Non essential dynamic widget should be removed

Non essential dynamic widget should be removed

There are some identifiable non-essential dynamic widgets that repeated at the end of some articles and we should remove them from static IV because:


1.  They are dynamic widget because they have been appeared after 2017 on old articles.

Also they are non-essential because there is already some links to "dynamic Spec pages" in the ArticleBody. In fact, this widget is made programmatically based on that links.

For example see this 2016 article [link]:

In the 06 Dec 2016 cached version displays another widget after articlebody [source]:

But in the 25 Jun 2018 you can see this Spec widget instead of that old one [source]:

~> Also the "Price" and "Max Power" are different with current shown information:

~> Also you can see the articleBody in JSON that ends with "Economy: 21kmpl":

"articleBody":"It's been really hard
Last report at: 15,345km
Fuel: 185 litres
Economy: 21kmpl 

2. They are dynamic because they have been changed completely over the last year.

Please compare the cached version with today's for this 2018 article [link]:

See some of significant changes in the mentioned widget on this article:

You can see full changes and compare them for your own:
23 Aug. 2018 (cached version):
28 Apr. 2019 (today's version):
You can see the [Source] of my talk for more certainty.
Notice: Widget information's source is Spec page that is updated real-time. [see an example]
Make sure that you don’t add this dynamic auxiliary data to your static IV page.