New construction — [high-tech] and [luxury] building company in NYC

New construction — [high-tech] and [luxury] building company in NYC

Once New Construction NYC enters into contract with you, we provide the leadership throughout your project to successful completion. No matter what idea you might have, our experts craft it into concept that are achievable and within your budget.


The general contracting industry offers unmatched upward mobility, with a direct path from worker to owner. In order to open this path to everyone, we actively seek contractor firms owned by women and minorities, and we work tirelessly to help them succeed. Today, these firms make up 11% of our network. That number is constantly growing and includes many of our most skilled and successful general contractors.

We have now performed 2,000+ renovations, and has expanded from the Greater New York area to the West Coast, , with more regions on the way. Our next goal: become such a known and trusted company that people everywhere talk about Sweetening their homes. 

At new construction NYC, we value your ideas, time, and money. Our experts work professionally to ensure our deliveries exceed your expectations.

We understand that investors look for unique combination of qualities in order to get value for their money. New Construction NYC has years of experience in dealing with the complexities of building in New York City and works with you to align your goals with the promise of exceeding your expectations in every deliverable.


1. What's in the offering plan? Before a developer can start selling new condos, the offering plan, which describes the development in detail, must be approved by the New York State Attorney General’s Office.

2. What's the outside date? If the building isn't completed by its scheduled date, you can usually get your down payment back. 

3. What does the model apartment look like? For buildings that are still under construction, developers often create off-site sales offices that feature sample bathrooms, kitchens, and other rooms to give you a sense of finishes, appliances and bathroom fixtures. 

4. What will the view be like? A model apartment won’t give you a sense of the view, but we say the better developments often supplement this by using drone photography to give you an accurate idea of the view from your chosen unit.  

5. Does the design fit my lifestyle? If you rarely cook, a small kitchen with limited cabinet space may be just the kind of sleek, space-saving layout you're after.  


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I, as a highly professional specialist, consider each project separately and allocate a team of professionals personally to ensure that every aspect of the construction process is agreed on schedule in accordance with quality standards. We are very sensitive to our customers.