MyRepoBot: Privacy Policy

MyRepoBot: Privacy Policy


What data do we collect?

MyRepoBot application collects the following data:

  • Your Telegram, Discord, or Google Chat™ username
  • Your password (token) dedicated to MyRepoBot in the Bitbucket
  • Your token dedicated to MyRepoBot in the Gitlab and Github
  • IDs of Telegram/Google Chat™ group chats you’d added our bot to
  • Name of the Discord Server you added the bot

How do we collect your data?

You directly provide MyRepoBot application with most of the data we collect. We collect data and process data when you:

  • Launching the bot in the messenger (Google Chat™, Discord or Telegram)
  • Grand access to your data by creating a dedicated password on Bitbucket and entering it in MyRepoBot
  • Grand access to your data by creating a dedicated token on Gitlab or Gitlab and entering it in MyRepoBot
  • Perform any actions with our bot within your Telegram, Discord or Google Chat™ group/personal chat.

How will we use your data?

MyRepoBot application collects your data so that we can:

  • Properly display all updates from your Bitbucket/Github/Gitlab instance in the proper Telegram, Discord or Google Chat™ chats you chose.
  • Provide and support the app, including updating and maintaining.

How do we store your data?

MyRepoBot application stores your data at Hetzner data centers in Falkenstein.

MyRepoBot application will keep all mentioned data for the whole period of using the application. After that period once you run the /connect > Delete credentials command in the bot and confirm your action - your authorization data will be deleted.

Privacy policies of other websites

Several other services are involved in the process of using MyRepoBot application. Our privacy policy applies only to MyRepoBot application, so if you click on a link to another website or use other involved services, you should read their privacy policy.

Services involved:

  • Google Chat™
  • Bitbucket
  • Github
  • Gitlab
  • Telegram
  • Discord

Changes to our privacy policy

We keep its privacy policy under regular review and place any updates on this web page. This privacy policy was last updated on October 31, 2023.

How to contact us

If you have any questions about our privacy policy, the data we hold on you, or you would like to exercise one of your data protection rights, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Email us at:

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