Hello everyone!

Over the past 6 months, my team and I have been collecting feedback from you about the performance of our Bot.

Now we are ready to announce the major changes that should make your work easier.

Let's talk about them all in order!

Update of Bot Architecture

The most common problem you complained about when working with the bot. It is quite unfriendly interface. Also, the instructions in WIKI were not very clear.

To solve these two problems we completely changed the architecture. Bot is now faster, more understandable (we hope). The instructions have been brought to uniformity.

Let us remind you that our WIKI is located here:

Service Updates

Due to the fact that many basic principles of the Bot have been changed. We have also adjusted (slightly) the provision of access to assets HUB. The maximum access can now be granted for 28 days and then you will need to request it again if necessary.

We also analyzed the popularity of our services and decided to make the following changes:

1) The channel in Discord is on pause - We will modify it in the near future.

2) Removed "Purchase Assets" service - We will process all current orders, but we will stop accepting new ones. At the moment we have formed our own opinion, which assets are worth buying in the first place.

3) Raising priority in creating GameDev courses - This direction will be the main one for us in the coming years. We are already publishing a course for beginners and we are not going to stop. Our courses:

4) Email technical support is now only for VIP - We will still handle all payment or verification issues via email. But all other queries will only work for VIP level subscriptions. But don't worry, more than 90% of the requests were typical and we have prepared an extensive FAQ that solves them all:

5) 3D Models are only for VIP users - 99% of them were used only by VIP users. Therefore, in order not to confuse you once again, we made this Hub exclusive.

Reduced Subscription Fees

About a year ago we were forced to raise our subscription prices due to the high commissions of the platforms through which we accept money. 

Now the situation has stabilized and we have lowered prices. We have also updated the list of services that are included in these subscriptions.

The current levels look like this:

1) VIP - 28 $ or equivalent in another currency (6.5% OFF)

2) HUB - 14 $ or equivalent in another currency (30% OFF)

We have adjusted prices on all sites where you can subscribe to us. Read more here:

All conditions for old subscriptions that were issued before the change remain in force. Nobody cancels them, don’t worry, please. We will definitely think of a way to reward all those who have recently subscribed at the old prices.

Two New Subscription Levels

Many people have already noticed that we've started testing new cheaper subscription tiers.

We have completed this process and are ready to provide you with:

1) LITE - 7 coins (in-platform currency). Functionality similar to the HUB level, but only for 24 hours.

2) TRIAL - free. Unlimited access to a limited collection of assets.

The update was pretty big, if you notice bugs or have issues, let us know:

The latest news on our platform is here:

Thank you for staying with us and let's make the game of your dreams!

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