New crypto currency hits the market. Just say 5K.

New crypto currency hits the market. Just say 5K.

Jonathan Attenborough
Bitcoin 5K art (from

The crypto currency market is literally swamped with a variety of different coins and rarely you meet something truly worthy. The other day, developers from Russia released a potentially successful currency Bitcoin 5 000, which has already acquired thousands of followers. The complexity of mining took off just minutes after the topic was created on BitcoinTalk - the largest site for crypto miners and crypto traders.

What is Bitcoin 5 000, you may ask. It's still the same Bitcoin, but with a rollback to 2013 - everyone who missed their opportunity to make money can now catch up. Popularity of Bitcoin 5 000 is explained by the personality of the creator, who is a Russian blogger, which ran into a troublesome story involving his relatives and allegedly, a corrupt police. Thousands of concerned fans supported their favourite blogger and this was reflected in the unconditional confidence in their success of the Bitcoin 5000. Following the Russian adherents, the followers from China, India, and Brazil joined the Bitcoin 5 000 developer support team, seeing unprecedented profits in the new crypto currency. The Telegraph recommends our readers to take a closer look at Bitcoin 5 000 and maybe to get a little for yourself, because you do not want to make a fool of yourself in a second time, right?



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