My friend's dad

My friend's dad


Im Callie and I have a friend named Jeanette. Were best friends and have had a select few small arguments, but thats it. Her parents got divorced 3 years before I met her in high school just before we were Juniors. My dad died when I was little and I live with my mom. We all live in New Jersey, where Jeanette and I are both in college and inseparable. Im 24 and she is 23, but she still lived with her dad John. Hes 42, but looked more like 35 honestly, and I thought he was a little attractive to me anyway. I had a thing for him, but didnt wanna risk ruining my friendship with Jeanette, but I still managed to find out a couple details as were in her room doing some homework.

I notice that were the only two females around here now. Is your dad not dating anymore? I asked.

Well I guess not. I dont know if he has just stopped trying or what. I havent heard about any plans he has with anyone. I suppose he could just be testing the waters. But I dont know why he wouldnt tell me though. On the other hand, if my mom wasnt the one, then I dont know if there is anyone else hell wanna settle down with honestly, Jeanette replied.

OK then. I just noticed I guess, I mean not that Im noisy or anything like that, slap me if I should just mind my own business, I said.

Yeah, Im gonna slap you smart ass, and as if you are not noisy Callie. I know you are like the female Sherlock Holmes, Jeanette replied.

I dont mean this to be offensive, but bleep you, I said.

Well bleep you too, Jeanette replied.

Then we both laughed and worked on our homework. I seriously debated quite a few times to tell her I had a thing for her dad, but still just decided not to. Anyway one Tuesday afternoon, I came over to visit, but she was nowhere to be found. Although I did find her dad sleeping on the couch. So as he was sound asleep, I had an idea. I came up to him and I got down on my knees. As you can imagine, having an idea and following through with it are 2 different things, so it took me a minute to go through with it.

I very slowly started undoing his pants. Then I lifted up his boxers and took a quick peak at his cock. It was a really good size, I couldnt measure it of course, but it looked like 7 1/2 inches when it wasnt hard. I didnt touch it though, I didnt wanna risk him waking up. So I slowly buttoned his pants back up and I went to Jeanettes room. She showed up there about 20 minutes later.

Hey, sorry Im late. Just fucking Brian, not literally of course. He canceled another date we had for tomorrow night. It wasnt even an expensive date either. We were gonna go to TGI Fridays or Applebees, but what the fuck ever right? Screw it, Jeanette said.

But did he give you any reason? I asked.

Nothing specific, but I think his member might be entering some other girls forest though, call me crazy, Jeanette replied.

OK then, hes a dumbass anyway, but that still sucks, I guess we should start working on homework, I said.

Yeah, but can I ask you something? Jeanette asked.

Sure, shoot, I replied.

I know you and Andy broke up a few months ago. Did you two ever do the deed? Jeanette asked.

Then I blushed a little. I was not one to brag about my sex life, good or bad.

Yeah. On his birthday and a few more times after that. Why? You just need to hear some sex stories? I asked.

Well something like that. I dont know if Im just not attractive or what, but Brian just hasnt been all that interested I guess. I dont know any other explanation than him getting it from someone else. I mean I know Im not a model, I only have B-cup breasts, but still. Whats not to like? Jeanette asked.

We went on for a little while and she kept complaining about Brian. I know its a friends duty to listen to that kind of stuff, but the whole time I was just thinking about seeing her dads dick. I was thinking about him ramming me and just having great passionate sex. Of course I couldnt tell her that, and she did notice I was just starring off into space though.

Callie are you listening? Jeanette asked.

Then I came back into reality.

Yes, Im sorry. You were saying? I asked.

Anyway, maybe Ive just been too focused on sex and not waiting long enough. Now either he wants to wait because he cares about the relationship, or hes getting it from somewhere else, Jeanette replied.

Well, who knows? Do you have any real evidence for you to really suspect him cheating though? I mean like a bra or thong that belongs to someone else? Or anything else like that? I asked.

No, but what should I think? I mean really? Jeanette asked.

I dont know Jeanette, I replied.

