News and media.

News and media.


Why do we check the news all the time? Someone died, someone was killed, elections here, elections there - it may sound a little bit paradoxical, but the news is all the same. Lately, I have understood that reading news and checking them is pretty useless and just something we used to do all the time, but there is no real sense.

I found out that for most of us it is just some sort of ritual, a part of morning/ everyday routine that is absolutely useless and pessimistic. 

So what is the point of keeping the ritual if it is just another sort of everyday distraction? Of course, if you are some kind of guy who is really into politics, journalism or stock marketer, then it is part of your job, you just have to do it. But if you not, then ask yourself: why am I doing this? 

I am not telling you to stop following the news (as far as it is rather individual), but to question yourself if I can be managed or avoided somehow. Personally, I have started to avoid checking news all the time as far as mentioned that it creates certain "distraction chain": starting up with one new story and not mentioning how clicking on related ones, etc. Therefore, right now I am kinda shifting to a new way of keeping up with news: blinking through some news once-twice a week.

 By the way, another thing about news is that most of them are over-hyped. Maybe you heard about one of the most common journalistic clichés "man bites dog". This means that theme and title of the article should be catchy and keeping you on the edge. Lately, most of the news we read is absolute junk: there are many things that happening all over the world but so much stuff is relevant to you. Maybe we should stop following lives of others and concentrate on our own?