Neighborhood Servant - Day 02 Pt. 01

Neighborhood Servant - Day 02 Pt. 01

For just then, my alarm goes off. It's 4:30am, and time to start my next day. 

As I'm waking up, I am thinking to myself, was that all a dream or did what happened to me yesterday really happen? For it all seems so real and vivid in my mind. Usually when it's a dream, you can't remember everything of the dream. But I remember all of it.

I get dressed and go downstairs to get my glass of orange juice, before going for my walk. There stands my wife with a twinkle in her eye. She says, "good morning dear. Did you sleep good last night?"

Not knowing if yesterday was a dream or not, I paused for a moment to answer her. Then I thought, if I say anything about my dream and it was just a dream. Then I could make matters worse. So, I respond with just a, yes, I slept good. She responds, "good!" She says, "You know the Simons over on Main Street?" I pause and think a little, for there are a couple of people we know in the neighborhood. She notices that I may not be knowing whom she is talking about and says, "Joe and Rose Simons. You know, the couple that always says, hi to you when you are out working in our yard."

I say, oh, ok! The tall, slim build dark haired guy and the rather short, slightly heavy, but very attractive smile, red hair and green eyes woman.

She says, "Yes! That is the couple."

I say, yes, what about them?

My wife responds, "well, they are looking for someone to stop over during the day to clean for them. I told them you would be more than happy to come over and clean for them."

All of a sudden my mind goes into a state of worry. Immediately I think to myself, yesterday wasn't a dream. This must all be true and happening to me. I say, but what if I don't want to go over to clean for them? My wife laughs and then says, "Sorry, but you don't have a choice. I already told them you will stop over to day and clean for them." Looking down at her watch. She says, "They will be expecting you in an hour. Better eat your breakfast and get right over there."

Again I say, so what. If I don't show, then they will just know I am not coming over to clean for them. You can call them and let them know I can't do it.

Again, my wife laughs and says with a more stern voice this time. "Apparently you didn't hear me correctly. You have NO choice! You WILL go over there and clean for them. No is not an answer. You will do this and when I get home from work tonight you will be punished for talking back to me like this. Do you understand!"

Realizing I am defeated again and will be in more trouble if I don't. I say, yes dear. I will go over there right after I am done eating and clean for them.

My wife says, "Good! Have a fun day today dear. I'll see you after work this evening. Oh, and be sure to clean for them right. The way they ask you to clean it! I don't want to have a disappointed neighbor again, like Crystal was yesterday."

I bow my head and realize this is not a dream, and I am going to have to continue doing what she asks of me. At least until I can find a way out of this mess I am in.

So, I go over to the Simons home and ring their doorbell. A woman answers the door, but it's not Rose. This is a woman similar to Rose's body size, but strawberry blonde hair, gorgeous blue eyes and is wearing a very tight red skirt with a button down white blouse. So shear looking that you can almost see her radiant nipples protruding through the blouse. I say, hello. I am Clay, my wife sent me over here. Is Rose or Joe here? She says, "oh, hello. Please excuse me for not introducing myself. I am Tiger Lilly, Rose's sister." She gives a smile and says "Rose and Joe are still in bed. Won't you please come in."

I respond with, I'm sorry. I am here to clean. I could come back later after they wake up. Tiger Lilly laughs and says, "oh no silly, they aren't sleeping yet. They are just still in bed." Then gives me a wink and says, "please do come in. It's fine. I can get you started on the cleaning. They told me you would be coming over." I say, oh, ok. Nice meeting you.

After getting inside the door. I hear this moaning sound coming from upstairs. As I look up the stairway towards where the sound is coming from. Tiger Lilly closes the door behind me and catches me off guard putting me in a headlock. I say, Hey! What are you doing? She then says to me, "You're here to clean, right? Well, let's get started on the cleaning."

She pulls the hanging rope down from above the door and ties my wrists together. "There." she says, "That will hold you until I finish getting you prepared for cleaning." I say, prepare me for cleaning?

She laughs and says, "yes, didn't your wife tell you what cleaning you were going to be doing over here for the Simons and me?" I said, yes, I thought cleaning the house. She lets out a loud laugh and says, "Cleaning the house? This house doesn't look dirty to you, does it?" I look around and think to myself, no, it is rather spotless. Tiger Lilly laughs again and says, "the Simons and my mind are dirtier than this house is." and again lets out a huge laugh.

All the while she is talking to me, she is taking off my clothes piece by piece. She slides off my shoes, then pulls off my socks and begins pulling down my pants. I say, wait! What are you doing? She says, "I am preparing you for cleaning. You don't want to get your clothes messy cleaning. Do you?" I say, no, but do you have to take off my clothes? She gives a smile and says, "would you take them off yourself for me? I say, no! She then replies, "yep! I guess I have to take your clothes off for you then." Then grabs my boxers and yanks them right down around my ankles.

Since my hands are tied above my head and my boxers are now down around my ankles, there isn't much I can do to move. She then pulls out a pair of shackles attached to a chain and snaps the shackles onto each of my ankles. After having them securely locked in place. She says, "there, this should keep you from trying to run back out that door. Ankles shackled together and hands tied together, oh and nude.I don't think you will be going anywhere until you are finished cleaning." Again, she winks and lets out a laugh.

