No Sex, No Protection

No Sex, No Protection

No Sex, Not Protection

She was warned.

Everything you read below I just minutia. It is to be used to get you to answer the question in the Authors notes.

I had to change the story because the editor thought it was to provocative. So I got permission from elrider73 to use is MMAS from 'Revenge in Advance' in my story.

I come up with my ideas from catch phrases I hear in life. One day, I was watching television with my bride of 35 years, she ask me, "if I was going to protect her if someone came into our house trying to hurt us". She is scared from all the television accounts of the U.S. civil unrest. I looked at her and said, "are you giving me sex, if no, then no protection straight faced and then smiled." I got some that night.

I also stick something into every story, that will remind you it is fiction and not real. Don't take it too seriously.

Thanks to "thestyleguy" for pointing out a few flaws in my presentation and the fact I needed to give my two main characters a history together that was more than a glancing mention. 

One last note. This is fiction and I can embellish anything in my world. And in my world you are just passing through it to serve my needs.


"Goddam bitch," thinking Joe Burky as he looked at the ceiling hornier than shit. Over in the main house lays his beautiful raven haired wife asleep, the woman of his dreams that he now despises.

We have not had sex in five years. No I haven't cheated, and no she hasn't cheated on me. She just doesn't want sex anymore. She says she loves me, but never wants sex with me again.

To describe my loving wife is easy, do you remember the song by The Rolling Stones, 'Start Me Up", It describes my wife perfectly, Beverly Burky. She can make a dead man cum. Drop dead gorgous. If you look in the dictionary for the definition of a MILF you would see her picture. She oozes sex and femininity.

And in bed let me just say that woman could suck a bowling ball through a ten foot water hose.

Beverly is 5ft-8 and weighs in at 140 lbs. with legs that go all the way up to heaven. You would think she would be a little chunky. No not at all, most of her extra weight are in her 40E breast( they are not fake). Even after 3 kids, she is still tight and firm. Shea has fabulous, trimmed bush. A shaved pussy reminds me of my little girls, it is just disgusting.

I am not too shabby myself; I meet all the 6's a woman is looking for and surpass most of them. 6 ft 3- 215 lbs, 6 pack abs, high 6 figure income and I will not mention the one thing that I really surpass the other 6 with. I have most of the nurses always hitting on me and even the married ones. They would have no problem breaking their marital vows to be with me. When I walk down the beach in my speedo my wife says she can see the heads of the bikini bodies turning watching me as I walked by.

We both were attending USC when we met. I was in my last year of medical school and she was a senior studying to be a political science major.

Neither one had many partners before we met, but we got a book on the Kamasutra and went through it one page at a time. If we were so good looking why didn't we have more partners you ask? We both had a couple of long term relations before we met. I thought we were great together. There was nothing off limits in bed as long as it remained a fantasy.

Upon graduation we got married the following September.

After I finished my internship a couple of years later, I then specialized in sports medicine as an Orthopedic Surgeon. It was at this point Bev and I decided to start our family. She was the one that wanted to be a stay home mom, I had nothing to do with that decision, if she was happy then I was happy. We had three little tax deductions, two girls and a boy. We didn't get a choice on what we got; we just took what popped out. Anna 9, Sierra 7, and Joseph Jr. 5.

I thought I would just grow old with her and sit on a porch rocking while the sun went down.

I should have seen the red flags coming. Hell they were black as coal, but I didn't. She had met a new friend Valarie, she hated me from the start, and I didn't even know her.

I had accidentally overheard them talking about their sexual preferences one day. Valarie was a little on the kinky side when it came to anal, but nothing out of the ordinary that would cause my concern.

I was hoping to hear Bev bragging about me, but unfortunately Anna and Sierra started fighting so I had to retreat before I was seen.

Later that evening, I found out they knew I was spying on them from Bev, I was busted. They knew I was there when I started walking away during the girl's fight.

And then it started. It was the day after our 10th wedding anniversary. I was informed that she didn't require my services in the bedroom, anymore, she was going celibate. "I am cutting you off," in a matter of fact voice Bev stated.

Me being the smartass that I am, I laughed it off and replied, "not if you don't know where I'm getting it from."

