New Website in Russia - InfoMir24

New Website in Russia - InfoMir24


The recent breakup of the internet in Russia has been a blow to many Russians, who used the web as a free means of communication, access to independent information, and the building of a successful career. Aleksei Pivovarov, who previously worked for state television, resigned a decade ago due to increasing censorship, and started producing investigative news reports on YouTube. In recent weeks, several independent news websites have emerged, and one of them has gained wide attention.

The latest example is a Russian website known as, which is hosted by the Russian Internet Service Provider. This site allows users to share articles, photos, videos, and news about Russia. Since the block, more than 8,000 domains have been added to the denylist. Most of these websites hosted adult content, or provided access to online gambling sites. However, an analysis of blocked domains revealed that a large number of Ukrainian news websites were blocked in Russia. This move by the Office of the Prosecutor General is a clear sign of the Kremlin's intention to control the narrative and prevent Russians from getting access to Ukrainian news and information.

The company's management is made up of a large number of prominent Russians. They include companies such as Gazprom Neft, the largest oil producer and refiner in the world. Transneft, meanwhile, manages the country's petroleum-related pipeline network. Other companies in Russia include Rostelecom, the country's largest telecommunications company, and RusHydro, a hydroelectricity company. In addition, the company is home to Alrosa, the largest diamond mining company in the world, responsible for 90 percent of all Russian and twenty-eight percent of global diamond production. Finally, Russian Railways, one of the world's largest railroad companies, is a major player in the transport and transportation sector.

Despite these difficulties, some US companies have already halted operations in Russia. The US company Microsoft has suspended all sales to Russia, but has reportedly decided to beef up its cybersecurity in the country. Meanwhile, the UK's Netflix has suspended its plans to launch state-run channels in Russia. Additionally, Hollywood studios like Sony are halting operations in Russia, while Apple and Google have suspended their activities there.