She lowers my tied wrists so I can now be lowered to the floor. She then looks at me and says, "what are you waiting for? Get down on your knees and begin cleaning." I look at her with a confused look on my face and say, begin cleaning? Cleaning what? She then pulls up her tight red skirt and says, why this! My dripping wet pussy. My husband fucked me this morning.

As you already noticed, the Simons and I, being Rose's sister, are clean freaks. I hate cum all up inside me. You are here to clean my pussy from my husbands cum. He won't clean it out for me, he doesn't like it either. She grabs my head and pushes it into right into her pussy and says, begin cleaning it for me Clay. Lick every bit of cum out of me. I want to be completely clean of it.

I am now feeling so humiliated and embarrassed. On my knees licking her pussy of cum right inside the door of the Simons' home. Knowing anyone walking by outside could possibly see me through their small windows along both sides of the door, or worse yet, if someone delivers a package to the front door, they would definitely see me. Cause Tiger Lilly and I are right inside the door and she is moaning as I clean her. All the while I am still hearing the moaning coming from upstairs.

In one sense I am praying that the Simons finish up in their bedroom and come down and save me from Rose's sister Tiger Lilly. But they don't.

After licking Tiger Lilly completely clean. I hear a Rose call from upstairs, "Tiger Lilly, is Clay here yet? If so, please bring him upstairs if you are all cleaned up. We have some more for him to clean upstairs here."

Tiger Lilly yells up to Rose, "yep! Clay is here and all done cleaning me up. I'll bring him right up for you two." Tiger Lilly lifts my head up to look me right in my eyes and says, "you did a great job on me. Now let's get you up to Rose and Joe, they have some more for you to clean up."

Immediately I think to myself, more to clean up? Thinking, please don't tell me they want me to lick Rose clean too.

Tiger Lilly sees some cum dripping down my chin. She takes her finger and wipes it across my chin to scoop it up on her finger then says to me, open wide. As I go to say, wait, what are you doing? She takes her finger covered with the cum and sticks it into my open mouth and wipes it across my tongue. She pulls her finger out and takes my chin to push my mouth close and then puts her finger over my mouth as to say shhh and then says, "Swallow."

She then takes me and slowly walks me up the steps to the Simons' bedroom. When we get to the bedroom, Joe is laying on the bed with Rose laying beside him on the bed spread eagle with Joe's cum dripping out of her pussy. Rose says, "hurry up Tiger Lilly. Get him over here before it drips all over the bed. I need him to clean this up, and now!"

Tiger Lilly pushes me over into Rose's pussy and they both yell, "quick! Start licking her clean!" As I begin licking, I hear Joe give out a laugh and say, "those women, so horny and demanding, and yet such clean freaks."

As I am licking Rose clean from Joe's cum, I feel these hands caressing my ass and balls. Which is putting all of this pressure on my cock being crushed inside its chastity device. I can't believe all of this is happening to me. What has my wife done to me? What will happen to me tonight when I return home. Since my wife already said I was going to be punished for talking back about not wanting to come over here in the first place.

Then I hear Joe start moaning. I am wondering why he is moaning. My head is buried into Rose's pussy, and Tiger Lilly and Joe's hands are caressing my ass and balls. So I can't see what is going on and sure as hell don't hope he is moaning from feeling my ass.

I feel like I am just about done licking Rose's pussy clean when I hear Joe scream out, "NOW! Get him over here, I need him now! I am about to cum from Tiger Lilly sucking my cock!"

Quickly Tiger Lilly and Rose grabs me and takes my head and pushes it onto Joe's cock and begins thrusting my head up and down on Joe's cock. They both say in harmony, "Suck Clay, suck! Keep sucking! He is going to cum soon and we need to suck it all out of him." Joe is moaning and thrusting his cock into my mouth as they thrust and swirl my head around his cock.

Just then I feel this huge thrust and explosion of cum shoot into my mouth. They all three scream, "YES!" And then out of the blue this excruciating shock hits my cock. Feeling the shock and pain I want and try to scream out myself. But it is too difficult to yell. With two women holding my head tight up against Joe's groin.

Again the shock hits my cock. And again!

They notice my jerking from the shock waves one after another. Tiger Lilly says, "what's a matter?" Rose says, "I don't know." Joe looks down at my cock and sees it bouncing up and down uncontrollably, and says, "it must be the electrical device on his cock."

Rose then says, "Oh, it must be Crystal. She must need Clay for something. Clay, were you supposed to clean for her today?"

I say, I don't think so. I am supposed to clean for her on Mondays. It's only Tuesday, I was just there...OUCH! I scream as more shocks hit me...yesterday.

Rose says, "well, she seems to need you more than we do right now. You weren't finished cleaning Joe up. But you should go." Then she says, "See you next Tuesday?" I look at them with a confused look, and say again? Next Tuesday? They laugh and say, "what? You feel you could do us twice a week and want to stop over on Thursdays too?"

I just roll my eyes in amazement. Rose then says, "Great! Your wife didn't think you wanted to clean us up twice a week. But if you are fine with that, we'll give her a call and let her know to send you over on Tuesdays and Thursdays. That's awesome! Thanks so much!"

Before I can say another word. There is another long shock to my cock. I bend over in pain and yell OUCH!! Tiger Lilly quickly says, "you better run along to see what Crystal needs you for today."