I thought she was kidding. The night before on our anniversary, we had the wildest sex I have ever had with her. I had taken her out for dinner and dancing. Everything went great, it even went on to be a three hole night. The next day my world started spinning out of control.


5 years earlier

It wasn't until after the third week when Joe tried to seduce Bev, he realized she wasn't kidding. She told him to fuck off, no more sex.

He was blistering mad at this point. "listen to me Bev if you won't go to bed with me, I'll divorce that beautiful ass of yours."

Bev laughed, "try it ass hole, and I'll get everything. After ten years of marriage I'll get 1/3 third of your salary for the rest of my life, whether I married to you or not. I'll just have someone move in with me and you will still have to pay me even if I remarry."

" I'll get the house the kids and child support. I'll turn them against you. You will be eating Raman noodle soup. What bitch would want you having to take her to McDonalds for dinner. I will make it nearly impossible for you to see the kids."

"You will spend what little money you have left on lawyers fighting me, and the best part is you would even be paying for my lawyer."

Joe started to show his fangs and responded, "that goddam Valarie, she's been feeding you that feminist bullshit hasn't she? Are you fucking that bitch? I'll fix your ass tomorrow. This is not going to end well for you Bev."

Bev replied "no, I am strictly-dickly and you know it. I am not going to be some man's cum bucket anymore. I want to enjoy the fruits of my labor. And if I catch you cheating, my lawyer says I get 70 % of what we own and even more alimony."

The next day Joe went and canceled all her credit cards and moved all the money into an account that she couldn't get to. He went to see his boss and described what was going on. His boss had caught both of his wives cheating on him and was very sympathetic to his cause.

Joe got the name of the PI that he used to catch his wives cheating. That afternoon he gave the PI a check for $50,000 has a retainer to start investigating Bev.

Joe was sitting in the living room waiting on the woman that replaced the woman he loved with something out of the twilight zone. He heard her Porsche come to a screaming halt in the driveway in front of the house. Joe was thinking, "why do they call it a driveway and you park on it, and then you drive on a parkway," then he heard the front door open then slam shut.

"You bastard, you canceled my credit cards," Bev screamed. "I was so embarrassed when I had to borrow money from a friend when my credit card was declined for lunch."

Joe laughed, "you're dam right I did, No ass no cash. If I have to pay for it, I will treat you like a prostitute. I'll take a blow job for $20. If you swallow I'll give you another $20."

Bev stormed out, "I am calling my lawyer."


The next morning at 8 o'clock. The doorbell rang. Joe opened the door.

Officer: "Are you Mr. Joseph Burky one of the female officers ask?"

Joe: "Yes I am."

Officer: "You are under arrest."

Joe: "What for?"

Officer: "Spousal abuse"

Joe: "Bullshit!, when?"

Officer: "Last night."

Joe: "That bitch! I have cameras in the house. They will prove I never touched her."

Officer: "Not physical. Financial Spousal Abuse."

Joe: "What kind of bullshit law is that."

Officer: "It was passed by the assembly six months ago and the governor signed it."

Joe: "Those fucking whore state legislature passed that law and that cucked governor of ours signed it. That's bullshit! With laws like that why would a man ever get married?"

Officer: "Put your hands behind your back. Do you want me to read you your rights."

Joe: "Beverly I will get even, and I won't even touch you."

Bev smirked as he was cuffed and put into the car.


"Mr. Burky," said the ugliest female judge he had ever seen. "I see you are our first case involving Financial Spousal Abuse. Since this is the first case ever brought against a person, and you probably haven't heard of this law, I'll tell you what I am going to do for you sir," in the most condescending voice he had ever heard. "If you plead guilty, I will fine you $10,000 fine and 1 year probation."

Joe: "You goddam bitch of a cunt." Joe's attorney tried to shut him up.

Judge: "Let's make it 1 month for contempt of court to go with it."

Joe. "I am sorry judge. I meant to say, "fuck you!!"

Judge. "Let's make it two."

Joe: "I'm sorry, I lost my temper. What I meant to say was, I wouldn't fuck you with that shriveled up pee sleeve you have with that cuck's cock standing next to you." Joe's attorney was trying to hide under the table at this point.

Judge: "That's 6, bailiff get him out of here."

