks, Cecile and Jenna were kissing each other and tousling Kathy's hair. Kathy looked up at her mothers and they both nodded in approval. Kathy proceeded to stick both of her mothers' cock into her mouth and suck on them together. Her mothers moaned her name as she slurped noisily on their cocks.

"Fuck baby," Cecile said as she stroked Kathy's head. "You're such a good little cocksucker." Kathy looked up at her mother and nodded as she bobbed her head up and down on the shafts. "Whose cocks are better; Mommy's or your friends?"

Kathy popped her mom's cock out of her mouth and smiled at her mothers. "Mommy's cocks are better than anything else in the world." She stroked her mothers' cocks. "Mommy is the best at everything. Mommy's the best at cooking, at teaching, at cleaning, and at cumming inside my mouth and throat. I love you so much Mom."

Jenna smiled as she tousled Kathy's hair. "We both love you too baby," she said. "Where do you want mommy's cum?" Kathy smiled.

"I want you both to cum in my mouth," Kathy said. "Shoot it deep inside my throat, and I want it to head down to my tummy." Cecile and Jenna smiled as they stroked their respective cocks.

"Well then sweetie," Jenna said. "Why don't you start with Cecile's cock."

Kathy smiled and began to suck and stroke Cecile's cock. She bobbed her head up and down the shaft and lathered it in saliva. Cecile moaned as she laid her head back and began to facefuck her own daughter slowly and gently.

"Oh baby," Cecile moaned. "You have definitely learned a lot from that school. Keep on sucking on mommy's cock." She moaned a little bit louder as she watched Kathy suck and stroke her shaft, while Kathy twisted her head back and forth between sucks. "That's it baby. Keep on slurping on mommy's cock. Oh baby. You're a sexy young thing. Oh fuck baby. Mommy's gonna come. Open your fucking mouth and throat."

Kathy opened her mouth wide and smiled as she watched her mother jack herself off. After a short time and a soft moan, Cecile moaned as she came hard inside her daughter's mouth, spraying her creamy white fluid down Kathy's throat and into her tummy. Kathy sucked and slurped on the cock, not wasting a single drop. After all the cum was in her mouth, she swallowed it all down to her tummy and smiled at her mother. Cecile smiled back and began to pat her daughter's head.

"Wow baby," Cecile said. "You're a good little cocksucker. Now how would you like Mommy Jenna to cum?"

Kathy thought for a moment before speaking. "Mom," she said as she wrapped her hand around Jenna's cock and began to stroke it slowly. "I want you to fuck my pussy hard and deep until you cum with me. Don't worry about me getting pregnant. I'm on the pill."

Jenna smiled as she rolled her daughter over onto her back and spread Kathy's legs. She began to remove her daughter's clothes and then looked down at her daughter's genitals.

Kathy's cock was now fully erect and her pussy was dripping wet with anticipation and excitement. Jenna smiled and began to rub her cock against her daughter's pussy before slowly and gently pushing it inside her daughter's cunt. They both moaned in pleasure. Cecile smiled as she watched her own daughter being fucked by her wife. Jenna pushed her cock in further into her daughter's pussy until she was fully inside her daughter's cunt.

"Oh baby," Jenna said as she fucked her daughter slowly and gently. "I love you more than anything in the world. Cecile is my soulmate, but you are my soul. How does mommy's cock feel inside your young pussy?"

Kathy smiled and moaned softly in pure pleasure. "It feels soooooo gooooood inside my pussy." She wrapped her arms around her mother and held her tight. "Fuck me hard. Make your daughter cum. Pound me. Take my virginity. Make your baby girl squeal."

Jenna smiled and began to fuck her daughter harder. Kathy moaned and cried out in pleasure and ectasy as she was getting fucked by her mother. Suddenly Jenna's moans became louder. "Oh baby," she moaned. "I'm gonna come soon. Where do you want me to cum?"

Kathy smiled and spoke. "Cum inside my pussy," she said. However, Jenna pulled out of her daughter's pussy and began to jerk off.

"Here it comes baby," Jenna said as she jacks off. "You ready for mommy's cum?"

Kathy nodded. "Yeah give it to me mommy," she screamed. "Douse me in your slimy salty cream. Cover my body and face in your cum. Coat my skin in your family seed." Jenna couldn't hold it back any longer.

"Here it cooommmmeeessss," she screamed as she unloaded her entire load of cum on her daughter's body. It came in spurts that landed on different places of her body; her face, neck, chest, tummy and finally her pelvic area. After that, Jenna collapsed on top of her daughter's body, exhausted and drained of cum.

"Thanks so much for your cum," Kathy said as she gave her mother a kiss. The three of them then proceeded to fall asleep.

In the Queen House...

Thea and Moira moaned as they were both fucking their daughter Fiona. Thea was fucking Fiona's pussy while Moira was pounding Fiona's ass. Fiona screamed in pleasure as she was getting fucked hard and deep by her parents.

