NGL Meaning – What Does NGL Mean?

NGL Meaning – What Does NGL Mean?


NGL full form in chat is Not Gonna Lie. It is a slang language. It is used, to tell the truth, and to save one from embarrassment. The synonym or the other short-form used in place of NGL is TBH (To be honest). 

NGL was developed around 100 years back. NGL meaning in chat describes honesty and truth. It is most commonly used by millennials. 

For example, If I want to say something to my friend that the dress is not looking good on her and it should look polite also. Then, I can say "Not gonna lie, the dress does not look good on you". 

You can even add the sentence by 'just saying'. So that it does not look awkward or uncomfortable. 

This is how you can NGL full form in chat so that it does not look bad while you say the truth. 

In 2009 or 2010, NGL was added to the urban dictionary and from then onwards it has become so popular that almost everyone uses it. 

This phrase is used when there is a normal conversation going on and not something serious in case that will make someone feel bad. 

NGL is a very common term we hear in our daily lives. Not only millennials but people apart from this age group also say it. It is because we are getting habitual of the words or the abbreviations millennials use. 

NGL meaning in text has different meanings but the most common is not gonna lie. Some other meanings of NGL are as follows: 

  • Not Gonna Lie
  • National Guardian Life
  • Natural Gas Liquids
  • Next Generation Leaders
  • Natural Ground Level
  • National Gold League

We hope we were able to clear your queries regarding NGL and we explained to you the NGL meaning in text. 

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