The bailiff grabbed him and dragged him screaming and yelling out the door of the courtroom.

On the way out Joe yelled , "have you heard this joke? "Why did the ugly dyke judge cross the road?" as the doors closed behind him.


It took about a week before two very large black men showed up at his cell. Joe knew he couldn't take them, but he'd be dam if he was going to lay down and take it up the butt(pardon the pun).

"We are here to ask you to come see Mr. Davis." Davis was by de facto the highest ranking drug dealer in the joint waiting on his sentencing to go up state.

Doc: "My name is Davis. I understand you are a knee doctor and a good one."

Joe: "That's what they tell me, why do you ask?"

Davis: My mom needs knee surgery. The doctors that Medicare provides that are willing to provide that service aren't worth a shit. I'll make a deal with you, if you take Medicare as payment and my mother as a patient I'll make sure everyone in here knows not to fuck with you. And god help you it your renege on your promise."

Joe: "Deal," as Joe stuck out his fist.


Six months later

The day before Joe was supposed to get out of county lockup. He was sitting in the main break room watching TV with the other locked up county prisoners.

Davis: "Doc what's up? I just heard what you said to that judge that got you locked up. I wish I would have been there to hear it. If you ever need anything let me know."

Davis: "Thanks, I might take you up on that offer someday."

They sat and watched the riots in downtown on the TV together. He saw three large men raping a woman, while the others stood around and watched

Joe: "Davis, why are those men not protecting that woman?"

Davis: "In my neighborhood we do not protect women that aren't kin to or fucking. Why protect them whores."

Joe laid on his cot the final night of his 180 day stay at the county lockup. All of the sudden it became clear on how he would get his revenge on Bev. It was the best night sleep he had in months.

The next day he walked out of the jail and started home.

Bev: "I am here to pick you up honey."

Joe: "Fuck you Bev."

Bev: "Never again honey. Now get in the car we have been invited to the Conroy's tonight. You can take a shower and rest up. Its 25 miles to our home. You won't get home in time to go to the Conroy's." She could see his middle finger go up in the air on his right hand as he started walking home.

He got home after 12 that night.

Bev: "You son-of-a-bitch, I was so embarrassed to show up at the Conroy's without you. We were invited as a couple."

Joe turned and whispered to her. By whispering she would have to give him 100% of her undivided attention to hear him, "We quit being a couple a long time ago. If you think I am going to go and let our friends think you are loving, doting wife, not going to happen.

You add no value to my life. I don't want to even breathe the same air as you do. We will never go out together, go on vacation, go to church or hospital functions. You are dead to me."

I learned a little law in jail also. First, I am not required to do shit with you. Second, as long as I do not leave the premises, it is not abandonment. I will be building me a small house where the garage is, and you will not have access to it. Third and lastly, there is no law requiring me to protect your ass in case you are attack. 'No pussy, no protection.'

Bev: "What about your girls, are you a perv?"

Joe: "No, I am not a perv. By the law of the jungle all males protect their young. You better pray no one breaks in. You are dead to me you mean nothing."

Bev: "It's just sex."

"That's what women say after they fuck up. As soon as my house is built, I will be moving out," smiled Joe.

Bev thought to herself this was not going as it was planned.


For the next 4 and 1/2 years she tried everything to get him to be a good husband and move back home except for the sex. He kept on reminding her no 'pussy, no protection'.

The United Sates was going through its 4th Corona virus lock down in 5 years. There were rioting in the streets and it then started moving out to the burbs.

Joe had no concerns. He had built a secret safe room and bunker under his garage when he had the garage built. Going thru his mind food check, water check, he also had the three most precious metals in the world, gold silver and lead.

Why lead you ask, to protect the gold and silver.

In the garage sat a rusted out, shell of a 1972 Chevelle SS 454 Malibu convertible sitting on 4 jack stands. It was torn down to be rebuilt, not any value to anyone.

The parts were stored down in the bunker below the car. Upon clicking a fob or a hidden button, a hydraulic lift tilted the concrete floor under the Malibu to allow access to a stairwell leading to his bunker. It led to a 3000 sq. ft housing area that could go six month without having to be opened.

