My little idea to feel better at home

My little idea to feel better at home


Who wouldn't like to feel comfortable at home anytime? Everyone might rather find solace in a fairly tidied room, than in a messy, impossible-to-access debarras. But keeping your place unsullied from every problem of accumulation and disorder is really complicated, as everyone tends to gather, stock and organize its survival through objects and food accumulation. How to fight this problem? This is a simple solution that you can work on day by day, to avoid ending linving in a dump.

Get rid of things is the key

Of course, the first thing to do when one's house is in a mess is to get rid of everything that eats the space and devoures the room. Excesses of objects, decoration or clothes may choke your vital space to death, and condamn you to live as a marine in a submarine, using narrow corridors or sleeping in homacs. This is called "Diogene syndrom" in France.

You must decide that it is you or the objects. Your health or their comfort. So start by getting rid of anything you haven't used or worn in the past year or so. This will, I am sure, make you let go many useless things sleeping in the bottom of your closets or at the depth of your shelves.

Once you have done this bad work, do not hesitate to change your way of consuming.


Stop buying useless or not-really-useful things

Of course, having made the effort of throwing away every object or clothes you don't need is a good step. But it may only be a valuable move if you decide to become more careful in the future. Compulsive buying is to proscribe, and you have to officially decide to let your shopping Mister Hyde at home when you go hit the shops.

The big advantages are that you will save a lot of money, and that you will not contribute to destroy the planet through excessive consumption.

So, as a conclusion, be aware that everything you do has an impact on the vital space you occupy, and that simple changes may bring you complete life changing conditions of living.

Find the right place to dump your debarras and feel free to share your advices to help people keep a great vital space.