Mystery green object spotted on bitcoin charts

Mystery green object spotted on bitcoin charts

Crypto Inferno

Over the weekend an unidentified green shape appeared on some crypto users’ screens. Although there are several explanations for the anomaly, there is as yet no consensus as to what the object might be.

‘It was a kind of long, vertically-oriented green rectangle,’ explained Gervaise, a former barista in California who gave up making lattes several months ago to trade bitcoin full time. ‘It some ways it was not dissimilar to the “candles” that we traders use to track the price of bitcoin. Only this one was green.’

In fact, another analyst went so far as to claim that this was indeed a little-known variation of such a “candle”. Green candles are regularly spotted in other markets, including Forex and Stocks, but there is skepticism among most crypto traders that such a thing exists in the context of bitcoin. ‘Whilst it’s theoretically possible for a candle to be green, it’s far more likely there’s a better explanation for this,’ comments Lord Derpmore, a well-known and respected member of the crypto community.

A different explanation is put forward by one IT consultant from Finland, Jeff, who claims it could be a widespread hardware malfunction. ‘It’s possible for pixels to “blow out” and become incapable of displaying colours other than green,’ he explained. ‘If there was a manufacturing defect, this could impact thousands of different screens at the same time. It’s unlikely, but no more unlikely than some of the other explanations – like a “green candle”,’ he continues, with a chuckle. ‘Bitcoin candles are red, everyone knows that. The price of bitcoin only goes in one direction.’

But Tarquin de Winter-Smyth, a trader from Scunthorpe, UK who has been active in the bitcoin markets for more than nine months, disagrees. ‘The price may be going up.’

What do you think? Hardware malfunction, mass hallucination or a ‘green candle’? Let us know if you have a better explanation!


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