My Workout Partner Ch. 21

My Workout Partner Ch. 21

It was decided to have the nude employees tattooed with the gym's logo, so we could be identified as employees at work. Then I found out Jamie had been hired as an instructor for the quickly expanding nude classes. Once we all three had signed our enhanced Nudity Clause, which covered us to be naked at work full time, Angie and Jamie were so horny about finally being free to parade around naked, like I was, they each used me as a fuck toy...not that I minded a bit! So before we left for the tattoo parlor, we each caught a quick shower.

We managed to get downtown in record time. The only traffic light that caught us was interesting. There was a jacked up pickup truck in the other lane that was high enough to see into my car. The truck's driver was staring wide eyed at two naked women in the front and back seats. I don't think he even saw that I was naked, too. Jamie was still fiddling with getting the vibrating egg to feel comfortable in her pussy and Angie remembered that she had left her clitoral hood ring in my car and was working on putting that back in when the light caught us, so he really had a show!

The only available parking spots for the tattoo parlor was across the street from the building. Like most towns, 5:00 is very busy traffic-wise, so there was no way we could not be seen. I'm sure that factored into Ashley picking the time that she did. Stepping out of my car in the middle of town and crossing the street naked was a rush. It was easier, I guess, because there were three of us. I'm not sure I was at that point in my exhibitionist mode that I would have been able to do it by myself. 

Angie, taking the lead, was fearless. Considering the situations that Ashley and Joey had put her in over the last year, this was nothing. She had been nude in public at various places for a year now. She had already been naked while shopping in several stores, pumping gas at a minute mart and going inside to pay for it, and jogging thru local parks. This was nothing new to her. As we got out, she basically grabbed Jamie and me by the hand and led us across the 4-lane traffic, relishing in the whistles and cat calls, like this was just a normal day for her. Damn, it was sexy. 

As we entered the tattoo shop, Donna, the owner, was sitting in one of four barber chairs, talking to two other women. As if having three naked customers come in was an everyday occurrence, she said flatly, "you're late...but not too bad. Damn, Ashley can sure find the prettiest people! You three can stop traffic...oh, wait. You just did! We will be able to do all three of you at the same time. It's amazing how easily I can talk my staff into staying late when I ask them to tattoo a naked woman! We've got the stencils of the gym logo already prepared, so take a seat. Ashley said we could use you for advertising, if I wanted, so I've arranged our chairs in front of the storefront window. You're going to definitely draw us some business today. Ashley said you wouldn't mind, at all!"

As Donna motioned me to sit in her chair, the technicians introduced themselves and showed us the logo, which was actually only slightly smaller than what was on the shirts, not small, like Ashley had promised...just par for the course. Donna made sure each of our chairs were leaned back and positioned toward the window for putting us on maximum display. The techs quickly realized they wouldn't have to shave the tattoo site, but that didn't stop them from running their hands over our smooth pubic mounds more than necessary and smiling at each other. After the tattoo site was cleaned, the stencil was transferred to our skin and the process began. Never having had a tattoo before, I wasn't sure what to expect. I assumed it would be similar to the laser hair removal pain, but more was! No need to worry about popping an erection during THAT procedure! Whew! What little erection I got from Donna stroking her hand over my crotch was quickly deflated.

Donna and the other two technicians were professional and engaging, trying to keep our minds off of the fact they had their faces only a few inches from our crotch. The logo took about an hour. We were told that we would need to come back after our skin healed for them to add color accents, if we wanted, or we could leave them like they were. We then were asked to go over our identification information that was going to be encoded into our bar code. It was pretty extensive. The shop had a device that transferred the information directly to our skin, eliminating any errors that doing it by hand might cause. I chose to have my bar code on my wrist, right below my watch band, rather than on my hip. Angie and Jamie thought that was a good idea and did the same.

As we finished up the tattoo session, Donna interjected that Ashley knew that they had a sunless tanning booth and wanted Jamie to have a spray tan session to cover her tan lines until she had a chance to get an all over tan. Then, when she was finished with that, they could cover the new tattoos with antibiotic with a numbing agent in it and a cellophane-like bandage to help it heal. So, while one of the techs took Jamie into the back, the other tech applied ointment to Angie's and my new artwork.

"You two can hang out here showing off in the window to your adoring public while you wait on Jamie," Donna said...which brought my attention to the 5 or 6 people on the street looking thru the window...cellphones in hand, snapping pictures and giving us "OK" and thumbs up signs. Angie just smiled and waved. I just tried to put them out of my mind.

After about 10 minutes, Jamie came out from the back of the shop, without a tan line in sight. Her technician noted that it went really fast, since Jamie didn't have clothes to worry about. They hadn't really darkened up all of her tan, but blended in her lighter skin of her bikini line with her current tan. She looked great. Once she saw the crowd in the window, she immediately stopped and posed, smiled, and waved.

"Sit down and we can put a covering on your tattoos," Donna instructed." Besides, I'm not sure that your adoring public is ready for you three to go. Have a bottle of water and take your time."

Once Jamie had her clear bandages in place, and we had basically provided a floor show for anyone who happened to walk by and wonder what the crowd in front of the window was looking at, we thanked Donna and her crew and exited the shop back onto the street. It was after 7:00, so the traffic was much calmer as we crossed back to my car.

Just as we were just opening the doors, a police car pulled into the parking space beside us. Oh crap, I is where we all go to jail! As the officer exited his cruiser, though, he was grinning ear to ear. 

"Hi," he said. "I'm Officer Darryl Joiner. Your lawyer, Mike Garrett, told the watch captain that you three were coming downtown and reminded him of the religious and First Amendment protections you were claiming to be nude. We had a couple of calls about you guys in the tattoo shop, so I was kind of required to respond to the complaint and make sure you weren't being lewd or openly sexual. We were all surprised that there wasn't a state law or local ordinance against nudity, so you guys are not in trouble, but I did want to make sure you were the guys from the gym. I work out there in the mornings. I saw two of you this morning, but you...pointing to me...were the only naked one. You two girls are a pleasant addition. What's with the group tattoo session, anyway?"

After Angie and Jamie introduced themselves...and invited him to take a clothing optional class, or two... we explained the gym logo on our hips and how they were specifically for being able to identify us as the nude instructors at the gym and the bar code for being able to have identification since we don't have a good place to hold a driver's license. Darryl chuckled and thought that the identification tattoos were a great idea. He took his time looking at Angie's and Jamie's tattoo. He just glanced at mine. He offered to scan our bar codes with his tracker, but we told him 'maybe another time'. He also promised to give the nude classes some thought, especially since the gym gave law enforcement a special rate for everything.

After he called into the station on his radio, he told us he'd probably see us in the morning at the gym and wished us a good evening.

"Well, it's after 7 and I'm starving," I confessed. "What should we do for supper? Jamie, we need to show you how your smart watch works for wallet mode, so let's at least go to a minute mart, or someplace that accepts this type of payment, or I can drop you back off at your car and everybody go home."

"Hell," Jamie said. "I need a drink after all that pain and trouble. Let's at least get a 6-pack of beer, or something, besides eating. Go to the liquor store down the street. It has a drive thru window and they serve the best BBQ sandwiches in town. I'm pretty sure they have a scanner to take this kind of payment. Plus, I'm sure they could use something to talk about when three naked people go thru their drive thru!"