He had installed an off the grid power system in his underground home. He was ready for any situation. Surrounding his properly was high definition cameras along the exterior of the property along with the ones hidden in the house. They could be switched to infra-Red for night vision. All the information ran back to his bunker where he could monitor everything from his command center. He was ready for a fight.

Thanks to Davis, his friend from lockup, he had 20,000 rounds of ammo and plenty of guns to go with it. His favorite for home protection was his semi-automatic 12 gauge shotgun. It looked like an AR-15 that held a 17 round magazine. He had attached a laser scoped to the weapon with night vision. He could pinpoint a target as small as a gnat's ass. Once a month he went to Nevada for target training and twice a year he flew to Montana for military style training.


Knock, knock, knock, Opening the door he calmingly asked, "what do you want Bev?"

Bev: "We are scared can we come over?" Then the bitch Valarie peaked her head around her shoulder.

Joe: "What in the fuck is that bitch doing here?"

Bev: "Please Joe, what about your kids?"

Joe: "Don't worry I'll protect the kids. Now this is your last chance. Let me do you both. Let me fuck your asses and I will protect both of you.

Bev when I fuck you and cum in your ass, Valarie you will lick it clean. Bev you will then lick my dick and get your ass juices off of it. And when I fuck Valarie in the ass, Bev you will lick Valarie ass out cleaning it and she will lick her ass of me until it is clean. Each day I get what I want, that includes both of you at the same time, I will protect you for that day."

Bev and Valarie: "Fuck you!!"


The state was on fire. Joe was sitting in his command bunker on the web reading Literotica reading 'thesaddletramp1956' revenge stories, BTB.

All of the sudden an intruder alert went off in his house. Joe had already gotten his gear ready. He quietly entered his home. Let me scratch that, it quit being a home years ago.

He heard muffle screams coming from the living room and snuck into the room. Joe was looking thru his scope and pasted a red dot right on top of the black hood right between the eyes of the intruder. His four accomplices had started to remove Bev's and Valarie's clothes. "Freeze mother fuckers!"

The leader looked up and looked puzzled. He took off his mask, "Joe is that you?"

Joe, "Davis what's up?"

Davis: "Good to see you again Doc. Thanks for taking care of my mom."

Bev begged Joe, "Tell them to let us go Joe."

Joe gave Bev a death stare, "Shut the fuck up. Davis do you remember the rules in your neighborhood about not protecting women you don't get pussy from."

"Do you remember me telling you about my wife that wouldn't let me touch her for the last five years, that's her."

Davis: "Dam that's a fine piece of ass."

Joe: "Davis you taught me 'no pussy no protection. I even gave her a chance a couple of hours ago and she refused. Now I am going to tell you what I am going to do. I am going to get my kids and take them out the backdoor. If any of you try to stop me from taking my kids I will kill them, including you Davis."

Bev was crying and sobbing now, "Please!, please! Joe help us. We both will let you fuck us in the ass."

Joe shaking his head, "your lying, as soon as this blew over you will be back to your old self. And besides, as women say "it is just sex, it doesn't mean anything. I was madly in love with you. I didn't want it to be just sex, I wanted to make love with you." You treated me as a sperm donor and your personal ATM. You broke my heart, and you crushed my soul. If that is all the value to you that I am, then you have no value to me. I throw away anything I do not need in my life."

Joe looked back at Davis, "I am leaving now to get my kids. Oh by the way Bev loves it in the ass and Valarie loves it also. I overheard Valarie telling my wife she loves using a vibrator in it. Now if I were to fuck them in the ass, I would get the Crisco from the pantry."

"If you rip them up and make their ass bleed right away they might bleed out really fast. If you work up really slow to big cocks it will stretch, and you can use her for 4 or 5 days. Crisco is under the stove and the good stuff is in that liquor cabinet over there at the bar. Do any of these guys have really big dicks mine is only 8 ½ inches long?"

Davis: "Come here. Eugene, pull it out."

Out popped a giant anaconda. It must have been 14 inches long and 4 inches in diameter, suitable for livestock.

Bev and Valarie started crying at the sight of it knowing what was coming.

Valarie started screaming at Bev, "you fucking lying bitch you told me it was only 4 inches. What else did you lie to me about. Did he really beat you and give you STDs."