Neatsvor X600: Robot Vacuum Cleaner of 2024

Neatsvor X600: Robot Vacuum Cleaner of 2024

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Review Robot Vacuum Cleaner with lidar and wet cleaning for everyone. An interesting Chinese NEATSVOR X600 came to our review 2024. This is the flagship model in the line. The robot is equipped with a lidar for navigation, it is suitable for dry and wet cleaning, it is controlled via a mobile application and, according to the manufacturer, the suction power reaches 4000 Pa. It is worth noting that at the time of the review, this robot can be purchased for 300 dollars, and during the sales period it costs even several dollars cheaper. Considering that there is a lidar, the price is attractive. Next, we will look at how the NEATSVOR X600 works, what functions it boasts, how it cleans, and taking into account all the information received, we will determine whether this robot vacuum cleaner is interesting to buy. So let’s go!

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First of all, let’s look at how the NEATSVOR X600 is equipped.

Robot and box

In addition to the robot vacuum cleaner itself, the box contains:

  1. Charging base with power adapter.
  2. Separate water tank, which is installed instead of the dust collector.
  3. Spare microfiber cloth.
  4. Instruction manual in English.
  5. Two spare side brushes.
  6. Spare HEPA filter.
  7. Center brush cleaning tool.


There is no remote control in the package, it is controlled by NEATSVOR X600 only through a mobile application and buttons on the case.


Consider the robot vacuum cleaner itself. It is made of black plastic, the top cover is glossy. It looks nice, but the coating is very easily soiled. Fingerprints remain and dust is clearly visible. It’s not really practical.

View from above

On top of the case there are two control buttons: start / pause and forced return to the base. Next to them we see the indicator of connection to the Wi-Fi network. The lidar is equipped with a mechanical button that prevents it from getting stuck under furniture. This is a plus.

The dust container is removed from the back by pressing a button. It holds up to 600 ml of dry waste. There is a triple filtration system based on a mesh, foam and pleated filter.

Dust collector

A shutter is installed in the container, which prevents accidental spilling of debris when removing the container from the robot. At first glance, all the main design points are thought out.

Waste bin and water tank

The water tank is designed for 350 ml of liquid. Above there is an opening for filling water with a sealed valve. We see the terminals and an electronic pump in the tank, which gives us an understanding of the presence of electronic regulation of the water supply to the napkin. The napkin is attached to the base of the tank with Velcro. Water enters the napkin through 6 holes. By the way, the tank has a separate compartment for collecting garbage. NEATSVOR X600 in wet cleaning mode can sweep debris, but not vacuum the floor, this is important to consider.

Back view

Side view

Let’s turn the robot vacuum cleaner over and see how it works from below. We see that there are 2 side brushes installed, they are very budget-friendly.

Bottom view

A bristly-petal turbo brush is installed in the center. But it is made quite high quality, the pile is dense. The design of the central brush is non-separable.

Turbo brush

In general, the assembly of this robot vacuum cleaner is quite consistent with the price segment of 300 dollars. There is no point in making claims when comparing with the same Roborock or iClebo. This is at least a third cheaper, therefore the materials are inferior in quality.


Of the main characteristics of NEATSVOR X600, I would like to highlight:

Cleaning type - Dry and wet

Source of power - Li-Ion accumulator battery 2500 mAh

Suction power - Up to 4000 Pa (according to the manufacturer’s statement)

Working hours - Up to 120 minutes

Cleaning area> 100 m 2

Obstacle height - Up to 20 mm

Dust container capacity - 600 ml

Water tank capacity - 350 ml

dimensions - 330x98 mm

Noise level - Up to 75 dB (in MAX mode)

The characteristics of this robot vacuum cleaner are quite standard, apart from the suction power, we will definitely check it at our stand later during a detailed test.


NEATSVOR X600 can be controlled through a mobile application called WeBack. This is not a proprietary application, we have already tested several robots from other brands that worked precisely through this application. Connecting to the app won’t be a problem. Just follow the prompts.


After installation, I recommend running a test run of the robot so that it builds a map of the room and saves it in memory. Only after that all available functionality opens.

