My wife's physical exam

My wife's physical exam


Patient Name:Marie Davidson

33years. 120Pounds. 54.

My wife was going to get her annual complete physical. She had never seen this doctor before. We just found him in the local listings.

We were both very excited as we waited in his exam room. My wife was terrified. She hated doctor exams. They are hugely embarrassing and humiliating and often painful for her.

I could see the fear on her face as we waited and waited.

After a forty-five minute wait because the doctor had some sort of emergency he had to deal with, the door opened and the doctor came in. The long wait and the anticipation made us both as wound up as people can be. Every nerve in my body felt electric. And then...

We were both stunned. I could see the look of shock on my wifes face, and I am sure I had one also.

This guy was HUGE!

I am six foot two inches and he towered over me. Probably four inches taller than me.

But I didnt realize the real significance of this until the next moment when it all coagulated in my mind.

We both stood to greet him as he suck out his hand to shake mine first.

His hand was monstrous. My hand disappeared into this huge fist with the fattest fingers I have ever seen. Palming a b ball was not a problem for this guy.

Then he shook my wifes hand and her tiny hand completely disappeared into the meaty fist and I saw the horror on her face as she stared at his enormous hand. She knew that those humongous fingers would soon try to penetrate her delicate vagina and that thought terrified her.

We all sat while he asked some questions. The only medical concern she had was that she had been bleeding very heavy last few periods. And having lots of pain and some incontinence.

He said something like, we will see if we can figure this all out.

I couldnt stop staring at his huge fingers.

Then he said the words I had been waiting to hear,

Alright, if you will remove all of your clothes and put on this gown I will be back in a minute and we can get started.

I might have forgotten to mention that I am a big pervert and I love doctor exams. Actually, I love anything that gets my wife naked in front of another man.

Massages, Doctors, nudist clubs…

But a doctor exam is the best. Not only will this strange man see her completely nude in a minute, but he will feel her all over.And finger her!

The instant he said, take off all of your dick grew ten times.

She started to pull off her shirt and I got down to untied her shoes.

I knew she would try to get the gown on as fast as she could, but when she got her top off and was undoing her pants I started feeling her breasts. She tried to push me away. An argument we had had many times before. Every year in fact at her annual exam.

Come on. You said I could feel you a little before the exam. She knows I love this so much. Finally she acquiesced and I felt her up as she took off her pants and undies. I was in heaven. She was undressing for a strange man and I was feeling the most amazing firm breasts.

I rubbed her nicely trimmed mound and slipped a finger inside her. She pushed me away.

I protested, and begged, just a little please.

Again she let me rub her mound some but when I slipped my finger in again she pushed me away and put on the gown.

But I got my feels and my dick was rock hard.

I tried to convince her that if she was aroused the exam would be easier because her natural lubricants would allow the instruments and fingers to slide in more easily.

And I believe this is true, but she was not convinced.

She sat on the table in the thin gown and waited. She was already all red with embarrassment and now she was also mad at me. So she was starting this exam already really tense. When she is tense pelvic exams are always more painful.

She looked so vulnerable and scared and young sitting there. Her thighs exposed nicely below the short exam gown. Erect nipples poking from under the thin gown. It was so hot. I felt bad for her cause I knew how scared she was. But still I was rock hard.

I kept feeling her up through the gown as we waited.

I knew she was scared of this guy and his fat fingers. Internal exams always hurt her. She has a small vaginal opening and I think it gets tighter if you dont stretch it for a while. So I had not had sex with her for one month before this exam.

We both knew this would be painful for her.

The doctor came in and said, lets get started.

He did routine eyes and ear stuff first. I was fascinated by how tiny she looked in his monstrous hands. He moved her head around and she looked like a doll.

Then he opened the gown in the back to listen to her lungs.

The view of her beautiful back and bottom bare on the table was heavenly.

When he was done he went to the front and said, lets have a look at your breasts now.

She whispered, Okay.

As he stood in front of her, towering over her, his huge hands picked up the gown on each shoulder and dropped it in her lap. Completely exposing her luscious breasts to us.

