New Employee announcement with Weladee

New Employee announcement with Weladee

New Hire in the company

As an entrepreneur or HR professional, have you ever thought about writing a new employee announcement that works?

You see, the way you welcome your new hires shows your organizational structure, culture, and how you value people. Naturally, new hires expect warmth and acceptance when they resume in a new organization.

By 82%, organizations with a strong on boarding process improve new hire retention and raise productivity by over 70%.

Weladee offers you a great way to welcome new employees. Use announcement, inform all your staff about the new hire. Introduce the new employee to the whole company.

What to Include in a New Employee Announcement?

The new employee announcement must include some vital points to introduce the new hire.

Aside from your subtle tone, your language choice must portray warmth and acceptance, and the message reflects the following:

1. Clearly defined purpose

Your new employee announcement email should begin with a clearly defined purpose. Above this, begin on a congratulatory note and state how happy you are to have the new hire on board. 

The purpose of the email is to communicate acceptance of the new hire. And this is why you should close the email by enjoining other staff members to welcome her.

2. Introduce the new hire

After congratulating the new hire, introduce her to highlight how she fits into your organization.

You should infuse details of her past work experience and mention the role she’s to fill, the department, when she resumes, and who she will report directly to.

That way, the new hire has a better idea of how things work in the company.

3. Encourage others to welcome her

The next thing you should do after congratulating the new hire is to highlight your company’s communication channel by encouraging other employees to join you in the welcome message.

This bridges the communication gap and assures the new hire that her needs will get an immediate response whenever she reaches out through that channel.


Hello everyone,

Please let’s welcome the new member of our organization:

Purapat Pungisi

Purapat has been a part of the tomyam industry for the past 10 of years and has worked with prominent brands such as TomYamKrung. It is my great pleasure to announce that he will be joining us in the capacity of noodle chief in the kitchen department.

Apart from work, Purapat is also an avid reader and musician. He is also a volunteer at Red Cross and is a strong believer in free speech.

We believe that Purapat would be an indispensable addition to the Weladee family. Do drop by and welcome him to the team.


Director, People Operations

How to do?

Simply go to menu Announcements on Weladee Portal. Add and publish your announcement.

Add announcements

Announcements Weladee functionality is unlimited, use it to welcome new employee, inform resignation, new regulations, company's result, ....

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