Of the main possibilities, the continuation of cleaning after recharging, from the place where the robot finished cleaning, should be highlighted. Turning voice announcements on and off, as well as adjusting their volume. Manual control of the robot, saving the room map.

By the way, NEATSVOR X600 only saved 1 cleaning map at the time of the review. But the manufacturer says the robot will soon support storing multiple cards in memory.

In addition, you can change the name of the robot, set up a cleaning schedule at the desired time and days of the week. Choose area units and share controls with family members. Even control via voice assistants is provided.


On the main operating panel, when the dust collector is installed, you can adjust the suction power, a total of 3 levels. When the water tank is installed, it becomes available to adjust the level of water supply to the napkin, also 3 levels.

The last cleaning data and the remaining battery power are displayed below the map. Of the additional features, I would like to highlight cleaning in the selected area, the installation of virtual walls and restricted areas, as well as the search for a robot by a sound signal.

Also, on the working panel, you can start the automatic cleaning mode and forcibly return the robot vacuum cleaner to the base.

These are all the features of the NEATSVOR X600. It is not equipped with advanced features, but the standard functionality, as for a robotic vacuum cleaner with lidar , is included in it. What is missing, we will tell you when we summarize.


We recommend that you familiarize yourself with all the tests in our video review:


First, let’s check the NEATSVOR X600 navigation within the same obstacle room. In our case, this is a chair, a box, a mirror that can prevent the lidar from building a map of the room, as well as a dryer for things, on which robots often get stuck.

And immediately he got stuck on the dryer for things, on which the cleaning process was interrupted. I had to set a forbidden zone on the map so that the robot would not run into the dryer legs.

Navigating an obstacle room

Otherwise, the mirror introduced an error in the construction of the map, but this did not in any way affect the quality of cleaning, the robot went through the entire available area. But he moved the chair during cleaning, tk. the free play of the soft touch bumper is quite heavy. And the robot will move light things until the bumper rests against something heavier or completely motionless. It is also not good.

Nevertheless, the robot went through the entire room, first along the perimeter, then removed the available area in a zigzag pattern. Thoughtful movement algorithm, 11 sq.m. the robot removed in 9 minutes. This is a good cleaning speed.

Now let’s see how the NEATSVOR X600 handles cleaning your entire home. In our case, these are 3 rooms, a corridor and an entrance hall, the total usable area of ​​which is about 34 sq.m.

Navigation within the home

You can see that the robot vacuum cleaner divided the room into zones and cleaned each of them in turn. There are no missed areas left, it took 29 minutes to clean, this is a good result.

Suction power

Now let’s see how well the NEATSVOR X600 sucks debris out of crevices of different depths. Still, 4000 Pa is declared.

Suction power

And you can see that he only managed to cope with the 2mm slit. The rest were beyond the power of this robot. So the declared suction power is more of a marketing ploy. But even with such suction, NEATSVOR X600 performed better than its competitors, even the Roborock S5 Max coped worse with this task, this must be understood.

Dry cleaning on laminate

Now let’s see how the NEATSVOR X600 handles various debris on the floor. For the test, we scattered cereals, wool, hair and ground coffee in the corners on the stand, like imitation of dust. The brushes and dust container are clean before the test.

Robot and trash

Dry cleaning

You can see that he collected most of the trash. There is only a little debris left in the corners due to the round shape of the case, and there is also a little dust left along the baseboard. It’s about not very high-quality side brushes. They are not very good at sweeping debris along the walls.

The side brushes wrapped the hair and wool tightly around them. In addition, the hair is wrapped around the central brush. The rest of the garbage is collected in a dust collector.

Dry cleaning on carpet

We scattered the same rubbish on the carpet. And you can see that the NEATSVOR X600 did a good job on this task, the carpet is clean.

Carpet cleaning

Wet cleaning

Now let’s see if the NEATSVOR X600 can wipe the dirt off the laminate. We left with shoes and allowed the dirt to dry out a bit.