And they are magnificent!

In my opinion.

At 33 her firm full B cup breasts still point out on her chest. Barely any sag at all. Lips-red, silver-dollar-sized areolas and rock hard nipples.

This first exposure is the best part of an exam for me and the thought of exposing herself to a strange man terrorizes her. I love this moment. In my mind it lasts minutes.

The doctor and I both stared at my wifes bare chest. As we looked I could see the red splotches start to appear on her chest and belly. She was about as embarrassed as she could be. Here was this stranger just staring at her breasts. It was so humiliating for her. And she knew I loved it, so that made her mad as well. She just stared past the doctor at the wall.

After we just took in the view for what seemed like a long time, the doctor said, alright.

he then put one hand under a breast and put his other hand on top of it and started squeezing her bare breast between his hands.

He did this technique on both breasts just feeling the whole breast and rolling it around between his hands. Then he started pressing and lifting.

This is when she started wincing. Her breasts get very sore about a week before her period starts. And this was that exact day, so they were extremely sore already.

As he pushed and squeezed her breasts she winced and squirmed more and more. I could see tears welling up in her eyes. That was unusual. It didnt usually hurt that much, but sometimes they are very sore from her cycle.

The doctor seemed totally oblivious to her discomfort and just continued to maul her delicate beauties. And he was very rough with them. He squeezed them tighter than doctors usually do it seemed to me.

He finished with each breast by pinching with the fingers of both hands underneath the breast and both thumbs on top.

He squeezed and slid his hands from the base all the way out to the end of her nipple. This looked brutal, even if her breasts werent already sore. It looked like he was trying to pull her off of the table by her breast.

Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! she cried as he pulled so brutally on her. Then he repeated the move on her other breast.

Owww! she cried out.

As he said, that looks good, and turned away, my wife wiped the tears from her eyes and sat staring straight ahead. She hated us both. She loathed me for enjoying this abuse of her.

And, she knew the worst was yet to come.

The doctor turned back with the chart in his hand and asked, didnt the nurse get your weight and BP?

My wife didnt say anything so I finally said she had not.

He said, well lets do that real quick if you will step over here, as he walked to the upright scale against the wall.

My wife pulled her gown up and held it at her neck instead of tying it and walked over to the scale.

The view from my seat was magnificent. Her whole back and bottom and all of her legs were fully exposed to me.

Even after all these years of marriage, she is the most magnificent creature in my opinion. I couldnt love her butt more. Firm and bouncy. World Class. Her best feature.

She showed it to me as he took her weight and made her turn around for the height part. With her hand up holding the ties at her neck, the gown was lifted at the hem. I could just see her pink lips below the gown. And all of her fantastic, now fire-engine red, legs. Then she walked back to the exam table giving the doctor the spectacular rear view I just had.

He said, alright lets do the pelvic exam now.

She meekly said, okay.

He said, slide down and put your feet in the stirrups, as he pulled the stirrups out and extended them. Blood rushed to my already over pressurized penis. My balls actually started to ache at this point.

I saw her face cringe as she knew he was about to look at her most intimate parts. Her freshly shaved puffy pink lips!

She put her feet in the stirrups and Im sure that was his first view of her nicely shaven pussy lips.

I could see on her face that she knew it also. Her face had been furious. It was her, ‘I hate every man face. But now it was her scared face.

She hated being exposed to a stranger.

The Doctor then said, now slide down until your bottom is at the very end of the table. She moved again but not enough so now he said, slide down until you feel your bottom touch my hand.

I couldnt see him touch her bottom, but he was finally satisfied and he lifted the gown up to her knees.

The way he left it blocked her view of him and what was happening, and she hated it when doctors do that. She pulled it down to her belly. Completely exposing her legs and pubic mound and some belly to us.

He looked at her questioningly and she said she likes to see what is going on.

He just said OK.

He put a hand on each of her adorable thighs and said, first I will look everything over on the outside and make sure we dont see anything unusual. The look of his monstrous hands on her firmwhite thighs was AWESOME!

