My grandson's pregnant wife

My grandson's pregnant wife


Gas is full & I put new blades on her this morning.

Probably take about an hour & a half to two hours to get it all mowed.

You don't mind that I brought my fat ol' wife to hang out with you while I knock this two acres out, do you?"

Andy is my grandson & he's been married to Desiree for nearly three years.

She absolutely looks radiant with her pregnant belly pushing out from her slim figure.

I could tell by the way she rolled her eyes that it wasn't the first time she'd heard the 'fat ol' wife' comment.

"Well, bud, I guess I can put up with her for that long.

This place can always use a woman's touch; you know, sweeping, mopping, dusting, cooking.

'Spose she can handle all that in just a couple hours?"

Desi shook her finger at me and gave me a huge hug, pressing her firm tits into my chest a little harder than usual.

She took Andy's water bottle and filled it while he was in the bathroom.

After a quick kiss and a swat to his butt, he was out the door.

Desi and I stood on the deck and watched him drive his lawn tractor to the far side of my small acreage; he was right, it usually did take him close to two hours to do the job... how would I entertain Desi that long?

"Well, honey, the remote for the TV is on the coffee table; find whatever you want.

I was in the middle of washing up yesterday's dishes, then I'll put a load of laundry in the washer; I need some clean jeans, that's why I'm still in my pj bottoms.

There's cold water, Cokes and DP in the fridge if you're thirsty."

"I'll dry the dishes as you wash, Grandad. We can knock 'em out pretty quick that way; okay?"

Was she kidding me? Of course it would be okay.

Those Daisy Duke short shorts, t-shirt and long legs could stay as long as she liked.

As she dried the dishes, there were several times she raised her shirt and rubbed her baby bump.

Yeah... I did notice that the top of those jean shorts was unbuttoned and the zipper was open about half way.

I had to face the sink as much as possible to hide my rising hard on.

"You're great granddaughter is beginning to learn all about soccer; she's been kicking a lot today.

Ooooo... that was a good one; you want to feel?"

I pulled the stopper from the drain and dried my hands on the t-towel, "I sure do; that girl and I are gonna be the best buddies in the country."

I dropped all the way to my knees as Desi raised her shirt.

Needless to say, I was shocked, but very pleased to see her lift it all the way over her high, firm tits.

When I cocked my head to the side, raised my eyebrows and said, "Nice," she acknowledged my appreciation with a pat on the head and said, "Kiss her; she already loves her Grandad."

The sight of pubic hair sticking out of the top of her half-open zipper caused my cock to hit full hardness. I glanced up at Desi's face and saw her smile.

Her hand slid the zipper all the way down, "Kiss anything you want, Grandad, Andy won't touch me and I've been so fucking horny the last month.

He thinks he'll hurt the baby if we fuck, so the only sex we have is when I give him a blo... Oh God!."

It didn't take me more than a second to get the hint.

Her sentence was cut short when my tongue slid upward, across the top of her slit.

She let the shorts fall completely to the floor and slid one foot outward, about two feet, allowing full access to her sweetness... and she was so, fucking, sweet.

"Oh my God, yes," she squealed, "please eat me, please fuck me. Please, please.. Oh, fuck, that feels so good."

The poor girl had been so deprived of sex lately, that she jerked my head into her bush as she hit an orgasm... standing in the kitchen.

I grabbed her shorts off the floor and, quickly, led her through my bedroom door, "Get naked, sweetheart, I have a lot more for you.

Just help me listen for Andy's mower, in case he comes to the house for something.

Within seconds, Desi's legs were in the air and my face was right back where she wanted it. I'm not sure how many times I made her cum, or how long she was in a constant state of orgasm, but we both were ready for a break when we heard the mower's engine coming closer.

"Quick, get your clothes and go in the bathroom.

I'll stall him for a few minutes while you get dressed."

It only took 2 seconds for me to jerk my pj bottoms back on and step into the kitchen.

I just finished wiping pussy juice off my face, at the kitchen sink, when Andy walked in.

"One of my fuckin' tires is gong flat, Grandad, do you have a can of Fix-a-Flat?"

"Naw, but I have a plug kit. Find where it's leaking while I get it from the garage; I think Desi's in the bathroom, I heard the door a few minutes ago."

Both of them were standing beside the mower when I brought the plug kit.

Within a couple minutes, we had the flat fixed and aired up, "Did Desi tell you what I offered?

I want to put her to work for two or three days a week; probably three or four hours each day.

She knocked out my dirty dishes and loaded the washer a lot quicker than I can.

Your Granny was always a lot more efficient than I am... guess it's a woman thing.

Anyway, if she wants to do it, I'll pay her better than any maid I can find around here."

"Sure, if she wants to do it. The extra money will help, with the baby on the way."

Desi kissed her husband on the cheek and told him, "Thank you, Honey."

The mower wasn't fifteen feet away when she turned to me and said, "C'mon, lover, let's fuck."

We did... and I ate her to two more orgasms... and we fucked again.

We laid side by side for about 20 minutes, discussing our new 'business' arrangement.

"I want you to know I would have sex with you for nothing. You don't have to pay me; but I guess I would now be considered a whore, anyway."

"Just think of yourself as horny, not a whore.

Besides, I'll be paying you for the work you do; not the sex.

I may require you to pull the bedspread back before we fuck.

You may have to wash the sheets.

I'm sure the shower will need to be rinsed down once we clean up.

See?? I'll be having you work your tight little ass off.

Speaking of ass, do you butt fuck?"

"Yes, I like it a lot."

"Let me get my ol' faithful cock pump and make this thing really hard, then I'll happily give it a shot."

No, I don't feel bad about the affair I've been having with my grandson's wife for the last six years; nor do I feel bad about Desi cheating on my grandson, two or three times a week during that time.

My great-grandkids are beautiful, amazing girls.

Yes, that is plural.. they now have three girls and the one thing I do feel bad about is... the middle one looks so much like me, she could, in fact, be mine... yes, Millie probably is mine.

Lillian could be, also, since I was getting more of Desi's pussy at the time than Andy was getting.

Scarlett, the first and oldest, is now the smartest kid in kindergarten.

I'm 61 now, Desi is 28 and still hot as hell.

She tells me that I'm the only 'other' cock she getting, but that's the same claim I would make, too.

Thankfully, with the help of Cialis and that damn good cock pump, we still have sex as often as possible.

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