Wet cleaning

Yes, such a complexity of pollution is within the power of this robot vacuum cleaner. He coped with the test.

By the way, the wetting of the napkin when the maximum level of water supply is turned on is not too abundant. So the robot will not damage the wood flooring. A full tank is enough for more than 100 sq.m. wet cleaning.

Passage of obstacles

Let’s check what height the sills the NEATSVOR X600 can overcome.

Passage of obstacles

He can move over obstacles with a height of 10 and 15 mm, but 20 mm is beyond his power, although the manufacturer claims a maximum passability of 2 cm.

Dark spots

The next test will show us whether the NEATSVOR X600 is afraid of dark coatings by recognizing them by height differences.

Driving through the dark spots

Yes, he does not drive on black rugs, this is not good.

Noise level

And the last one is to measure the noise level of NEATSVOR X600 in different modes.

Noise level

In polishing mode, the noise level is only 53 dB, it wipes the floor very quietly. At the minimum suction power, the noise level is about 64 dB, in standard mode up to 68 dB. At maximum power, the noise level reached as much as 75 dB. Feels like the engine is actually slightly more powerful than its counterparts, which was confirmed by the suction power test.

Summing up

We tested the NEATSVOR X600 in detail. We will now evaluate it according to different criteria, taking into account the test results and the price segment of 300 dollars, although during the sales season some users managed to purchase this model for a record low 250 dollars at discounts.

Navigation 8 out of 10. There is a lidar, the robot builds a map of the room and stores it in memory. This is a big plus of the model. But unfortunately, he roughly touches objects, tk. the bumper has a hard move, stores only 1 room map and does not automatically zone the room into rooms. Therefore, we cannot give the maximum score.

Versatility 8 out of 10. Control from the remote control is not provided, the robot cannot vacuum and wash the floor at the same time, while the passage of obstacles is only 15 mm. So when working on fluffy carpets and when moving door sills, there can be problems with getting stuck.

Design and execution 8 out of 10. As for 300 dollars, the presence of a lidar with a mechanical button, two side brushes and a central turbo brush is very cool. But the performance of the side brushes is far from the best; besides, the impression is spoiled by the easily soiled case. And so, in general, the robot for its price segment is made well and the build quality inspires confidence.

The quality of cleaning is 9 out of 10. Some debris was left on the stand along the plinth, we deduct a point for this. But the suction power is quite good, and the robot coped with wiping off the dirt, so it deserves a high mark.

Functionality 9 out of 10. As for 300 dollars, there is all the available functionality to maintain cleanliness in the house. The only thing missing is room zoning for rooms and multicard support, but we have already removed points for this when evaluating navigation. The only thing that I am missing from the additional functions is the do not disturb mode at a certain time, tk. When cleaning with additional charging, the robot starts cleaning after it is fully charged, and this can be at midnight or at 5 in the morning. In addition, it is useful to be able to set restricted areas for the wet cleaning mode so that the robot does not drive onto carpets and wet them. NEATSVOR X600 does not have separate exclusion zones.

Manufacturer’s support 6 out of 10. Despite the fact that NEATSVOR has been on the market for several years and the reviews about their products are mostly positive, now you can order NEATSVOR X600 only on sale and other popular Chinese sites. Consumables will also have to be ordered there. On the territory of the EU/US there are still no official representatives of the company, respectively, in the event of malfunctions, it will be problematic to resolve this issue with the manufacturers. And the mobile application is not branded at the moment. Because of this, it is not yet objective to speak of a high assessment. But it is important to note that the manufacturer is already entering the EU/US market and even a English-language website has been created. So I think in the future the manufacturer’s support will grow and it will be possible to give a higher mark.

Total 48 out of 60 points

After the test, NEATSVOR X600 left a more positive opinion about itself. There are certain remarks to it, but still for that kind of money, but let me remind you that it costs up to 300 dollars — this is a very interesting option for buying. Lidar, the function of wet cleaning and a set of all important functions in the application are confirmation of this. Therefore, if you want to choose a budget robot vacuum cleaner with good navigation, NEATSVOR X600 will be one of the few interesting options.

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