He pushed on her perfect thighs and spread her legs and then turned his attention to her vagina. He poked her lips, which I had shaved that morning. I left a nice patch in front but trimmed where it goes out to the sides too far, and from her clitoral hood down she was completely hairless.

When he first touched her, her whole body stiffened. Her knees closed and the doctor had to push them back open. He put his hand on her tiny knee and she looked like a child next to such a large man.

He touched her bare pussy lips and pressed on her hair covered mound. She seemed to move barely perceptibly. And I am sure involuntarily.

Her hands were clenched in fists and all red and white knuckled.

She hated being touched by a stranger. And here was this monster of a man poking her most intimate parts. She hated it and was furious. With me, with him, with the entire medical community for requiring this humiliating ordeal.

I stood up next to her and took her clenched fist in my hand to comfort her. And I got a much better view while standing.

He felt her mound for quite a while. He asked if she felt any pain or anything.

He slipped one finger barely into her and pinched her fat puffy lips to check some gland he explained.

Then he said the second most waited for sentence in this show.

He said, now I will put one finger inside you.

She was now holding my hand, and immediate she squeezed it as hard as she could.

So it is important to know that at this point he has not put anything in her, and he has not taken the pap smear yet.

He explained that lubricant can interfere with the correct results of a pap test, so you are not suppose to use any lubricant before you take the pap smear.

Doctors often put one finger in a womans vagina without any lubricant to locate the position and shape of the cervix. This tells them where to put the speculum to get a good view of the cervix.

I believe they are also suppose to use this ‘one finger in the vagina technique to determine the size of the opening. So they know what size speculum to use. But I have only known of one doctor who used anything other than a standard, large graves speculum.

A really big instrument for a small woman.

Anyways, this guy did use the large graves, but we are not there yet.

Next he gloved up before putting this dry finger into my wifes tiny vagina.

After he told her what he was going to do, he spread her lips some with his other hand and just rammed his enormous finger into my terrified wifes tiny vagina.

She squealed and pulled back on the table some, and he said, youre okay. Just relax.

This was a completely dry finger shoved into a very dry vagina. In a woman who was super tense from fear. It hurt. Alot. And him saying, youre ok… made her want to kill him.

He felt around and as he moved I felt her body twitch and squirm from the pain.

He then yanked it out and said, OK, now we will put the speculum in and do the internal exam.

Again, she squeezed my hand as hard as she could.

As I said, he pulled out a large graves speculum but he kept it low so she did not see how big it was. We had talked about the different sizes and she was suppose to ask him if he could use a smaller size, but she was so freaked out she forgot. And, supposedly, so did I.

Again, he had not taken the pap smear yet, so with no lubricant he rammed this large, metal instrument into my wifes pink vagina. He just pushed. I could see her delicate puffy pink lips pulled inward with the metal device.

Again she pulled back on the table and this time in a very angry voice she shouted, OUCH!

He said, Im sorry, but we cant use lubricant. He could have opened her with one hand to make insertion easier. And he could have done it slowly instead of just pushing hard. And, he could have used water as a kind of lubricant. Not great but better than dry. And as I said, he could have used a much smaller speculum.

Again you could see tears welling up in her eyes.

He said, Ill give you a second to adjust to it.

In a few seconds he rotated the speculum and opened it. She squirmed and bit her lip and squeezed my hand and made small whimpering sounds.

She kept jumping every time he moved it. It must have been terribly painful. The speculum was at least twice as wide as it should have been.

When it was situated right he looked in and said, well your cervix looks good.

He took a pap smear and she jumped when he did, but she was not tearing up now. Now she was just pissed!

Again, I was standing at her side looking over her mound at the action, so I had a pretty good view.

When he took the speculum out he didnt close it any until only like a half inch of the bill was still inside her.

I have seen the technique of removing the speculum, and I know that they try to hold it open as they remove it so they can see the sides of the vagina. To look for lesions or anything that looks unusual. But they try to close it as they are removing it because the end of the bills are much wider than farther up on the waist of the tool. Bottom line. It hurt like hell. And it looked like he intended for it to hurt!

