My Wife's Exhibitionist Desires

My Wife's Exhibitionist Desires

This is a compilation of true stories and may be somewhat more tame than other fiction-based stores. I find true to be much sexier.


I'm married to a very pretty 48 YO MILF named Michelle. 5' 9" curly strawberry blonde hair, great breasts, perky nipples, beautiful toned legs and the most silky smooth skin I've ever felt. The sex has always been great but she's especially motivated when she can show off her beautiful body in public. This has slowly become apparent to me over the course of our marriage. The good news is that every time she takes a walk on the exhibitionist side it turns out very well for me.

It all started while we were dating. Michelle let on that there were sometimes in her past that things got a little risqué. When she was 16, she liked to hang out with the bad boys and agreed to take a ride with a friend on his Harley. In a juvenile display he took her on an exceptionally wild ride. When she returned, she found her blouse had flown wide open giving the other boys the show of a lifetime. There were stories of drinking, skinny dipping and such (we've enjoyed skinny dipping many times, but that another story). Nothing too out of the ordinary.

She got married to her first husband shortly after college. He was a weird little guy who got off on having other men flirt with his pretty wife which may explain some of her flirty behavior. She loved her mother-in-law's pool and spoke of it often constantly asking if we could put one in our home. I've since located naked pictures of her poolside. Mostly tasteful shots of her from behind -- kinda sexy I must admit. Maybe I should consider adding a pool? They were only married for 5 years and she remained single for the next ten.

After her divorce she moved in with a roommate. Callie had very little education and was having trouble making ends meet so Michelle suggested that she try stripping. Evidently Callie was a natural and Michelle helped her in making a very good career choice. This solved the money problem, but Callie's boyfriend liked to sneak around to stare at Michelle in the bathroom. Michelle told me she'd apply makeup in her panties sometimes topless and didn't really care if the pervert was getting his rock off. This went on for over a year before Michelle finally moved out. She said it never really bothered her which makes me wonder if it was all an erotic show. Another clue to be sure.

After we were married, I was throwing out an old computer that Michelle had when she was single. I came across an old email string between Michelle and her ex-boyfriend. They were both in between jobs and described, in great detail, their plan to make porno movies in order to make money. From what I could gather, Michelle would be the female star to a number of men. A detailed list of sex scenes and locations were discussed (sex on the beach, living room couch, semiprivate deck, multiple men to satisfy her, etc...) Her boyfriend said he would provide the Viagra to make sure the others could perform. I can't definitively say if they actually followed through with their plan, but I've been searching the revenge porn sites to see if I can find her. I did locate another email Michelle wrote to a girlfriend stating that he showed up with some cameras and other men. As I said, I never found any specific evidence that she had participated. They broke up the very next week and she started dating me about a month or two later.

While we were dating, Michelle was helping to plan her 20-year high school reunion. They got together at one of her friends' homes to plan the event. This had been going on for a few weeks, but this time Michelle called me to come over and join them. I could tell a party was going on and that she'd had a few drinks. Not wanting her to drive drunk I agreed to come pick her up. I really didn't know anyone from her high school, so I had very little interest in hanging around. When I arrived, Michelle had gotten even more drunk. She used to baby sit her friend Barbie's son who is now a 25-year-old man and was sitting across the room. She started telling me how Nick used to like to run his hands up and down her nylons cause he liked the way they feel. Thankfully the kid was embarrassed, so I knew nothing had happened (that would be creepy). To be honest most of the people there were kind of low class and creepy except for Barbie who was the prettiest girl in her class and probably still is. Michelle was sitting Indian style on the floor in the middle of the room; still in the dress she wore at work. She began to tell me all about her friend Barbie who was sitting in a chair directly in front of Michelle. Evidently Barbie drove the boys crazy with her beautiful tits. She'd regularly flash the boys to drive them wild. "Their real you know" Michelle blurted out. "Here give them a feel". I told her that Barbie's husband wouldn't appreciate it if I did. "Oh he's cool with it" Michelle said. I could see that Barbie's hubby was in the kitchen entertaining some guests when Michelle grabbed my hands and placed them firmly on Barbie's breasts. Not wanting to insult her by jumping away I gently gave them a feel and stole a line from Seinfeld "They real and their Spectacular". That brought a welcome laugh which temporarily broke the tension. Michelle then raised from the floor and crawled over to Barbie on her hands and knees. Mind you she's wearing a short skit and nylon pantyhose so anyone behind her could clearly see her pussy through the transparent nylon. As a matter of fact, one of the mouth breathers was slouching in his chair getting a good long look. Michelle says to poor Barbie "You're so pretty" and plants a long wet kiss right on her lips. Again, the room is silent when Michelle turns her head to the side and tells the mouth breather behind her "I bet that turned you on". Well that's all I needed to hear so I told Michelle "so are you good to drive yourself home?" She clearly wasn't so we quickly left the party. I'm sure they had plenty to discuss after we left. I did however get a fantastic blow job on the car ride home. A win for me to be sure.

