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News Portal Berlin and Brandenburg


News portal Berlin and Brandenburg publishes daily newspapers in German, English, and Chinese. The main website is titled The site offers information in both languages, but it's primarily targeted towards younger readers. For instance, it offers information on popular clubs in the city and on jobs for native English speakers. On the other hand, the conservative newspaper Die Welt publishes seven-day editions and regional editions in Berlin and Brandenburg.

Today, the city government will vote on new restrictions to combat the outbreak of coronavirus. The Senate will also decide on a 2G+ rule for restaurants. The ban was recently implemented in Germany, allowing unvaccinated people to enter the country. The government is expected to pass a new resolution soon. The mayor of Berlin, Katja Kipping, has said that she will support the new restrictions. Meanwhile, the state's governing red-red-green coalition is supporting the federal government's decision not to send any weaponry to Ukraine. Looking more visit

The fourth wave of measures continues to be introduced in Berlin. One such new regulation states that people returning from the UK to Germany must undergo a 14-day quarantine. The quarantine period will last at least until the end of January. Another change is that the vaccination of children is now allowed three months after their first dose. Furthermore, the city's clubs are attempting to fight the dance ban. It's an ongoing battle and the city is not likely to get rid of this restriction in the short term.

The new mayor of Berlin, Franziska Giffey, will be sworn in shortly. The government's first attempt to resolve the situation is unlikely to have an impact on the crisis. In the meantime, the CDU will propose a new resolution. This is the second attempt by the city government to take a stance on the Ukraine. This time, the red-red-green coalition is supporting the decision of the federal government not to send weaponry to the conflict zone.

The new Berlin mayor will be Franziska Giffey. It is unclear whether this coalition agreement will hold because of the vote by Die Linke. The party has allowed its members to vote on the coalition agreement. Some people have voted to become part of the government, while others voted to remain in opposition. In the meantime, the new government has already proposed measures for the city's economy and society. A recent attack on a bank resulted in the death of a protester.

In the face of the outbreak of Omicron, the city has continued to tweak its rules and regulations to protect residents. A new two-day vaccination regime is expected to be introduced, and the mayor will be sworn in shortly. However, the fate of the coalition agreement was uncertain because of the vote of Die Linke. Some of their members voted to stay in opposition while others chose to be part of the government.