She made a sound and pulled back and squeezed my hand so hard. Her hand squeezes were a really a good feed back mechanism on her pain level. And that one hurt.

Now I will do a digital exam, he said, and this time I can use lubricant so it wont be so uncomfortable. he had a ‘pleased with himself look on his face like that made the previous pain acceptable. I knew his uncaring attitude was making her madder. And ‘uncomfortable, is not how she would describe it.

He sat down and what my wife didnt see, but I did, made me squeeze her hand as hard as I could.

Im an enigma. I probably dont really know what that means, but I am complicated. I love the pain and her humiliation, but sometimes I hate it. Sometimes, for example, at a nudist camp or something, Ill get all jealous and try to keep people from seeing her. But I really love showing her body to strangers. Sometimes I want to protect her. This, for about thirty seconds, was one of those times.

I squeezed her hand as hard as I could and my innocent, compliant wife looked at me with a confused and scared look on her beautiful face. I was scared for the pain I knew she was about to feel. I wanted to stop the ordeal. But then I looked at the scene, and my dick involuntarily jerked and spurted some precum.

The last time she had jumped from the pain, her long curly hair flew into her face and she had shaken it back. But didnt use her hands. So right now one lock of silky curls was stuck on the side of her thick lips. She was a beautiful creature. Her lips were begging for my penis. The brown silky curls pointing the way to her perfect mouth.

Her eyes changed quickly to terrified as she saw the terror on my face.

She screamed, and I mean screamed, OUCH! As she sat upright and tried to pull away from the doctor ramming, and I mean ‘rammingTWO of his monstrous fingers half deep into her vagina, aided by the plentiful lubricant. She later told me she was sure he had torn her skin when he did that. The pain was so intense. She said it felt like a knife cut her lips.

He had his other hand over her thigh, right by her belly and held her in place with that hand so she could not pull out any.

It was an awesome sight. He completely surrounded her thigh with his huge hand so she could not move. And his fingers were buried second knuckle deep in my wifes vagina.

He said, ill give you a second to get used to that.

It was going to take a lot more than a second. I am an average guy, but honestly his index finger was nearly as wide as my penis. Not quite. And now he had rammed two of them into her.

He had obviously bottomed out. I knew he was bottomed out because as he pushed into her, she moved back the equal amount.

She settled back onto the table and onto his fingers.

He stood between her bare white legs with two fingers in my wifes vagina, then he started pushing on the silky hair of her bush. I had shaved her from her clitoral hood down. So from my position I could see the bare lips of her puffy pink pussy squeezing his fingers.

Before we do anything else lets test your muscle tone,he said.

She had told him abut having urinary incontinence and he said that he would test her muscle tone and that often Physical Therapy will solve the problem if it is just poor muscles.

So with two fingers still in her he said, now I would like you to squeeze my fingers as hard as you can when I say to. As if you are trying your best to hold back an overfull bladder.

Okay, squeeze. his eyebrows went up as he exclaimed, oh! Very good. he twisted his fingers in her vagina, then he said, and again. and again he said, Excellent!

He seemed genuinely surprised at how strong her vagina muscles are. And wow, they really are!

While moving around his fat fingers in her vagina, the doctor said,

Well that is not your issue. You have very good muscle tone in your vagina. Do you do exercises?

My shy wife answered immediately in a very small meek voice.

Yes, I do kegels all the time. It seemed like he sort of grinned. Probably not, but he was certainly thinking about her tight vagina and those super strong muscles.

He continued to poke his fat fingers into her stretched pussy for a really long time.

He shoved his fingers in as deep as they would go. I could feel her move back as he did. When he located her ovaries and pinched them between his two enormous fingers which were in her vagina and his other hand on her belly, she squeaked and jumped and grimaced.

He did that on each side, and again, it seemed to me that he wanted to make it hurt more than it needed to. He rolled her ovaries as she grimaced and squirmed on the table.

