My sweet police officer 2

My sweet police officer 2


I was soo tense while doing her shirt, I was extremely wet and y hands were shaking. I finally got to open her shirt and to my surprise she wasnt wearing any bra.

She stepped back and said ‘ so u like them ‘ I was socked of how huge they r and her nipples were hard as rockets and the aourloa were large like some sweet pancake, I looked down and I saw her pink thug she was wearing, and it was a see through and I couldnt believe it how soft she was ALL SHAVEN, the Brazilian way.

She sat on her knees and garbed my hips to pull me toward her, I was powerless and helpless. She started to sniff my pussy like some hungry dog to its meal. Suddenly she buried her face in my pussy.

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I screamed.

She started to lick on my pussy lips, they were soo puffy and swollen and juicy, her tongue started to explore the area, and ohh my god she found my clit right away like some kind of a pussy sucker pro.

She started working on my clit licking it sucking on it fucking my pussy with her tongue, and her middle finger which was teasing my ass hole.

‘ pleaseeeeeeee stopppppp, ohhhhh myy goddddd ohhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhh

She didnt respond to my please and continued on her beautiful job, like she was deaf, like some kind of a prisoner that has no tomorrow to live for.

She went like that like for four or five minutes and the orgasm inside me were building, I was sooo near of cumming so I started to move trying to get away from her hand grabbing my from the ass but I couldnt I was too weakto do that,

‘Please officer I cant hold it any more im about to cummmmmmm

‘Please do cum my lady

‘ ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh im cummmminggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg ooooooooooooh myyyyyyyyyyyyy godddddddddddddddd

and my juices rushed out of me like a waterfall directly to her face and insde her welcoming mouth, I got soo limp and weak that my legs started to shake and I fall back to rest on the car body.

‘ oh my god I never had such an orgasm before I said

‘ heeeeheee hope u like it coz we r not done yet

she moved up and went close to me and ordered me to lick her face and kiss her too, I did like some kind of good dog I started to lick her face tasting my juices then I kissed her like some kind of gentleman from the middle ages swapping my cum between our mouthes, while her hand were at my pussy, my sensitive pussy rubbing my swollen clit and my puffy lips.

When we broke the kiss, she took off her shirt, trousers, and her noww soaked thog, then pushed me down on my knees and offered me her pussy

‘Well it is time to pay ur bill dont u think?

I didnt say a word I was so much taken by her pussy and how soft it looks like, I opened my mouth and started to lick the front of her pussy, she opened her legs for me, I practically Sat under her, and I started to lick her pussy lips and sucking on her swollen clit that I found so easily coz it was so swollen and hard.

I kept of sucking and licking sniffing I was going crazy form the adorable scent, the amazing taste that I never tasted in my life,

Her hands were on my hair caressing it and pushing my head inside whenever she feels I dont do my duties perfectly, suddenly like after seven or eight minutes she started to breath heavily and she got stiffed and hold my head to tight to her pussy that I thought I might chock and she screamed ‘ TAKE IT ALL IN THE MOUTH U LITTLE SLUT DO U UNDERSTAND

She started to shake and a hot gush of liquids ran over my face and in my mouth, tons and tons of cum, SHE WAS A SQUIRTER.

I tried to take as much as I can my it was too much for me, it ran all over my body giving my body some shiny look.

I moved up and she grabbed me and started to french kissing me like a crazy woman wanting something she kissed me than she started to lick my body ,she licked my face, my neck then my tits cleaning me from her juices.

When she standup, she looked at me wickedly and said ‘ now it is the time for the greatest fun.

She ran to her car grabbed the metal stick that every cup has and some Vaseline, which I didnt know where the hell did she get it (I bet she always hid it in the car).

When she returned she was lubricating the stick with the Vaseline, her hand grabbed my cunt, squeezing it seeing how wet it still is.

‘ pleaseeeeeeeeeeee dont fuck me with this pleaseeeeee I moaned

But she was lie a deaf, she didnt hear me, she opened the back door of my car and ordered me to lie down there and open my legs.

I did this like a mind-controlled girl; I was so fucking hot and needed to be fucked.

She started to tease my cunt by putting and brushing the head of the stick to my pussy lips, the feeling was soo fucking great that I started to move my lips forward trying to get it inside but she was so experienced, that every time I move forward she remove the stick and get it away,

She finally did it, she started to get the head inside me, it was soo thick soo cold and hard, I just felt love with it, she started to fuck me real slow in and out, my hips were moving reall hard but she kept it slow

‘ pleaseeee I beg u get faser alittle bit officer, I cant stand it any more

‘ is that really whatyou want, can u take it all inside she asked me

‘ yes yes, every inch I can take, pleassssssssssseeeeee

suddenly she started to get faster and faster, she was going so fast, I had couple of orgasms, she pushed the stick all inside, the whole 15 inches inside, of course I couldnt take it all inside, but I took like 7 in.

the feeling was great, I started to scream like a crazy woman, wanting more.

After like 10 minutes of fucking and screaming, she took the stick out and started to lick it and suck on it. Then she said ‘ it is my turn bitch

All of a sudden we saw a car pulling at the side of the road, and a shadow of a man was coming toward us.