Im sorry Callie. I know Im bitching up a storm, but I still gotta wonder what the hell is going on with him, Jeanette said.

Then I gave her a hug and we did our homework again. After we were done, about an hour and a half later, I left and John was watching TV in the living room.

Oh hi Callie, when did you get here? John asked.

Like an hour and 45 minutes ago. I was just doing some homework with Jeanette, I replied not looking at him.

He noticed something was a little off with me.

Is everything alright Callie. You seem distracted or uneasy, John said.

Yes, and Im fine. Just getting a little hungry I guess. And we just did a lot of homework, so I guess Im just ready to eat Mr. Taylor, I replied.

Oh OK. Are you leaving now? John asked.

Well I was planning on it, I gotta go home and eat dinner, I replied.

OK, well see you later then, John said.

See you later Mr. Taylor, I replied as I was walking.

You can call me John! John yelled.

Will do now! I yelled back.

Then I left, I was just embarrassed I guess. Even though he had absolutely no idea about it, he did notice something was a little off though. So a few weeks went by, I got a couple more sneak peeks at his dick again. It was great to say the least, but one Wednesday afternoon, I came up to him once again as Jeanette was out most likely bitching at Brian. John was sleeping, so I came up to him once again as I was on my knees.

OK lets see it again, I whispered.

By then it became easy you could imagine, so then I undid his pants again and this time I actually touched it. I just touched the sides with the tips of the fingers, and it was really nice. Even nicer than I had imagined, but unfortunately for me, that got me horny, it was unfortunate because when Im horny, I press my luck on things. So I grabbed his dick in my hand. I very gently stroked it a little. I was just so turned on at that moment, I felt my pussy start to get wet. I closed my eyes for a minute as I was breathing in and out slowly, but then out of nowhere, I felt something touching my boobs and I opened them.

These are really nice Callie, I love C-cups, John said.

Oh holy shit Mr. Taylor, I replied as I got away from him.

Then he leaned up, but didnt put it away.

You dont gotta be scared Callie, come over here, John said.

Then I slowly came over to him and sat down with him. Then he slowly gave me a quick kiss on the lips.

So you were just curious like 8 times now? John asked.

I was shocked, did he really know about all those times?

You knew about all those times I looked at your cock? I asked.

Yes, but its nothing to be embarrassed about, I wont tell you if you dont. Although I cant say Ive been with someone in their twenties since I was in my twenties. I had no idea that you were interested in me before a few weeks ago. So are you really interested, Callie? John asked.

Then I put my head down, but he gave me a hug. Then I gave him a kiss. Id never been with an older guy, so this was gonna be good.

So how was that? John asked.

Great, can I have another? I asked.

Then we kissed again as I started grabbing onto his nice dick. I began stroking it again and he actually was enjoying it.

Wow, you got some soft hands Callie, John said.

Then I pressed my luck again.

Thank you, can I suck on it? I asked.

Whatever you are comfortable with Callie, I dont mind, John replied.

I wanted to do it for so long, I couldnt resist. So I got down on my knees on the floor and took his nicely sized dick into my mouth. I went back and forth very slowly for a minute and he was moaning softly as well.

Holy shit Callie, that feels good, John said.

That made me even happier as if it was possible. He put his hands onto my head and made me take a little more of his dick, but not too much though. I sucked on a handful of dicks before, but his was the best. It was big, long and thick. Then he laid his head back and tried his best to hold his load. He said he never been with a younger girl, so it was first times for both of us.

Holy shit again Callie. All your boyfriends must have fucking loved you, John said.

Then I stopped for a minute.

No, I dont think they loved me. I guess they didnt find me all that attractive. I think Jeanette has the same problem, I replied.

Well dont let it get you down, someone may come along and sway you off your feet, John said.

Then I leaned up, gave him another kiss and then took his dick back into my mouth. I went as far down as I could. I went down probably 7 inches I think. I just couldnt take anymore of his nice dick though, but he still let out some nice moans.

Damn Callie, obviously you really wanted to fuck me. You wanted to fuck me badly, how can I say no to a sweet young thing like yourself? John asked.