Even with all his pushing, he never got is fingers in deeper than half way.

Finally he, and she, had had enough and he pulled his sopping foamy fingers out of her and her vagina immediately snapped shut.

And then, as he was doing it, so she had no warning, he explained that he was about to put one finger back in her vagina as he put one in her bottom.

I could see the terror on her face as she wanted so much to shout NOOO!!! I know she was picturing the size of those huge fingers.

But he did it and she pulled away and bit her lip to keep from screaming. For a second she had control. But he plunged deeper in a second and her head went back in a strained agony that I have never seen before, and she groaned.

He prodded her like that for about three minutes and she stayed tense and arched the whole time.

Then it was over.

My balls were about to explode.

He took off his gloves and my wife sat up, put her feet down and put the gown back on.

I was sad it was over but my balls couldnt take too much more. Im sure she was so grateful it was finally over.

But the Doctor wasnt done with us yet.

So I didnt see anything really abnormal in the exam that would explain your unusual menstrual cycles, he said.

But your uterus and cervix seemed a little stiff. I would expect more mobility in the uterus of a woman your age. That could indicate something abnormal

An ultrasound would give us more information, but I think a simpler test might be an endometrial biopsy. Have you ever had one?

She looked at me confused and I said, no I dont think so.

Well they are very common and performed in a doctors office so I thought you might have had one and be familiar with the procedure.

He explained the procedure which involved holding the cervix with an especially horrible tool—my term, not his—they call a ‘clamp and putting a canula into the uterus through the cervix to collect cells. On the surface sounded fairly no big deal.

If it were scheduled we could have recommended that you take some Tylenol before the procedure and that would all but eliminate any discomfort.

That couldnt have been a bigger lie.

But if you want to get it now and get it over with I have done many without Tylenol. And I could give you a shot of novacain and that would eliminate any discomfort. But they typically arent very uncomfortable.

Another huge lie.

So my wife looked at me for my opinion and I just shrugged. I knew my desires would override any logic I had, so this had to be her decision.

And I was surprised to realize that even though I love medical erotica and read all kinds of stuff about women and medicine, I didnt know what this procedure was.

She finally said, well Im already here.

Great. Ill get some supplies and be right back.

I hugged her as she sat on the end of the exam table. And of course I felt up her magnificent titties while I did. She was so out of it that she didnt even object. And they are fantastic. They stand out so firm on her chest. Firm and muscular. With rock-hard nipples begging to be bitten. I squeezed them and flopped them in my hand.

The doctor came back and the nurse with him.

She had a tray of tools.

The doctor sat on the stool at the end of the table and said, okay, if you will lay back down and put your feet up in the stirrups. This time she wiggled her bottom down to the end of the exam table without being asked. When she was as he wanted, and she had pulled the gown out of her way again, he inserted the speculum again. It didnt seem to hurt any less this time. She grimaced and crawled back on the table before settling back down and allowing the metal instrument to fully penetrate her.

The doctor opened it with the insensitivity he had shown throughout the exam. Again she squirmed and wiggled her abdomen. But she was obviously trying to take it. She didnt make a sound this time.

When he had the instrument fully open he prepared a needle.

He said, Now I will give you two quick injections—he actually gave her three—of novacain. You might feel a slight pinch or cramp.

So the medical belief, I think, is that because there are so few nerve endings in the internal parts of a body, that sometimes things like needles arent felt at all. And sometimes its just a pinch because of so few nerve endings.

But sometimes things hurt like hell. Or maybe some women have more nerve endings? I dunno. But the ‘pain or ‘cramp wasnt close to what my wife seemed to experience.

As he plunged the first needle into her cervix, her whole body stiffened as if she were suddenly electrocuted and every muscle in her body was fully clenched. Her head went back against the table and her back arched up and she was stiff as a board. Since she had the gown on with the opening in the front, as she arched it fell open completely exposing the breast farthest from me.

She barely started to relax and settle back to the table when he jabbed her again and she stiffened like that a second time.

