Nanny - Part 2 Morning Surprise

Nanny - Part 2 Morning Surprise


Part 2 Morning Surprise

Jane had been serving in my house for a week. She had been doing great jobs in nursing my son, Reece. I appreciated her passion and her dedication towards this job. However, there was always something from her, like her shadow, had been disturbing my mind. Ever since she came here, my mind had been spinning and echoing about things that I could never ever imagine.

She was a sweet girl, no doubt of that. I spent more time with her than my wife due to the different shifts committed by us. As time went by and we got closer, Jane seemed to lose her innocence look. Unlike her first days attire, she had worn sexier and more revealing clothes. What did she have in mind? Was she trying to seduce me? She should know I was a married man and committing adultery was a sin.

It was nine in the glory morning. I was still in the bed sleeping. My wife had already left the house early in the morning for work. As we trusted Jane, we duplicated the key for her so that it would be more convenient for her to enter our premise without ringing the bells or knocking the door or even yelling at my name while I was in bed.

Was it a dream? How on earth I could feel so comfortable in sleep? Such fortunate occurrence had never happened once on me before. I felt being massaged and parts of my body were kneaded ever so gently. Probably it was a dream, yeah, a dream of having a nice spa in Bali.

I slowly opened my eyes, as the feel and touch were getting more and more realistic. I was completely startled to find my cock inside Janes tinny and sweet mouth. Her lips were completely surrounding my prick and she was bobbing her head up and down on it.

What the fuck? I was in panic and yet there was a great excitement emanated deep in me, almost overwhelming and overriding my panic and astonishment.

Uh huh… I had made a little move and sound. Jane stopped immediately and turned to look at me. I never asked for this to happen, and it really felt so great having her sucking my cock. It was my dream ever since we had met. I wanted it to continue so I went back to sleep and made a fake snore.

My heart was beating so fast and my blood circulation sped up. I did not want to frighten her away. I wanted her to continue on what she was doing. I shut my eyes and waited for the next happening. I left my throbbing and juicy cock erected in the air, waiting for Janes tongue circulating and massaging it again in her tiny mouth.

The scene was like being frozen for couples of seconds. It stipulated Janes hesitation if she should continue. She knew she could be busted and fired if she was caught of giving the master fellatio.

I calmed myself and pretended I was still asleep, snoring and trying to convince her I was not awake so that she could continue. Then, I felt her breath on the tips of my cock. She licked the tips gently and still looked at me, in case I was ever awakened by her. I wished I could tell her to keep doing that without worrying anything, because I wanted my cock to be sucked so bad at this point of time.

Obviously she was convinced as she began swallowing my cock back in her mouth. She put her hands on my laps so as to reach me easily. I moaned softly to express my willingness and comfort. I even moved and spread my legs a bit wider for her easier access to my cock.

She must have thought I was having a wet dream. Thus, she continued sucking me without any worries or pre cautions. I felt like in heaven having her tongue wrapping my white cock and pressing her head deep down. I liked how she deep throated me and how she bobbed her head up and down on me.

She seemed less experience in blowjob as her teeth hurt my prick several times, but it was still good having an 18 years old Chinese girl sucking me. She cupped my balls at the meantime, licking and sucking every length and every inch of my penis. She was getting better and better in handling my 7 inches cock. I could not help myself but to open my eyelids slightly so as to peek at her.

I was completely turned on while seeing my cock being sucked and buried deep into a young Chinese teen girls mouth. It took everything I could hold and control to suppress my desire of grabbing her head and pushing her lower to my cock. I grasped the bed sheet tight and frowned, knowing I was going to have an orgasm in anytime, very soon.

Oh fuck… I moaned and I shoot all my sperms and semen into her mouth. It was really awesome having sex in stealth. The feeling and the excitement had almost driven me nuts and I felt like my heart had never been beating so fast and my blood had never been circulating in such a high pressure.

While gasping for air, I noticed Jane was swallowing my cums and licking me up clean. It was so hot of her doing that on me. After she had done, she kindly put my semi half cock back into my pants and went out my room.

Oh damn, she liked me. I just cheated my wife and had my cock sucked by a young hot Asian girl and I came in her mouth. I lied on my bed and felt guilty. I could have stopped her but I did not, instead, I let her continued what she was doing which was a taboo. I knew I could not wake up fast as it might cause her to be suspicious of me.