I did want him badly. It was not just a bucket list item that may never happen. It was something I really wanted, and it was actually happening. He started leaning forward and put his hands onto my butt. He squeezed my butt cheeks through my pants. Then I leaned up and gave him another kiss as he put his hands onto my boobs again.

Are you comfortable with this? John asked.

Yes, I replied as I stood up.

Are you sure? John asked.

John, I want this, I wanna have sex with you John, just how you did with Jeanettes mom, I replied.

I wont shoot you down there my lady, John said.

I began undressing right in front of him. I took my shirt off first and then my pants to build up anticipation

Would you like to take off my bra and underwear? I asked.

Yes, John replied as he stood up and took off his pants and boxers completely.

Then he took off my bra and then my underwear too. I took off his shirt once he was done. We both looked at each other completely naked. I dont know which one of us were more stunned, for the time being, Id call it a draw.

Wow, you are absolutely stunning Callie, John said.

You dont look so bad yourself, I replied.

Then he got a condom. I laid down on the couch as he put it on. He got on top of me and slowly inserted his dick into me. It felt amazing, even better than I thought about when I masturbated thinking of him. I always thought about him ramming me hard, really hard, like in the porno movies.

Yeah I like that John. Ram me please, do it hard, I said.

Then he did start ramming me rather hard, and I couldnt help but moan rather loudly.

Oh shit John. That feels so damn good, please keep going like that, dont stop, I said.

He laid a few more kisses on me. On my face and head. Then he leaned down some and started licking and sucking on my nipples as well.

And you got a fantastic rack Callie, perfect sized boobs too, you must make Jeanette jealous, John said.

Yes I do as matter of fact. She has seen me naked and said a few things, I replied.

No kidding, thats kinky, I like that, John said.

We kissed again and he started ramming me rather hard yet again. I put my hands onto his ass and squeezed his ass cheeks. I liked that too. I felt my boobs pressing up against him. I had C-cup boobs, and they were pressing up against him nicely. Then we both wrapped our arms around each other as best we could.

Oh fuck me John. Fuck me really hard. Hard enough to make me scream, I said.

Ask, and you shall receive, John replied.

Then he started ramming me so hard, that I seriously started screaming almost instantly.

Oh shit John. That feels so fucking good inside my wet pussy. Keep ramming me like there is absolutely no fucking tomorrow! I screamed.

Then he was thrusting his dick into my pussy as deep as far he possibly could. He made me moan louder than I had ever moaned before in my life. I was just screaming for over a minute.

We dont wanna attract any attention to ourselves. But its good you are enjoying yourself, John said.

Im fucking enjoying that huge cock inside me. I want that nice cock inside me forever, I replied.

Then we both kissed each other yet again. Then we both started moaning very loudly. We both were about to have huge orgasms. Then he pulled out and took off the condom. He came on my stomach as I came all over the couch. Then of course we were breathing in and out very slowly. Then we both cuddled together on the couch.

Holy shit, that was good, John said.

You are telling me John. Wow, I replied.

Then we kissed again.

Well I just dont think we should tell Jeanette though, I think she might be a little pissed off. And thats a understatement in every sense of the word, I said.

I think you are right Callie. When we do this again, well just have to make sure she is gone, John replied.

You wanna fuck me again? I asked.

Yes. I havent had sex that good since Jeanettes mom honestly, and she was just very freaky and kinky, but shit just happened I guess. Maybe I just got her pregnant too early. I love Jeanette, dont get me wrong, but who knows? John asked.

I couldnt tell you that, I replied.

Then we just cuddled for awhile. The whole time Jeanette was gone. We werent sure where she was exactly, but as long as she wasnt there, I could cuddle with a guy that was over 15 years older than me completely naked. I was sure if she found out, she would just blow a gasket.

Well we should get dressed before Jeanette comes back, John said.

Yeah, you are right, I replied.

Then we both got up and started getting dressed. We both wanted it to continue. The sex was absolutely amazing for both of us. So we did continue it. Wed fuck whenever we could, but we did have to be careful not to let Jeanette find out.

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