The Class Reunion went on as planned. Again, I knew no one so it was just not my thing. This was a significant event for Michelle, so she searched for the prefect dress to show up her girlfriends. She found a pretty plum colored short dress with a few inches of transparent lacy material along the hemline. When Michelle bent over even slightly you could see her pussy thru the sexy transparent panties she selected for this special event. They had decided to pass out cameras at each table so they could chronical the Class reunion. Michelle delivered the cameras to each of the 8 tables and explained what they were for. At every table she bent over completely exposing her camel toe over and over again. There was nothing I could do so I just let her do her thing. The next morning, I pointed out that she was exposing herself every time she bent over. She argued I was just jealous until the cameras came back from the developer. No less than a dozen shots of Michelle's snatch on multiple cameras proved my point. Kinda sexy I have to admit.

We were on a vacation in the Dominican Republic just lying on the beach soaking up the sun when I noticed a woman remove her top. Pretty sure she was European so maybe that was less foreign to them. I pointed her out to Michelle who immediately replied, "So, do you want me to take off my top?" I teased her by saying "You're not going to take off your top, there's too many people around." She started by removing one strap, then another. I looked with anticipation as she slowly, but purposefully removed her top and proceeded to lay on her back with her arms behind her head (This girl really knows how to strike a pose I thought). Michelle even let me spread sunscreen on her bare breasts as she spent the next 15 minutes au natural on the public beach. Later on, I was able to encourage her to take off all her clothes and lay naked on our balcony. The exhibitionist in her certainly makes her incredibly horny so there were no complaints on my part. None what so ever!

We were on a trip to Chicago and planned a nice dinner at our favorite Cajun restaurant. I had shopped online for a sexy outfit for Michelle to wear. I knew her size, but bought a few sizes to be safe. She was somewhat tepid on the idea till she saw what I had selected. A really nice Blue / Grey evening dress that fit her curves just right. I could tell that she really liked it after she tried it on. I also presented her with some sexy 5" heels and sheer nude nylon stockings. Michelle loves shoes so that made it an easy sell. She did her hair and makeup to perfection and looked absolutely incredible. So much so that she wanted me to take pictures of her with the skyline in the background. Kind of sexy watching her pose in front of the hotel window. We had a simply wonderful dinner and decided to take a cab ride back to the hotel. Michelle asked the cab driver to take us the long way so we could see the city at night. It was about a 15-minute ride which gave me the opportunity to slide my hand under her dress and stroke my fingers along her swollen pussy. She arched her back, slid low in the seat and spread her legs for me. I slowly, methodically pulled up on her dress so that I (and the taxi driver) could clearly see the sexy panties I had just purchased. I whispered are you all right? She whispered back for me to finger fuck her. So I slid her panties to the side and finger fucked her all the way back to the hotel. Michelle quietly moaned and thrusted her pussy upward to meet the fingers that were penetrating her wet pussy. She placed her hand on her breasts and gently squeezed them as she came. After we left the cab, I asked her if she liked it. She simply replied "ORGASMIC".

One warm summer night we were driving home from dinner when we decided to explore a new super high-end home development under construction on Lake Michigan. The security gates were usually closed but not this time. There were a handful of completed homes and a beautiful pool / cabana along the shoreline. I drove our convertible toward the unoccupied pool. We sat looking at the sun set and began to kiss and caress each other. After a few minutes I asked Michelle if I could loosen her blouse it was a warm night so that was my excuse. She looked back at the homes and said to me with an evil grin "They can see us you know." About 2 seconds later she started to unbutton her blouse. Button by button she revealed more and more. I had slipped her bra straps off her shoulders so I could properly glide my hands over her erect nipples. Much to my delight Michelle reached around her back and removed her bra and blouse. She hiked up her skirt and proceeded to ride my cock in the open car. Again, her Libido seems to peak when she's able to fulfill her exhibitionist fantasies. We pleasured ourselves till the sun finally went down. Much to my surprise and delight, she had me drive her most of the way home without covering her beautiful body. She kept saying the wind on her breasts and pussy was orgasmic! ORGASMIC - Quickly becoming my favorite word!

Final story - We have an adult Halloween parade in our town each year giving the women a chance to dress slutty without any guilt. This year Michelle decided to go as Saint Pauli Girl. With her curly blond hair and beautiful toned body, she really looked the part! After trying on the costume, we noticed that you could see her bra straps which kind of ruined the look, so she tried to flip them under to no avail. The white bra showed thru the thin fabric. Finally, she was able to find a shelf bra I had gotten her a few years back. It was a neutral nude color so it worked perfectly! The problem was that it only lifts and supports her breasts leaving her nipples exposed. Time was running out and we were meeting our friends for dinner, so she decided it was going to have to due. She looked incredible and was in a great mood all dinner long. We drove separately to the Halloween parade so we needed to find each other in the crowd. I had my hands around her waist and quickly determined if I pulled down, her breasts would become more and more exposed thus making her look even sexier. That push up shelf bra was doing it's job. I was able to secretly adjust her dress a couple times making sure I didn't go too far and ruin the mood. Just as I was making the final adjustment, Michelle saw our friends and raised her hands to get their attention. When she raised her arms, one of her nipples began peeking out from her outfit, the other dangerously close as well. The cool night air helped make them even more erect than before. Michelle was excited to see our friends and didn't notice for some time. I could see my buddy's eyes drifting downward toward Michelle's wardrobe malfunction, so I poked him and discretely said "Eyes, Timmy; look at the eyes." He chucked and kept her from being embarrassed. Again, Michelle and I enjoyed incredible sex that night. She agreed to keep the outfit on which was a real turn on.