I pulled the waistband and checked my willie, it was a complete mess, with the mixture of Janes saliva and my semen around it, together with beads and strings of the fluid forming around my pubic hair. My cock was still throbbing and I could easily get hard and horny in another hour.

I woke up fifteen minutes later and hit a shower. After putting on the clothes, I went out to meet Jane. There was certain embarrassment due to what had happened just now, but the fact that she did not know I was awake had paled up the blush on my cheeks.

I saw her sitting on the sofa, reading some magazines and waiting for me to wake up. She was wearing short leather skirt this time, together with tight pink singlet, very sexy and revealing. I began wondering if this attire ever suited for my three years old son. I should tell her and advise her to put on more covers, but the sexual instinct inside me got too strong and defeated my integrity. I kept silent and did nothing because I loved to see her wearing more revealing clothes.

Jane had finally noticed my existence, she turned to me and greeted me. Good morning, Sir.

She smiled ever so cheerfully like an Angel, like she had done nothing to me at all. I greeted back. Good morning, Jane.

I went to the sofa and sat beside her.

Is Reece still in bed?

Yes, he is. Ill wake him up in a bit.


As I got closer to her and I noticed a bead of sticky fluid stuck at her chin, I realised that was my semen earlier. How could she never notice that? Did she even go to clean up a bit?


Jane was a little shocked when I called out her name. She turned to me unsteadily. Yeah?

Theres something under your chin, were you drinking some juice just now? I lied to alert her that a bead of my semen was actually still glued at her chin.

She seemed relieved and giggled. Oh yes, sorry about that.

She scooped up the semen with the tip of her index finger and put it inside her mouth and swallowed it. I was completely stunned with my mouth hung open at her. She had no hesitation at all by swallowing the remains of my cums in front of me. She did not even show any embarrassment or any guilt, she just smiled and acted cute.

I was petrified for several seconds before I made a move to wake up Reece. Ironically I was not disgusted by her act, and yet I was turned on and my bulge was gradually built up again.

Fuck, not this time. I mumbled.

I realised I had no time to get rid or handle my feeling and my bulge now, I had to wake Reece up and got the nanny to feed him. Again, it would be another day of hearing laugh and giggles from Jane and Reece.


Shall I say that day was the worst day of my life? Or the best day of my life? The nanny had blown my cock while I was asleep, obviously challenging me and my wifes marriage and this family. How could I ever face my wife or my son again? As the guilt rose from my heart, it brought excitement. The excitement was simply too strong to fade the guilt away, now I know seduction is a powerful and scaring thing.

I could not concentrate on my work, my mind was flashing Janes pretty face and body and how she had sucked my cock early in that morning.

When I returned home, I did not get to speak to my wife. She had already gone to bed before I returned home. I fell asleep as soon as I lied down on the bed due to extreme exhaustion. I prayed for the sleep could sooth me down a bit and I shall turn to a new leaf in the next morning


To my surprise, the history repeated itself in the next morning. I received another surprising fellatio from Jane while I was asleep. She was bobbing her head up and down, with her tongue wrapping and sliding on my penis.

Where had she got the gut of doing that? It was such a felony which could get us in so much trouble.


She was sucking me this time without a little hesitation. She had done a great job and she had got me so hard. I could not resist it, hence, I pretended to be still asleep and making fake snores, enjoyed being sucked by this sexy Asian nanny.

She got better at sucking me this time, it took around fifteen minutes for me to blow inside her tiny mouth. Like the day before, she would lick me up and suck me clean, ensure every drop of the sperms and semen was sucked and swallowed.

Ever since then, it had become a habit. I would always find Jane sucking my cock in every morning and I would come inside her mouth. Such habit had lasted for a week till I decided to have sex with Jane while I was awake, this could be more fun and more realistic. I wanted to touch her so bad, her hair, her boobs, her body and every part of her body.

I set the alarm at the night before the day, so that I could wake up early before Jane arrived. Jane usually arrived at nine so I would wake up at eight thirty.

I woke up and sat on the sofa, after getting ready and waiting for her to arrive. I heard the door was being unlocked and I figured out Jane had arrived.

She was totally startled seeing me awake and sitting on the sofa. I looked at her and she looked at me, we did not speak for few seconds. She was wearing very short white skirt with tight T shirt, a very seductive wear.

What a surprise, Sir? I didnt expect youve already awake, she said in astonishment and disappointment.

Yes, I woke up earlier today.