Nexus Changelog 24/01/2023

Nexus Changelog 24/01/2023


- Built with Neutron Clang 16.0.0 + Polly optimizations

- Merged to 4.19.271

- Merged latest clo tag (LA.UM.9.12.r1-15100-SMxx50.QSSI13.0)

- Disabled Cpu Freq times

- Fixed slow charging speeds and others (apollo)

- drm: Affine IRQ to the prime CPU cluster

- Alot kgsl improvements

- Backported random commits

- Specified rng-seed for kona

- Disabled LRNG

- Tweaked cfq sched

- Disabled zram

- Introduced Zswap (lz4 + z3fold) + Vbswap + Vbswap help (Thx to cyberknigt)

- mbcache: Speed up cache entry creation

- Removed alot of PM QoS requests

- Enabled CRC32 crypto extension

- Implement RHEL's Low Latency Kernel cmdline

- Inline the spinlock function family regardless of preemption (Increases performance ~5% of I/O)

- Some Binder backports

- Boost to the max for a short amount of time when zygote forks (Reduces the launch app speed and latency)

- Reduced alot of jitter

- qcacld-3.0: Do not allow any wakelocks to be held

- qcalcld-3.0: Optimized for size and more...

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