"That's it baby," Thea said as she held Fiona's hips and slammed her hard. "Your pussy feels soooooo gooooood."

Moira moaned softly in pleasure as well. "Your ass feels soooooo gooooood too baby," she said as she held Fiona's shoulders and neck. They were all fucking in the shower.

Fiona's eyes rolled to the back of her head and she began to sudder. "I'm gonna come," she whimpered.

"Go for it baby," Thea said. "Relish in your pleasure." Fiona rocked her head back against her mother's neck and screamed as she came hard spraying her creamy white fluid all over herself and her mothers. Afterwards, she felt her mothers' unloading their respective orgasms inside her young holes and then she dropped to the floor of the shower and fell asleep with her mothers holding her tightly.

8 hours later...

Suddenly a portal opened up in the middle of the street and out of it, came Tanya, Tamara and Tina Smoak, Amanda, Alexis and Allie Jiwe, Zara Tomaz, Allison Sharpe, Kelly Kane, Tara and Tamaya Al Ghul, Melissa M'orzz, Lexi Luthor, Megan Sawyer, Gretta Gibbons, Nina Darhk, Sonia Sinclair, Amber Van-El, Mary DeVoe, and Nicole Nia. Kelly looks around and her eyes widened.

"Great," she said as she saw where they were. "Where the fuck are we now?" Tanya checked her wristbound device and her eyes w,175524.msg997157.html


"I think you mean when are we?" Tanya said. She showed the other women that device. The date read Spetember, 25th, 2020. "We are back in the past."

The next day...

Meanwhile, the households, unaware of the new individuals who had just arrived, continued their own daily lives. Nora woke up and took a long shower. She then proceeded to get dressed and headed to the kitchen, where she saw Caitlin sitting there, at the table.

"Good morning sweetheart," Caitlin said. "I hope you're hungry. I made breakfast just the way you like. Bacon and Pancake Stack topped with creamy scrambled eggs and vanilla-infused honey maple syrup and a glass of mango passionfruit juice."

Nora smiled and hugged her mom tightly. "Thanks so much Mom," Nora said. "You are the best mom in the whole world." Just as she was about to eat, her phone vibrated. She looked down and her eyes widened. "A meta-alert. On the corner of Glasgow and Edinburgh." Nora quickly are her breakfast and rushed off at superspeed and returned, wearing her XS suit. "Mom, contact the team." With that comment, Nora sped off while Caitlin called the other women.

Meanwhile, the rest of the girls were each waking up and starting their day. Willow and Rena were eating breakfast, when they got the call from Caitlin. They both got dressed in their respective uniforms and rushed off to the same location as Nora.

Nora, as XS, arrived at the location and looked around but didn't see anything. She tapped her earpiece and spoke.

"Mom?" XS said, talking to Caitlin. "I don't see anything here."

Caitlin was in her lab, checking the area. "The scanners still detect something there." She thinks for a moment. "Maybe it's cloaked."

XS huffed. "Great," she said. "Then what am I supposed to do? I can't arrest what I can't see."

"Luckily you have me," a voice said. XS turned around and saw Willow fly in, in her own suit, as SuperMaid. Right beside her was Rena, in her own suit, also known as ReignStar. XS smiled. "And ReignStar."

XS nodded. "Okay," she said. "SuperMaid... ReignStar...Scan this area. Whoever or whatever is here is cloaked." Willow and Rena nodded before using their X-ray vision.

"There's nothing I can see here," SuperMaid said. ReignStar nodded in agreement with her.

Back at the Horton House...

Kathy, Jenna and Cecile were all naked and taking a shower. Suddenly Kathy's phone, which was on the table, vibrated. Using her telepathic power, she knew Nora needed her. She quickly got dressed in her uniform and drove off to Nora's location.

Kathy showed up and scanned the area using her telepathic power. "There is a person here, using a cloaking device," Kathy said. "XS, the person is behind you." Nora spun around and knocked down the person, and handcuffed the person.

20 minutes later...

After the police hauled away the criminal, Nora got a call from Caitlin.

"Hey there sweetie," Caitlin said. "How'd it go? Did you catch the criminal?" Nora told her yes. "Good job. Listen, your mother and I talked about it. We are inviting your friends and their moms over for dinner. Okay." Nora was so lost in happiness and joy. "So, hurry back here."

Nora smiled and nodded as she hung up the phone. She looked at her friends and smiled. "See you later." Nora then sped off. Her friends looked at each other and Rena flew back home. Willow flew over to Kathy and lifted her off the ground.

"Fancy a ride home?" Willow asked Kathy. Kathy nodded before Willow flew her to her own house and then she flew to her own house.

Later that day in the afternoon...

6 hours before the party, Nora was completely naked and standing in her bedroom. She couldn't decide what to wear for the dinner party. As she stood there, Caitlin and Iris approached her, also naked.