The sound of the boy's footsteps made the girl turn her head towards the source of the sound. She saw a well-dressed boy with shining black hair looking at her with a sweet smile and sitting next to the cold pool.

"Hey, what are you doing right here, Hector?" one question was asked by the beautiful girl to the boy who was staring at the sky.

"the sky looks so beautiful, there's a lot of stars. they are so beautiful right?" this boy didn't answer the girl's question and instead asked this girl back.

"heum.. if the one them falls, what's your wish, tor?" ask her.

Hector looked this girl and answer, "to be in love with you forever and life together, Rin."

"impossible.." Hector's smile faded, but he tried to show his best smile.

"why? i can save you, Rin. trust me, I'll bring you back." Rina shake her head and smiled, her cold hands starting to caress Hector's warm ones.

"no, Hector. you can't. you have to go from here, it's very dangerous for us if you stay here. please, go away."

"I can't leave you alone right here Rin." the atmosphere there began to heat up. Rina no longer felt the cold that burst through her body.

"Hector, please.. listen me.. get out from here." Rina said confidently.

"No." answered Hector, still standing with his words.

"Hector.. please.."

"If I say no, it's still no."

"Hector please Go away, they will come soon and catch me again, if they see you, they will torture you even more."

"I don't care as long as I can be with you"

Rina sighed, she tried to release Hector's grip and dive back into it, starting to press the button where the button will be used to close the pool until none of it opens. Hector panicked and started banging on the thick metal that closed the pool.


Rina heard Hector's voice very clearly but she did this for Hector, so that the man she loves can survive from world of torture.