I have never seen anything like that. The pain must have been excruciating. I have seen her suffer lots of injuries including a broken rib and a broken leg, but I have never seen her tense with pain like that.

The third one was exactly the same. When she settled I saw that her face was covered in sweat beads. She was panting and seemed out of breath. Her face was beet red.

The doctor was completely oblivious to her the whole time. With his attention all on her pussy.

Now we need to open your oz slightly. I will put in gradually larger rods. You shouldnt feel anything.

She did.

She later told me they hurt like hell. But she said she hated him so much at that point she was not going to give him the satisfaction of seeing her suffer out loud. She believes all doctors primary purpose is to inflict pain on women. Dont get her started on mamography.

Before the doctor could stretch her he needed to ‘clamp her cervix to hold it still. Clamp is not an accurate de***********ion of this device called a tenaculum which is really two very pointed deals that pierce the cervix to hold on to it.

The points are the size of a freshly sharpened pencil. That long of a point, maybe one quarter inch, and a straight portion behind the point so each point is about a half inch long. Its a brutal device.

He picked this thing up and I saw the points and knew what he must be going to do with it. So I moved and went behind him. The nurse was on one side bent over watching, and I went on the other side and bent down so I could see. I figured the worst was he would say go sit down. But he didnt seem to care.

He put the tool into her vagina and the points on either side of her cervix and then squeezed them together with the handles and locked them closed.

SHE SCREAMED. OUCH! But it was a crying sort of ouch. A voice I have never heard out of her before. Her eyes were huge. She pulled back on her elbows and really pulled back from him a good foot on the table.

But he was holding the tenaculum which was piercing her cervix. It looked as if he pulled her back down to the end of the table with the tenaculum. Tears were streaming down her face. Her fists were clenched to her chest as red and white knuckled as I have ever seen. She finally settled back down onto the table and the doctor immediately inserted a sound to stretch her out.

She pulled back and made a horrible sad sound. Still openly crying. The doctor still oblivious to her reaction. Each rod caused her to grimace and pull up on the table. And white knuckled each time.

Each larger dilator hurt more it seemed. Several times he said, there you go. Youre fine, Just relax. She bit her lip so hard it was bleeding a little. I knew she wanted to kick him.

He used four sounds then shoved in an extra long one to test the depth of her uterus. She again squeaked when he hit the back o her uterus.

Finally he shoved in the canula for taking the samples.

It was a plastic rod slightly smaller than a straw. It has a rough opening on one side and as you shove it in and out it scrapes cells info the tube which collects the sample.

It was much bigger than the largest sound and again seemed to hurt tremendously. As he shoved it in and out of her uterus through her now brutalized cervix she was obviously in agony. He pulled on the tenaculum as he shoved the rod in and pushed on the torture device as he pulled the rod out.

She threw her head from side to side and arched her back with each inward thrust. She was sort of grunting with pain. The gown was completely open from her activity and her breasts bounced magnificently on her sweaty chest. Her nipples were longer than I have ever seen. It was obscene! Tears streamed down her cheeks. I was certain she was about to shout ‘STOP.


But she just cried and flopped about.

Finally he was done and pulled the canual out and gave it to the nurse. He opened the tenaculum but the points seemed to be stuck in the holes they had made in her cervix. And it was bleeding. The doctor had to wiggle them and then jerk them out to free them.

She jumped and screamed.

He handed the tool to the nurse who was already at the door and he said, merrily, all done, you can get dressed now.

Tears streamed down her cheeks.

I helped her put her cloths on.

After I took some pics of course. I made her sit on the exam table again. But nude, and I took pics. Then I made her lay back. Then I wanted one with my finger in her but when I pushed my finger in she snapped back to reality and just said, no, and jumped up and got dressed. I took more pics as she got dressed.

She didnt say anything to me for two days.

The biopsy turned up nothing and her periods went back to normal on their own.

We did eventually get a vaginal ultrasound. It was awesome.

That doctors office was closed next year when I called and he was no longer in the local listings.

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